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We have been involved as wedding planners in the industry for a long time.
During this period we have worked with many great suppliers. Below is a round-up of the ways
we can help when it comes to finding the perfect vendors for your day.

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Finding the right photographer for your wedding day is one of the hardest things to do when planning your wedding. By choosing the right one, you are ensuring your most sacred and happiest moments are presented in the best light possible.

Having an excellent photographer makes looking at your wedding album and reminiscing about your wedding day a joyous occasion. This is why we take note of all your needs and requirements and let you choose the perfect supplier to capture your special day in the most beautiful way.


Our wish is to find you a videographer who will record those important, emotive, and funny parts of your wedding. Furthermore, a wedding film that you will view with warmth around your heart and tears in your eyes.

We know that for a good wedding video, a skilled videographer must find a way to capture your wedding’s emotions. As a result, they will need to and make you relive each emotion every time you watch it. Those kinds of videographers are precisely the ones we offer in our list of recommended suppliers. They are masters of their trade and can give you the perfect cinematic display of your big day.

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Hotels & Venues

Whether you want an indoor ballroom reception or a garden wedding luncheon, we will find the best venue vendor to match your perfect picture of your wedding.

We want a venue to work for you. Stunning surroundings will bring you a sense of security and warmth on your special day.

Furthermore, our goal is always to present our lovely couples with the collection of only the best venues fitting both their style and budget.


We understand that, like every other detail of your wedding, your wedding vehicle should complement your sense of style as a couple. Furthermore, it is how your guests will remember you as you ride off into the sunset or arrive at your amazing ceremony.

Whether you are a fan of a classy Rolls Royce or a red convertible Mustang, you will find everything you want with our list of transportation vendors.

In addition, all suppliers can also provide the same service to your family members and friends. The options are many, and you only have to choose a vendor fitting your style and budget.

wedding car parked outside venue
photo showing hair and make up

Hair, MUA and Beauty

A good hair and makeup artist is as important as every other vendor you can hire for your wedding day.

Many brides don’t know that the wrong kind of makeup. As a result, this can sometimes cause problems for your wedding photographer, especially when they have to use the flash. The highlighter on your cheeks, for example, can act as a mirror, sometimes wrecking your photographs.

Every artist we recommend to you is a highly trained and experienced professional. As a result, they can give you that ethereal look fit for a queen and still avoid any makeup related issues. Their technique will compliment your style perfectly and look amazing on your wedding photographs.

Bridal Gowns & Suits

The hardest task for the bride and the easiest for the groom is, without a doubt, finding the perfect gown and suit. We can offer help in that department by presenting you with a selection of best bridal boutiques and wedding gown designers in the wedding fashion industry.

If you are looking for a dress of your dreams, these vendors will make sure those dreams come true. They offer dresses, veils, accessories, and alterations perfect for you and your budget.

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singer performing at a wedding

Entertainment & Music

Everyone knows music is half of the success of your wedding. If you are stuck with a lousy band, you may experience some of your guests leaving your wedding. This can potentially ruin what was supposed to be one of your happiest days. As a result, we present to you those bands known for making excellent music and creating a great mood. Moreover, their musical talent and their fantastic way of engaging your guest will keep everyone dancing all nice long.


Flowers make up a lot of every wedding decor. As a result, they must be of the best quality and freshness because they are essential to both you and your wedding designer.

Every florist we recommend to you can provide you with a selection of flowers and arrangements to make your wedding look like a Garden of Eden.

For our dear brides and their wedding bouquet, they can procure even the rarest flowers in the world. With their wide range of flower sorts, they will meet every need and requirement a couple can have for their big day.

bride holds wedding flowers
table with wedding cake

Cake Designers

Every wedding celebration is complete only when it is accompanied by a perfect and delicious wedding cake. It represents a perfect finishing touch and makes your special day even sweeter.

Our recommended cake designers will give you a luxurious and modern wedding celebration cakes combining creative design, exceptional craftsmanship, and only the best quality ingredients. Their cakes will feature incredible decorations, perfect embellishments, and will be overflowing with hand-made sugar flowers designed to complement your wedding style and theme.

Other Suppliers

As every wedding we plan is unique in both style and personality, we add a new supplier or two every once in a while. Whether it’s a dance performance you want for your wedding, or you need a reliable pyrotechnics supplier, we will present you with a perfect vendor.

You can let us know about any extraordinary wish you have regarding your big day and be confident that our team will turn all your ideas into reality. Let us show you just how illimitable we are in the planning and designing the wedding of your dreams.

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