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bride poses for boudoir shoot in lingerie

10 Best Boudoir Photographers in Hong Kong for Amazing Intimate Shots

Are you anxious to create a picture story of your wedding from beginning to end? A professional photographer can help you capture spontaneous images of the moment. Here is a rundown of the top […]

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Created: 15.04.2021

bride sits on bench at the murray hotel in hong kong

7 of the Most Luxurious & Best Wedding Hotels in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding and create beautiful memories that will last for a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for a hotel for a low-key gathering or a place to […]

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Created: 13.04.2021

wedding bouquet rests on table

6 Fantastically Fabulous Wedding Florists in Hong Kong

Months of arrangements are in place, venues have been chosen, menus discussed and settled and all those little details that make a wedding such a wonderful and romantic occasion have been decided. Now to […]

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Created: 13.04.2021

couple posing during photoshoot at instagram pier

8 Alternative But Stunning Pre Wedding Photo Locations in Hong Kong

Not everyone has a traditional wedding. The white dresses and rose bouquets are slowly becoming more and more outdated. Couples are starting to venture out in search of a wedding that suits their style. […]

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Created: 01.04.2021

groom toasts during wedding at the langham hong kong

8 of the Finest Wedding Banquet Venues in Hong Kong

To have a proper wedding banquet, you’ll need to consider a lot of different things. From the seating to the dietary requirements of your guests. An element that can often be overlooked is the […]

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Created: 20.03.2021

hong kong red pockets

Where to Buy Red Pockets in Hong Kong? Recommended Stores [Online & Local]

Red envelopes are a long-standing Chinese tradition. The envelopes, also called packets, are often associated with the Chinese new year. With more stores stocking them around that period. But they’re available all year round […]

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Created: 19.03.2021

groom plays chinese door games during wedding

10 of the Most Fun Chinese Wedding Door Games for Your Big Day

Chinese door games are a tradition that pits the bridesmaids against the groom and groomsmen. The idea is that they hide the bride so that the groom, with help from his men, has to […]

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Created: 18.03.2021

wedding cake

4 Perfect Wedding Cake Shops, Bakers & Designers in Hong Kong

After the dress, the wedding cake is the biggest thing that needs to be chosen in time for the ceremony. Any old cake won’t do. This needs to be a monumental centerpiece. A feast […]

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Created: 17.03.2021

bride holds wedding veil up during pre wedding

DIY Wedding Veil: Step By Step on How To Make Your Own Wedding Veil

Not everyone has the money to splurge on their wedding. But this doesn’t mean you can’t look like a princess on your special day. Veils can be shockingly expensive. However, with a little bit […]

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Created: 29.01.2021

love quotes written on colorful background

Our Round Up of the Top 21 Anniversary Quotes for Him

Anniversaries happen every year (obviously). But as the years go by it can be increasingly difficult to think of those perfect words to say to him. Your love isn’t dwindling. It’s becoming stronger every […]

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Created: 23.01.2021

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