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We are Story Amour, premier Hong Kong wedding planners dedicated to delivering wedding perfection to all our couples.

With us, every step of the way, you can relax and greet your wedding day carefree. Furthermore, you can be confident you will have the wedding
of your dreams. Those dreams and wishes are crucial for us. It allows to produce and organize a high-end, sophisticated and elegant wedding. A wedding that will
dazzle both our couple and their guests.

Focused on incredible creativity and attention to detail, we will turn every corner and moment of your big day into art. Our
services are at your disposal for any location you have in mind, whether that’s Hong Kong or overseas. We are always excited to plan your overseas or
getaway wedding.

Without further ado, we welcome you to our wedding planning page, where we will show why we are considered one of the
best wedding planners in the world.


Sophisticated Hong Kong Wedding Planning

Creating the most perfect of wedding celebrations to happy couples

Story Amour is just one part of a grand vision to offer everything you might need for your wedding day. We have always been involved in the wedding industry and in 2010, Story Amour took roots in Hong Kong and grew to astounding proportions both in services offered and quality.

Extending our services internationally was the next logical step. It allowed us to be welcomed to the big league of wedding planners and designers. The rest is, as they say, history. With high-quality professional service and the experience gained working on some of the most extravagant weddings in the world. Furthermore, we are now known as one of the best wedding planner and design studios in the world.

Our unique and personal approach is what makes us stand out to our couples. We design and produce your wedding as if it was our own. Moreover, we except nothing but the best results in every part of your wedding.

Once we get to know everything about our couple, we tailor every detail to your love and personalities. This approach has made the weddings we worked on have an original style, befitting, and reflecting all the love and passion of our brides and grooms.

Meet Our Team
couple posing during their wedding day

couple happy and posing during wedding ceremony

A Graceful & Romantic Style

Wedding Styling Inspired by Your Beautiful Love

If there was only one way to describe our wedding planning style, it would be a ‘modern-traditional’. We adore giving you that clean and graceful modern wedding design as much as we love to emphasize the romance and love. Those traditional moments of your wedding hold a dear place in our hearts. Furthermore, those moments are the ones that put tears even in our eyes.

We take care to honor all the customs of our couples, and we do that by designing those moments to be especially magical and awe-inspiring. In conclusion, by giving your traditions a new modern look, but keeping the sentiments behind them, your wedding day will have a romantic and state-of-the-art feeling that you will adore.

Modernism Meets the Traditional Approach

Our Approach: To Create Your Wedding Perfection

For our studio, every wedding we plan is precious and represents the love we have for our job. Because of that, we have a gentle and caring approach to your wedding day, with a bit of humor to make your smiles last long after that day.

We want every corner of your wedding to breathe art, to awe and astound your guests, and to inspire joy and happiness. Our goal is to make you want an extra day so that you could soak in the beauty of your wedding day.

Professional time-management gives our couples a chance to focus on their friends and family. Moreover, more time to focus on each other and their love for one another.

Our approach is designed to make our couples happy. We are convinced this is the best approach there is. Furthermore, this belief allows us to continue to give excellence in wedding planning and design services to many couples across the world.

bride poses thoughtfully in wedding dress

Our Planning Services

Everything You Need For An Amazing Big Day

Besides performing the marital ceremony ourselves, there is not much we cannot do for our couples. While giving your wedding day an otherworldly design, we will take care of all wedding day scheduling and coordination. We will work closely with photographers, venue personnel, catering companies to notify them of all your requirements.

As perfect mediators, our goal is to make sure every professional involved in your wedding knows of your wishes and preferences. If you have trouble finding the perfect gown and suit, we can give you advice and recommend some of the best bridal boutiques closest to you.

Our job is to make your wedding wishes come true. Of course, within your budget. With this in mind, we can refer you to the best vendors or scout for them on your behalf. We also recommend makeup, hairstylists, as well as consult you on invitation design, floral design, food and drink and wedding gifts.

Furthermore, in 2010 our studio extended our service list and became one of the few who offer sound and lighting technicians, transportation, and taking care of the overall logistics of your wedding day.

Services We Offer
bride smiles during sunset

Decor Styling & Design

From Helping You Choose the Perfect Theme, To Designing The Most Amazing Floral Display

Your wedding is a perfect canvas for our gifted and visionary team members to inspire you with our style. Therefore we will use every skill in our arsenal to awaken all your senses. The colours used will soothe your soul. The textures will tickle your imagination, and the scents will make you gasp for air in hopes of feeling more of it.

Filled with engaging content bearing your signature style, your wedding day promises to put smiles on everyone’s faces and give them excitement they’ve never felt before. Because of this, we like to think that our artists don’t create design and style, they create emotion that you and your guests will remember for a long time.

Scheduling & Time Management

Let us help ensure your wedding day goes off without a hitch

Over the years, we have found that many couples struggle with their wedding day schedule. Not knowing how long a ceremony lasts or whether they’ll be able to get everywhere in time can be a problem. Therefore, we like to offer our professional opinion and years of experience to get our couples acquainted with wedding protocol. By leaving this job in our hands, you will make sure nothing is overlooked. You will find that even when you are late, you are on time.

Our scheduling always leaves time for being fashionably late. In other words, we always take in mind other factors such as traffic jams and a few tardy guests. Even if you experience an issue with the risk of your wedding falling behind, we will have a contingency plan ready to ease your mind.

table design at a wedding
wedding favour and table number

Budgeting & Cost Planning

Not matter your budget, we can plan the perfect big day for you

As wedding planners we understand that not all couples wield the same wedding budget. As a result, we have adapted our services to fit all financial situations.

By knowing your priorities when it comes to your wedding day, we can manage and use your budget to cover all expenses. We do everything in collaboration with our couples and will issue a report which contains a detailed list of all expenses. Likewise, any outside vendors we recommend will be tailored with your budget in mind without compromising on quality.

Our extensive range of services enabled us to create magic for every couple that chooses us as their wedding planner and designer.

Gowns, Suits & Attire

Look and feel amazing on your special wedding day

We rarely meet a couple that already owns their wedding attire and of course we are always ecstatic to recommend some of the best bridal boutiques and gentlemen’s tailors, as well as designers within budget and of course, in Hong Kong.

Whether you want minimalistic and straightforward attire, or a designer dress, we will find the perfect supplier for you. In addition, our discount partnerships can allow the perfect choice for couples with a tight budget.

bride walks in beautiful wedding dress
wedding planner holds flowers for photo

On-The-Day Co-Ordination

From Start to Finish. We make sure your wedding day is perfection

Our studio offers complete coordination of your wedding day. In concolusion, this allows you to dedicate your attention to your friends and family.

Even before your big day, our wedding coordinator will build a detailed schedule/rundown of the day. In addition, we will also create a list of everyone involved, including what their roles in your wedding are.

On the morning of your special day, the coordinator will schedule vendors in charge of the decorations, flowers, and seating. They will be instructed to come in and set everything up before your wedding begins. During the ceremony, all guests will be seated correctly and in a timely fashion thanks to our skilled wedding coordinator.

Everything from music being played on cue to making sure your guests are served their drinks and food on time, directing the couple through a receiving line, and managing dinner toasts is a job of our wedding coordination specialist.

Suppliers & Vendors

Partnerships with Hong Kongs Best Wedding Suppliers

With our wedding planning services, you will get a detailed list containing only the best suppliers suited for your wedding day. This part of the wedding organization can be hard and tedious to many couples, leaving them filing unsure and harbouring many doubts.

We can offer you peace of mind by finding and helping you choose the vendors and suppliers whose products and services match perfectly with your wedding style, form, and budget, and ensure you are working with specialists that understand your vision completely.

couple kissing during marriage
large church for marriage ceremony

Venue Scouting

Awe-Inspiring Wedding Venues. No matter your style

Our venue scouting service will provide the perfect location for your special day.

We offer our extensive knowledge of Hong Kong’s very best wedding venues. By taking this stressful and time-consuming task from you, we will secure the best location for your wedding celebration. We are also lucky to have partnerships with many of Hong Kong’s most popular venues.

Whether you want an indoor or garden wedding, our studio will give your celebration the finest and most beautiful surroundings. We are always happy to assist you in finding the perfect space for your special day.

Other Hong Kong Services

From Floral Design, Decor Inspiration to Gown Tailoring, We are here to help

The key ingredient for the perfect wedding is excellent communication between us and our couples.

Enquire to us to see if we are able to provide any service we forgot to mention, and we assure you the answer will be yes.

We can meet the needs of every couple that has a unique requirement or a wish, and provide the same high-quality service. It doesn’t matter if you want a dance performance or the best fireworks in the world, we aim to provide only the best for your wedding day.

happily married couple kissing during evening

Thank you for supporting us to create an amazingly special wedding day. We loved every second and couldn’t have done it without you. Tina & Derek

two people walking happy on the beach

Reviews & Recommendations

Kind words from couples that booked us as their wedding planners

Seeing you satisfied and smiling because of how we produced and designed your wedding is the greatest reward for us.

We try to convey the love we have towards our job by providing an outstanding wedding planning and design service. Those moments when our beautiful couples praise us for our work bring us joy and motivation to give every couple their fairytale wedding.

Out of the many, here is a selection of some of our favourite couple’s reviews from across Hong Kong and the world. Read below and find out how we made their special day go from ordinary to extraordinary.

More Reviews

Lily and Jason

“Thank you Story Amour team for making our wedding day extraordinary.

We are amazed by how organised and detail-oriented you were throughout the whole planning process and how easy it was to plan our wedding with your help. The vendors you presented us with were a perfect choice, and it’s incredible how you took upon yourself to coordinate them instead of us doing that tedious job.

Both us were very impressed by your team on our wedding day as they were the picture of professionalism and attentiveness and allowed us just to enjoy our special day confident everything is taken care of.

I don’t know if we would have such a beautiful wedding without you and we will recommend you without a second thought.”

bride smiles during big day
bride and groom pose infront of wedding care

Elena and Mason

“We want to thank our fantastic wedding designers from Story Amour for giving us the best of everything for our wedding day. The best theme, the best vendors, the best food and the best organisation in the world.

The professionalism and attention to details they showed is out of this world. Hiring them for our wedding was the best decision we made. Highly recommended!”

Mackenzie and Logan

“Thanks to Story Amour we had the most memorable and beautiful wedding, better than anything we’ve envisioned. They were so professional and creative while working on our wedding and many guests said our wedding was the best they have attended.

We appreciate all the hard work their team put in making us feel carefree for our special day. We highly recommend them to everyone who wishes to relax and truly enjoy their wedding day.”

bride and groom walk down stairs
happy couple posing on wedding day

Audrey and Dylan

“We are so happy for having Story Amour plan our wedding day as they made it look like something straight out of a fairytale. Their professionalism and creativity helped us relax from the very first meeting.

Our wedding day came out perfectly in both design and organisation, and we couldn’t be happier with choosing them to make our celebration unforgettable.

We highly recommend them to everyone.”

Dreamy, romantic, professional. Just some of the words we would use to describe both the design and the brilliant service provided. Lily & Jason

couple holding hands

HK Wedding Planner Portfolio

A collection of the most dreamy and romantic weddings we have planned

From time to time, we have had the privilege to orchestrate and attend a wedding perfect in every aspect. These are those happy couples blessed with beautiful weather, good music, and a delicious menu. It seems that on these wedding celebrations everyone is having the time of their lives and we are proud to have a chance to contribute to their happiness. From our part, these are the weddings where every aspect of planning and design went off without a hitch, enabling us to provide the best cosmopolitan and sophisticated wedding day to our couples.

In our featured wedding gallery, we present some of the most amazing and enjoyable wedding celebrations we have had the pleasure of being part of.

Emily and Jay

It was clear from the first meeting that Emily and Jay will choose to have a romantic wedding design. To our delight, they wanted a destination wedding in Tuscany, and for their celebration, we found a gorgeous Conti di San Bonifacio resort, perfectly suited for the most special celebration of their lives.

The property’s natural setting allowed for us to use white and gold decor as a contrast to the greenery surrounding us. With this we gave our couple the simple, elegant and timeless wedding they always dreamed of.

bride and brides father by church
couple saying vows during ceremony

Kristine and David

Kristine and David must have been one of the most amazing couples we’ve ever worked with, and their wedding perfectly complemented their individual personalities. It was amazing.

They opted for a big InterContinental reception featuring the golden gates with their initials, purple wisteria ceiling with crystal drops hanging from it and many floral arrangements containing rare purple roses.

The table setting was fit for royalty with hand-engraved silverware, personalised name cards and the glasses made of the finest crystal in the world.

Take a look at the splendour we created for this magnificent couple.

Olivia and Liam

From time to time, we greet a couple that is unsure about what kind of theme their wedding should have. The same thing happened when we met Olivia and Liam and, besides being calm and a bit shy, the only thing they told us is that they love the mint green colour. Our team was thrilled to have this challenge, and soon enough, we presented them with a Rooftop Garden idea and a design that swept them off their feet.

We ended up using a lot of beige, white and pastel mint green coloured details, paired with gorgeous pinkish flower arrangements. By adding the small details like mint coloured macaron arrangement and white personalised cookies, we ensured their guests would be delighted everywhere they look.

wedding cake design
couple celebrating their wedding day

Ava and Logan

One of the most elaborate weddings we ever had the privilege to organize and design has to be Ava and Logan’s special day.

We were in charge of organising every aspect of this large wedding and making sure to honor many traditional customs like tea ceremony and mandatory six courses on the reception. Which tasted amazing by the way

Keeping up with the tradition, we used a lot of red details, taking care not to make it too overwhelming for everyone attending.

We ended up using a lot of beige and neutral colours paired with red floral arrangements, and this allowed us to give this celebration both refreshing and bold notes.

Dreamy, romantic, professional. Just some of the words we would use to describe both the design and the brilliant service provided. Lily & Jason

wedding planners studio in hong kong

Hong Kong Studio Location

Visit our HK location to see how we can help with your day

Out of all cities we had the pleasure and opportunity to organize weddings in, Hong Kong holds a special place in our hearts. Not only because it is our hometown, but also because it really is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and as such offers many splendid locales perfect for planning the most exceptional wedding celebrations. The splendour of our city is our main inspiration when it comes to planning and designing the most stunning and sophisticated weddings.

Our studio is based in Fo Tan, Hong Kong and also incorporates a fully integrated pre wedding studio. You are welcome to come visit our planner studio or we are happy to meet at your venue or somewhere more convenient for yourselves.

Enquire For Availability

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day then please dont hesitate to send us an email and
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