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Luxurious & Contemporary Styling & Planning

Nice to meet you, we are a professional event design and organization studio. We specialize in creating engaging and elegant weddings worldwide. In addition, our goal is to bring joy and excitement for every guest attending each wedding day.

Whether you are planning a big vineyard celebration or a small and intimate party, our studio will give you the best memories by handling your celebration with special care and close attention to detail. Furthermore, we will make sure that every aspect of your wedding is connected while bearing that unique signature of your love.

Creating flow in your wedding design, and consistency in quality over every part of your celebration is our ultimate goal. In addition, we want your wedding to create new trends, rather than follow the pack. Our events will stimulate the senses and amaze the guests while creating an enjoyable experience for our couples.

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We can make your wedding dreams come true. From arranging the perfect wedding team to styling the most sophisticated of events. Story Amour Team

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Over a Decade of Experience

Creating spectacular experiences for the last 10 years

Our studio is a product of great love and passion. As a result, we are dedicated to creating the most exceptional wedding and event celebrations. With many years under our belt, our dedication and hard work made us one best wedding planning studios.

From the early years, no wedding was too big or too small. This is a belief we will keep forever.

We opened our doors to our couples in 2010 and introduced our fantastic team. The people taking care of your wedding are handpicked, professionals. Moreover, they are highly creative and dedicated, boasting incredible values and work ethic. We have created some of the most memorable and extraordinary weddings and events, giving us the privilege to be called an award-winning wedding planning studio.

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Our weddings have been featured many times in many of the worlds
leading wedding blogs and magazines. That being said we are always focused on our couple and making sure they love their special day.

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In December we had the wedding day of our dreams and the team at Story Amour did everything to ensure perfection. Mark & Sarah

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About Our Style

Understanding our couple means everything to our studio as this is important when trying to understand all your wedding design wishes. We want you to have the celebration of your dreams. Furthermore, we will do everything we can to create a style that is so perfectly ‘you’. Furthermore, we believe it will leave everyone attending, speechless.

No matter if you come to us fully prepared or utterly indecisive about what style you want to pursue, we will offer our expert advice. As skill is to help you polish out your ideas right down to the smallest of details.

One thing we can promise with our wedding style is the perfection of colors, texture, and emotion in everything that will surround you on your most special day. The love you have for one another will be perfectly transferred to your wedding, and you will finally understand the true meaning of the words ‘love is in the air’.

Our aim with our outstanding wedding design and style is to make everyone feel the romance of your wedding day. To every bride we will give their fairytale wedding, styling the whole celebration around her and her groom.

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About Our Team

Besides excellent service, Story Amour offers a chance to work with some of the best wedding designers and professionals. Like true wedding ateliers, our team will design and plan your wedding with exceptional creativity and artistic skill. We will ensure every couple has the wedding of their dreams. Moreover, be comprehensive in keeping the organization and planning within the budget. The common goal of every member of our team is to create a benchmark wedding design. As a result, your day will be talked about for years to come.

Our couples can be sure our team will be there every step of the way. From an idea to completion, with a calm demeanor that puts even the most nervous couples at ease.

With the creative and modern use of lighting and textured fabric, our team will make sure that even the simplest detail leaves a lasting impression. Furthermore, making sure your wedding is effortlessly beautiful. By reinventing the rules of wedding design, we will give your wedding a modern and sophisticated look that was never seen before.

We are incredibly privileged to be a part of your most special day and honored to collaborate with the finest wedding industry professionals who help us execute your wedding day flawlessly.

FAQ’s About Us
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About Our Approach

We approach the planning of your big day in the most comprehensive ways. While we have unparalleled standards in service, professionalism, and creativity, our focus point is you. We will be actively listening and taking notes of everything about you. Your journey and your love; we will find a way to make your celebration an extraordinary experience.

Once we have the timeline of your wedding day, we will begin to design your celebration to fit your passions, values, and ideas. As a result, your wedding will have the unmistakable fragrance of your personalities and style preferences.

The more we learn about you, the easier we can connect you to suppliers who will understand you and your wishes on a deeper level. You only need to tell them your needs and leave the negotiating to us as we will help you by managing your budget.

We are there to make your wedding planning an easy and stress-free experience.

About Our Approach

About Our Locations

Hong Kong and Beyond

We began our journey as wedding planners in Hong Kong and while we still continue to plan beautiful weddings in HK, we have since extended our services throughout the world.

As well as expert planning we also offer advice and guidance for all couples, no matter where you are based in the world.

Visit our wedding blog for the best tips on how to have the perfect big day.

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