Who Should a Sagittarius Marry?

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    Love is in the air, everywhere we look around… Especially between Sagittarius’ and Aries. Yes you read that right. Who should a Sagittarius marry? None other than Aries themselves. A match made in heaven. Two fire signs ready to delve into the depths of love and marriage. A relationship like no other… Ok, ok, we are perhaps going a little bit overboard there but when it comes to Sagittarius’ best match, Aries stands out, closely followed by Leo, Aquarius and Libra.

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    Who Should a Sagittarius Marry?

    Over the course of this article, we will deep dive into what makes up a Sagittarius’ personality, their traits, look on life, and generally just what makes them tick. In addition, we explore the best options for marriage, explaining the most compatible personality types and the signs that a Sagittarius should avoid at all costs!

    Without further ado, let’s find a Sagittarius’ soulmate.

    Personality traits of a Sagittarius?

    Always the best place to start, what is the actual personality of a Sagittarius? Well, independent (always a risk start when looking for a marital partner), adventurous (ok, now we are getting there) and curious (I guess this could work) are traits most commonly associated with Sagittarius’. As a result, they are prepared to explore, they aren’t scared of challenges, and they have an open mind to most situations (trust us, that’s kinda a big deal when it comes to looking for love). 

    Story Amour Fact: Sagittarius is in fact, a fire sign, ruled by Jupiter. Fire signs are known to be creative, passionate, dynamic… and perhaps a little bit temperamental. Goes without saying really, fiery fire signs. Sagittarius is also a mutable sign, meaning they end one of the four seasons, summer in Sagittarius’ case. Generally speaking, this means that they are flexible and versatile.

    To summarize, Sagittarius’ are really fun, independent, adventurous while being malleable and intrigued by any situation. Sounds like a good match for many zodiacs if you ask us.

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    Perfect matches for a Sagittarius?

    As we’ve already mentioned, the Story Amour perfect match for a Sagittarius is Aries. However, that doesn’t mean hooking up, getting down on one knee and making a few promises while exchanging bling bling, is limited to just Aries. Leo, Libra and Aquarius’ could also provide the perfect partner. Let’s find out why. 

    Compatible Zodiac Signs for a Sagittarius


    We reckon that a marriage between an Aries and a Sagittarius, is pretty much a marriage made in heaven. Two souls born of fire. Passionate, curious and adventurous, ready to explore love and life together.  

    In all seriousness, the fact that both Aries and Sagittarius are fire signs, means they share a lot of similar personality traits. The curious, risk-taking outlook on life combines to create a passionate, enterprising couple, set on becoming more knowledgeable together. 

    Furthermore, a Sagittarius’ is often seen as being free-spirited in that quest for knowledge; the confidence and assertiveness of an Aries can aid and amplify that quest, creating, what many would call, a perfect symphony of love… I feel we are getting way too poetic and dreamy in this article.

    Story Amour Rating: 10/10


    Ok, you’ve heard us banging on about Aries being all perfect and that, but what about the other signs? What about lovely Leo’s for example?

    Well once again, that drive for adventure and excitement is clear again. But what we really love about Leo’s and Sagittarius’ is the optimism that flows through every decision and experience.

    These two fire signs can work seamlessly together, creating a dynamic duo in all aspects of love. From communication to sexual awareness, this is a couple to be feared. Not many pairings come close. If Sagittarius and Aries are 10/10, Sagittarius and Leo come a close second with 8/10.

    Story Amour Rating: 8/10


    Ever been out with a group of friends, headed to the bar, started talking to a “potential match” (wasn’t sure how to word that), then all of a sudden you are all gooey eyed, imagining your perfect lives together? Well, you were probably charmed by a Libra.

    All that being said, while Libra’s are known to be charming, their love of adventure and requirement for harmony and balance makes them a great match for a Sagittarius. Look, they are no Aries but scoring a solid 7/10 on the Story Amour scale put them in with a shout. 

    Story Amour Rating: 7/10


    What about a bit of Sagittarius on Sagittarius action? Well, unlike many zodiac signs, when it comes to sign on sign matchmaking, this one’s actually a possibility. 

    As you well know, curiosity, adventure, excitement all embodied by a free-spirited attitude makes Sagittarius a great match for another Sagittarius. 

    Generally speaking, Sagittarius’ are quite easy going, more that they are curious about every outcome, meaning they are slow to rule out opportunities. As a result, this means that Sagittarius is actually a positive match. Their shared goals in life can help create a beautiful partnership. A relationship that’s enjoyable for all.

    Story Amour Rating: 7/10


    Last but not least, Aquarius. Coming in at 6 out of 10 an Aquarius is a viable match for Sagittarius’. That being said, there is potential for conflict, mainly resonating from the Aquarius side… 

    While an Aquarius wouldn’t necessarily search out conflict, they are seen as being quite unique, perhaps unpredictable. However, they are often inspired, creative, and as a result, intellectual. As we well know, Sagittarius’ are often drawn to seek out knowledge, and partnering with an Aquarius might be a way to go. 

    On the surface, an Aquarius might seem slightly introverted, however, in our experience, this is more of a facade. Their curiosity will usually overcome any stubbornness meaning the potential for a thriving partnership with a Sagittarius is there. 

    All that being said, a 6 out 10 pretty much sums up how we feel about a Sagittarius and Aquarius link up. Potential? Yes, but tread carefully. You only get married once. 

    Story Amour Rating: 6/10

    Who should a Sagittarius man marry?

    We don’t usually tend to split up zodiac matches per gender, however, when it comes to Sagittarius’ there are few important distinctions to make. 

    A typical Sagittarius likes independent, self-sufficient women that are always about exploring and new enterprise. Confidence is key and finding a partner that can walk hand in hand, towards any situation, will go a long way. 

    Aries and Leos are great matches for Sagittarius men. Adventure and experiences will be at the forefront of this relationship.

    Who should a Sagittarius woman marry?

    In terms of finding the perfect match for a Sagittarius woman, a man that loves a woman with a fantastic sense of humor is the way to go. 

    While the traits of Sagittarius men and women are of course the same, finding that freedom loving, ever the optimist Sagittarius partner is always a good way to go. That being said, there are one or two signs that might make that slightly better partner. We believe when searching for your forever friend in your relationship, Leo and Aries are the way to go, but for slightly different reasons. 

    Known for loving spontaneity and in the moment thinking (as seen in a Sagittarius woman), a Leo man can help provide stability in the relationship. Your escapes together are not just in the moment thinking, they are in the moment thinking, with a dash of balance. This means you can plan amazing trips together as you both work hand in hand living your best life. As a natural leader, open to suggestion, able to adapt and in love with experiences, a Leo is the ideal partner for a Sagittarius woman.

    As we’ve already mentioned, Aries is also a fantastic companion for a Sagittarius woman. Their buoyancy and cheerfulness can create the perfect double act. With high energy levels and an enthusiasm for life, Aries and Sagittarius’ can work together effortlessly, bringing a harmony of love, life and joy,

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    Why can Sagittarius be so hard to date?

    One man’s strength is another man’s weakness. Sagittarius’ are no different. A Sagittarius’ passion for adventure and exploration, can also be their downfall during long term, committed relationships. That need for new and exciting experiences can often leave them restless, and in some cases, bored. While this will not necessarily result in a failed relationship, it can cause confusion as their partners struggle to come to terms with that “want” for trying new things.

    Furthermore, Sagittarius’ are considered a free-spirit, an independent nomad willing to travel the world with nothing but an open mind. As a result, this may create tension between both parties, leaving the Sagittarius unwilling to be tied down feeling limited and perhaps trapped. Moreover, this fear of being restricted can often present itself forcefully and in a potentially insensitive manner, leaving partners hurting and upset. Doesn’t sound great for marriage hey!

    Signs a should Sagittarius avoid?

    Based on what we’ve just gone through, knowing what we know about Sagittarius’ personalities, it’s actually quite easy to work out who a Sagittarius’ shouldnt marry. For instance, Cancers… Avoid like the plague! A Sagittarius and Cancer is like chalk and cheese… You get the point… But let’s take a look at zodiac signs that aren’t necessarily the best match for the fun-loving, adventurers of the zodiac world.


    As we’ve just mentioned, Cancers and Sagittarius are a match made in hell (ignore the fact that Sagittarius are born of fire, irrelevant). Far from the love that can blossom between a Sagittarius and Aries for example. 

    Cancer is all about security, reliability, stability… Boring! Joking! But in all seriousness, definitely not what an outgoing, creative, free-flowing Sagittarius is all about. We aren’t saying that there is no hope, but this relationship is going to need a lot of work and most importantly a lot of compromise.


    We’ve all met a Virgo, focussing over every last detail, not wanting to over step or leave their comfort zone. Doesn’t sound like much of a match for outgoing Sagittarius does it? Well, that’s pretty much the crux of the issue. Two signs with completely different personalities was never going to be a good match. 

    Known for being practical thinkers, and methodical, the spontaneity of a Sagittarius is likely to cause tension within the relationship. Stay clear and look for a more compatible zodiac sign for marriage.


    Finally, we’ve written extensively about the best marital match for Capricorns, and guess what, Sagittarius’ didn’t make the list. In fact, we ranked Sagittarius as the least marriage compatible of all the signs. Doesn’t bode well for all those Sagittarius and Capricorn hook ups does it?!

    Practicality, one of the primary personality traits of a Capricorn, is in stark contrast to the freedom, “live in the moment” vibes of a Sagittarius. A lack of order in a Sagittarius’ life will cause friction in the marital home. Not a good place to start when it comes to choosing the best zodiac sign for a Sagittarius to marry.

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    What is a Sagittarius like when they are in love?

    We’ve looked at the best match for Sagittarius’, but how do Sagittarius’ know when they are actually in love? When will they know that it’s time to pop the question? Well in truth, only they will know, but there are some sure fire tells to look out for…

    Passion, romance, fire, think Gosling and McAdams rain soaked kiss in The Notebook. Yes, that level of passion! A Sagittarius will go out of their way to keep the romance flowing, no matter the cost. The desire and straightforward approach to showing feeling, will allow the partner to know exactly how they feel. Wedding bells are in the air! Your neon wedding sign will read “Life’s An Adventure”.

    While Sagittarius’ can be quite wary of committing, if the partner shows openness to new experiences and adventure, this is where you may see a Sagittarius truly in love. 

    When will a Sagittarius get married?

    The perfect match has been found but when will the wedding day wishes come flooding in? Well, hold fire on choosing the wedding invitations, generally speaking, a Sagittarius could be quite slow in tying the knot. 

    As we’ve banged on throughout this article, freedom, independence, adventure, fun… Not exactly how you would describe a never ending commitment is it? Joking! A wedding itself is an adventure! 

    In all seriousness, a Sagittarius may be quite reluctant to settle down, worried about losing those said freedoms. You certainly won’t find them rushing in and popping the question after a couple of weeks. But fear not, when the time finally comes, they will know that they have found their forever person. 

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    So… Who should a Sagittarius Marry?

    Simply put, if you are an Aries, Libra, Libra, Leo, Aquarius or even Sagittarius, then a happily married life to a Sagittarius could be on the cards. Even if you don’t fall into one of these signs, but are fun-loving, always on the lookout for an adventure, then a Sagittarius could be the perfect match.

    A Sagittarius should marry a partner that supports that adventurous nature, while being independent and funny. A humorous side will go a long way as you dive into new and exciting experiences along your relationship together.