Best Neon Wedding Signs for Your Special Big Day

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With over 1.8 million weddings in 2021 in the U.S. alone, it can be quite hard to stand out from the crowd. Neon wedding signs however offer you a great way to express your unique creativity, provide visual cues for guests or just make your wedding look cool AF.

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Best Neon Wedding Signs for Your Big Day

Having spent over 15 years in the wedding industry I’ve definitely seen the upward trend of neon signs featured at weddings. More and more couples are choosing to have these stylish and vibrant works of art as a feature of their big day. Equally, couples seem to love having their portraits taken next to them particularly if their sign is custom-made.

Whether you’re using a neon sign as part of a photo booth backdrop or adding one to a ceremonial flower arch they’ll definitely make for great photos. But how do you find the best ones on the market? Where do you buy them from? And how do you decide on the most appropriate one for your wedding?

In this blog post, we’re going to take you through some of our top picks of the best neon wedding signs out there. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of certain features and things you might want to consider before purchasing your sign.

Having seen hundreds of these signs over the years we can give our expert advice on common mistakes to avoid. Equally, we will tell you how to get the most out of your neon sign to get the best possible photos with them.

What We’ll Cover

  • The best neon wedding signs list
  • Buyers guide for neon wedding signs and features to consider
  • What size neon wedding sign should I buy?
  • What kind of message should I get?

Our Rating System

Here at Story Amour we pride ourselves on our “go the extra mile” level of analysis and exploration into every product we review. Our research into Neon signs and the suppliers featured on this list has been extensive and is unrivalled in fact-finding.

As we’ve already said we have over 15 years of experience in the wedding industry. Over this time we have seen hundreds of neon signs at weddings learning what works and what doesn’t.

Our rating system is based on finding unique suppliers that excel in providing their customers with fantastic products and excellent service.

We’ve based it on our opinion but also the opinions of hundreds upon hundreds of reviewers making this a list that you can really count on.

How we created our list of Best Neon Wedding Signs

This is our list of the best neon wedding sign retailers we could find in the industry.

We’ll give our opinion on what we believe each retailer is best at from our hours of extensive research. We looked at all manner of things to create this list from website usability to countless customer reviews. Our aim is that this should help guide you to find the most suitable place to purchase your neon wedding sign.

We delved into the really important information that we think you’ll want to know about such as lead times, shipping destinations and average customer ratings.

Finally, we provide you with some further information about the companies we’ve chosen and why. At the same time, we also give some thoughts on where and how we think their selection of neon signs could be used at your wedding.

Where to Buy the Best Neon Wedding Signs

Below we have provided our list of the best neon wedding sign companies with the designs they offer. Use the list as inspiration and a guide on how to find the perfect sign.

Just a note, prices are correct at the time of writing the article.

Neon Filter

Editors Choice – Made in the United Kingdom. Rated 4.7 on Trustpilot.

Customisable: Yes

Indoor or Outdoor? Free upgrade, splashproof but not waterproof. Occasional outside use or outside undercover

Average user rating: 1247 Trustpilot reviews with a 4.7 rating

Shipping: They deliver worldwide. 1-2 days for UK delivery, 7-10 days for international.

Lead time: 7 working days to produce or 3 days if you choose Rush.

Price Range (Custom): $188 – $668 (size and letter dependant)

Price Range (Pre-Designed): $215 – $1,000 (size dependent)

Size range: 20cm wide – 200cm wide

Our Review

Neon Filter is one of the few companies on our list that manufacture and ship their signs from the UK. They ship worldwide so this shouldn’t be an issue for those having their celebration elsewhere. They also offer a 12-month warranty so you can be assured of the high quality of their product.

Their Trustpilot score speaks for itself coming in at 4.7 with over 1247 people reviewing them.

With around 4,000 products on their site, it’d be impossible for us to list them all. However, they have lots of options for pre-designed signs for weddings.

Quotes such as “Strictly Good Vibes” and “Happily Ever After”. “Hakuna Matata” for those wanting to bring a no-worries vibe to their wedding ranges in price from $250 for a 120cm sign and $406 for the same sign in a 200cm variant.

Equally a simple “Mr & Mrs” can be had for around $340.

They have lots of options available in their wedding neon collection and also offer great customisation.

Their very easy-to-use online software will give you a great preview of how your names or favourite quote will look in bright lights. There are 25 fonts to choose from and 12 vibrant colours.

Neon Filters Instagram account is a great source to see how their signs look in the homes or at weddings of real couples.


Best design preview software

Customisable: Yes

Indoor or Outdoor? Both, upgrade to Flex-It Neon if it’s going to get wet

Average user rating: we couldn’t find a rating

Shipping: Free shipping for orders over $350 to Canada & US. Worldwide shipping available

Lead time: 1-3 weeks

Price Range (Custom): starts at $201

Price Range (Pre-Designed): $220 – $985

Size range: Small – Extra Large (sizing explained below)

Our Review

With over 90 results in the category of weddings alone, you’ll be sure to find something that’s perfect for your big day on Neonize.

They also offer customisation and have by far the best tool to pre-visualise what your design will look like. We did a test design to see how user-friendly their software is and it gets the thumbs up from us.

From the test design we also got some pricing information, see below:

If you wanted your neon wedding sign to read “Mr & Mrs Smith” in their “Waiting for Sunrise” font it would cost $309.00 for size small, the medium would cost $434.62, large $591.62 and extra large $796.10

These would be the sizing options for “Mr & Mrs Smith”

  • Small = 82.24cm x 12.81cm
  • Medium = 96.11cm x 14.45cm
  • Large = 99.46cm x 31.41cm
  • Extra Large = 119.20 x 45.17cm

Size estimates and prices vary depending on the amount of text on your sign. The more letters you use and the increased size inevitably raises the costs.

Take a look at this unboxing video on Instagram to get an idea of what arrives in the post. Whilst it’s not strictly a wedding sign you could easily imagine how gorgeous it would look adorning your floral backdrop.

Life Of Neon

Best for diverse couples

Customisable: Yes

Indoor and Outdoor? Mostly indoor but outdoor signs can be requested

Average user rating: 5-star customer reviews

Shipping: Free worldwide shipping

Lead time: 2-3 weeks to arrive at your door

Price Range (Custom): $195 – $1596

Price Range (Pre-Designed): $175 – $425.99

Size range: 10″ (25cm) – 60″ (152cm)

Our Review

Life of Neon was created by artist Christina who produces neon signs around the black experience and black culture. Christina says “our LED neon signs are signature pieces that Create Good Vibes!” We definitely feel that from looking at her website and the available neons in her online shop.

Christina clearly knows her target audience and her signs would make a truly unique piece at a wedding. She has a range of pre-designed signs with quotes such as “Living my best life”, “Black Love” and “Black Excellence”

Equally, you can also design your own customisable sign and see a preview of how it will look. There’s a range of sizes to choose from, from 10 inches all the way up to 60 inches for maximum impact. A range of fonts, colours and backing options will make your sign genuinely personal and uniquely you.

Here’s Janet Ndomahina, one of Life on Neon’s many customers unboxing her customised wedding sign.

The video gives you a great idea of what you’ll receive in the post and how well-packaged it is. It also shows the sign plugged in so you can get a sense of how it looks lit up.

“I absolutely LOVE the items I purchased from Life of Neon. They are beautiful & more important, we love the message & design. The customer service is absolutely stellar. We plan to purchase some custom lights for our kids’ rooms!” Kristyn Long – TrustPilot

Neon Factory

Best value for money

Customisable: Yes

Indoor or Outdoor? Doesn’t say

Average user rating: 1,988 5-star customer reviews

Shipping: Free worldwide shipping

Lead time: 1-3 weeks

Price Range (Custom): $110 – $210 (based on each letter being 6 cms)

Price Range (Pre-Designed): $115 – $230

Size range: Various

Our Review

Neon Factory was inspired by seeing neon signs adorning the streets in Tokyo where their creators were born. They are regulars at supplying their signs to tv shows, photoshoots and youtube channels.

At the same time, they aim to offer the general public the opportunity to own an affordable work of art to display at their wedding.

Browsing their website they have a clear wedding section that has a variety of suitable quotes for big day events. “Better Together”, love heart design as well as “A little party never killed anybody” that we particularly like.

Their custom neon wedding signs start at just $110 but we found their website a little less intuitive than most on this list. It was quite hard for us to get accurate pricing information.

That being said their reviews speak for themselves. Equally, there are also lots of pictures of real customers showing off their neon wedding signs throughout their site and on social media.

Their prices seem to be some of the most affordable on our list whilst at the same time retaining quality to retain their 5-star customer rating.

This video shows off their “and so the adventure begins” neon and costs just $230. We think this sign would make a great addition to any wedding particularly positioned as part of the dance floor.

Neon Rooms

Highly rated on Google

Promo: $25 Off Your First Order

Customisable: Yes via custom enquiry design form

Indoor or Outdoor? Both

Average user rating: 5 stars on Google

Shipping: Free international shipping on orders over $250

Lead time: 2-3 weeks

Price Range (Custom): Starting at just $80

Price Range (Pre-Designed): $127 – $666 (size dependent)

Size range: 50cm – 300cm

Our Review

Based in the U.K. but shipping internationally, Neon Rooms is one of the leading providers of neon signage out there.

They have a range of pre-designed signs ideal for weddings with slogans such as “STAY SASSY”, “LET’S PARTY” and “SHUT UP AND KISS ME” to name just a few. You can choose from 9 colours as well as pick your size and fitting requirements. As you’d probably expect size dictates price and we found the pre-designed signs range from 50 cm to 150 cm.

Equally, if you want something a little bit more personal they also offer customisation. So if you want your names up in lights or a quote that is special to the two of you they’re keen to accommodate.

They have 28 fonts to choose from and you can even go up to 300cm in size for maximum impact. Simply fill out their design form as accurately as possible and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a quote.

All their signs are handmade using durable and environmentally friendly neon strips and come with a one-year warranty.

Henry Wharton was extremely pleased with the sign he ordered from Neon Rooms. He particularly praised their turnaround time and variety on offer saying “Very satisfied with the delivery speed and quality of the product, great selection to choose from and very bright. You won’t be disappointed!”

Their website is really easy to navigate and helps you to get an idea of the costs involved in ordering your neon wedding sign. At the time of writing, they’re offering $25 off your first order.

Pro LED Sign

Best for a subtle sports theme

Customisable: Yes

Indoor or Outdoor? Doesn’t specify

Average user rating: 1674 5-star ratings

Shipping: USA 7-14 days, Europe 10-15 days, Canada & Australia 15-25 days, rest of the world 12-25 days

Lead time: 24-48 hours for pre-designed, 5 days for custom (shipping times added to this)

Price Range (Custom): $149.00 – $249.99

Price Range (Pre-Designed): Various

Size range: 12″ x 8″, 16″ x 12″, 24″ x 16″

Our Review

A lot of the pre-designed signs on Pro LED Sign that we found are based around themes such as American sport, music, home bar etc. However, they do offer customisation which could make them the ideal choice for your wedding.

If you’re both into your sports and want to incorporate that side of your personality they could be the perfect match. You can choose your favourite NFL team logo and have your names alongside it in the bright lights.

Just picture it now “Mike & Emily’s Sports Bar Est. 2023” would be the perfect sign to accompany your wedding drinks bar making it uniquely you.

They claim that each sign is individually carved, assembled and finished by skilled craftsmen with decades of experience. Pro LED Sign is one of the more established manufacturers on our list having started making signs in 2010.

They offer free express shipping for their U.S. orders which makes them a great option if you’re getting married in that part of the world.

Neon Beach

Best on Instagram

Customisable: Yes

Indoor or Outdoor? +$60 for outdoor use

Average user rating: 4.8 stars based on 601 reviews

Shipping: Worldwide shipping, cost shown at checkout

Lead time: 3 weeks on average from payment to delivery

Price Range (Custom): $400 – $1600

Price Range (Pre-Designed): $84 – $750

Size range: 50cm – 200cm

Our Review

Neon Beach has been around since 2019. They were inspired to start creating their signs by the lights of Tokyo. Their aim is to bring neon to everyone everywhere.

They’re very active on Instagram with over 1,000 posts and 360k followers. You can easily get a feel for how their products look in real life by looking at the tagged section of their IG account.

Hannah K. who purchased a “Til Death do us Party” neon sign said “We love our sign! Originally bought as a backdrop for our wedding photo booth, we love it so much it’s already on our wall”

That’s the great thing about these signs they make fantastic artworks to hang in your home after your wedding day is over. Every time you see it you’ll think back to what an amazing day you had.

Hannah had a slight issue with her order going through and we think this is when you can tell a good company from a bad one. She said they handled it perfectly “The customer service was second to none. I had an issue with getting my purchase through and the team helped me within a few hours. They even contacted me once the product arrived to ensure it was in perfect condition (it was!) I will be recommending you to others.”

There are over 600 reviews to look through on their site with real photos of their customer’s orders.

Some great options in their pre-designed section with quotes such as “you had me at hello”, “better together” and “it was always you” to name just a few.

We also spotted that they had a range of pre-designed LGBTQ+ signs available to order which we haven’t noticed from the other manufacturers on this list.

Sketch and Etch

Best warranty period

Customisable: Yes

Indoor or Outdoor? Doesn’t specify

Average user rating: 507 5-star reviews

Shipping: Free worldwide shipping

Lead time: 2 options. Option 1 Standard, USA, Canada & Europe 2-4 weeks. Australia, New Zealand & Other 3-5 weeks. Option 2 Express, USA, Canada & Europe 10-14 days. Australia, New Zealand & Other 10-20 days.

Price Range (Custom): $400 – $4000

Price Range (Pre-Designed): $200 – $1200

Size range: 27″ – 195″

Our Review

Sketch & Etch is brought to you by two friends that started the business in 2015 with the same vision as each other, to light up people’s lives by creating lasting impressions.

They’re based in the US, Australia and England and all their signs are handmade in Los Angeles. Their tagline is made with “love, packaged with care, delivered from our door to yours.”

They’ve amassed a large following on Instagram of over 180k followers. You can get a real sense of the epic signs they create by scrolling through their IG account.

Just take a look at some of the neon wedding signs they’ve created such as this “You’re simply the best” sign and the absolute drama it adds to the couples portrait session. Or check out the custom-made elegance of “The Sheltons” neon wedding sign, so simple but so effective.

Sketch and Etch look like the real deal supplying their signs to some really high-end clients. This video shows you behind the scenes at their workshop, it gives a great insight into how the product gets made.

They offer a 24-month warranty when purchasing your neon wedding sign which is the best we found. Whilst one of the pricier options on our list we think they’re definitely worth it as they’re clearly high-end from start to finish.

Jadetoad Custom Neon Sign

Best on Amazon

Customisable: Yes

Indoor or Outdoor? Both as long as it doesn’t get wet

Average user rating: 1070 reviews, 4.9 out of 5

Shipping: $25

Lead time: 2 weeks

Price Range (Custom): $70 – $524

Price Range (Pre-Designed): $200 – $1200

Size range: 10″ – 80″

Our Review

The highest-rated neon wedding sign producer we found on Amazon was Jadetoad Custom Neon Sign. With over 1000 5-star reviews and your order being fulfilled by Amazon you know you’ll be in safe hands.

If you’re just after something simple for your wedding such as your names up in lights this could be the place to go.

You can choose how many lines you want your sign to have, the font, colour and size, keeping things super simple. The sizes on offer range from 10″ to 80″ but are also dependent on how many lines of text your request.

You can also choose to add a dimmable remote for an extra $8 which we think is a great option to control the light intensity at your wedding.

Reading through the reviews on Amazon you get a real sense of the attention to detail and great customer service provided. Just look at this review from Amanda who ordered her sign to use at both her bridal shower and wedding day.

House of Rounds

Best on Etsy. Quick shipment

Customisable: Yes

Indoor or Outdoor? Doesn’t specify

Average user rating: 33,000 5-star reviews

Shipping: Only ship to the US

Lead time: Ready to ship in 1-3 days

Price Range (Custom): $230 – $545

Price Range (Pre-Designed): No pre-designed wedding signs on offer

Size range: 18″ – 60″

Our Review

With 160,000 sales on Etsy (yes you heard us right) it’s easy to see why House of Rounds has made our list.

They offer all types of signs on their Etsy shop in addition to neon such as acrylic and custom wooden signs. This is a great option if you’re on a budget as these non-lit signs tend to go a little easier on the bank balance. They don’t quite offer the drama of a neon sign but are good to add around your wedding such as at sweet stands or to use as centrepieces.

With over 33,000 reviews you can be assured that this is a company you can trust. Just look at one of their latest reviews from Jessie Stratton who ordered a custom name neon sign to use at her wedding and rehearsal dinner. She praised House of Rounds’ quick shipping and the helpful nature of the seller.

Why you can trust us

We’ve been to more weddings than most. Typically over 100 a year! Having shot hundreds of weddings and edited thousands upon thousands of photos we believe we’re well-positioned to know what works and what doesn’t in photos.

In recent times we’ve definitely seen neon signs being used more and more at weddings. We can spot the good ones from the shall we say…not so good ones. In addition, we’re also fans of neon signs and have even decorated our own homes and offices with them.

We’ve spent hours researching and reading reviews about neon signs. We created this list to arm you with the best options and help you make a well-informed decision on what to purchase.

Buyers Guide for Neon wedding signs

An important thing to note is that modern neon signs are actually made using LED lights. This makes them extremely lightweight, easy to hang and reduces the risk of injury or damage compared to the old-style glass ones.

They’re also a lot more energy efficient so great for installing in your home after the wedding.

Here are some things we think you should consider when purchasing your neon wedding signs.

Backboard options

  • Cut-to-letter options mean that the acrylic backing is cut as close to the neon as possible. This option is good for reducing flashback from cameras which means it’s the option we’d be telling you to get if we were photographing your wedding. It will look awesome in your wedding photos.
  • Cut around backboard means there is usually more of a visible backdrop to your sign but it follows the rough outline of your letters. It is usually recommended for cursive and script fonts.
  • A rectangular backboard gives a sleek design to your neon sign. This option is a little bit sturdier than the others. However, this option runs the highest risk of producing flashback in your photos.
  • A boxed perspex option is very similar to the rectangular option. The LED neon is mounted to the back perspex with another raised piece in front.

Do you need your neon wedding sign to be waterproof?

If you intend on hanging your neon outdoors at your wedding you’ll need to consider if it’s waterproof. Sorry to put a dampener on things but depending on where you get married there’s always a chance of rain.

An IP rating dictates how waterproof something is. You should find out from the manufacturer what the rating is for their products if you think there’s a possibility of rain.

Custom Neon for example uses an IP67 rating for its outdoor signs. This means their signs are protected from immersion in water with a depth of up to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes.

Dimmable Remote

A dimmable remote can be a great addition to your neon wedding sign and is a feature that most on our list offer. This will allow you to reduce the brightness of your sign at the flick of a switch to create the perfect vibe.

At the same time, it will also help your wedding photographer with exposure when taking photos in front of your sign.

Many remotes also have the option to pulse your neon sign which is a particularly good feature to draw attention.

Say for instance you’ve got a sign that says “dancefloor this way” how cool would it look if it was pulsing?! A pulsing neon sign on the dancefloor will be a surefire way to get the party started!

Shipping to locations

Shipping can be something to consider as it may add additional costs to your order. Most of the companies on our list have free worldwide shipping.

Some have a price limit that must be met in order to qualify for free shipping. There was only one company that we found that doesn’t ship outside of the US and they were House of Rounds.

Does size matter when it comes to neon wedding signs?

Contrary to what most people say, when it comes to neon wedding signs we think size really does matter. Let us explain why.


One of the biggest determining factors to the price that we found when doing our research was the size of the sign you choose.

Obviously, if you’re looking for a name sign and your surname is “Carter-Vickers” it will inevitably cost more than the surname “Smith”.

Whilst your surname can’t be helped, the size of the sign you choose can. We think the bigger you go the better for maximum impact. That being said, we know that choosing a 60-inch sign over a more subtle 30-inch sign can dramatically impact the final price.

Ultimately this is something you need to decide on for yourself. Get out the measuring tape or produce a paper mock-up so you can better visualise it in your space.

Go as big as the amount of money you’re happy to spend.


Let’s be honest the whole reason you’re buying a neon wedding sign is to make your wedding look epic.

The size of the sign you choose can either make your decision look like an afterthought or a carefully considered decision.

Equally, the larger you go the more light with invariably be given off. Obviously, you can dim your sign if you’ve chosen one with a remote but a small sign can only light up a space so much.

You’ll have to use your own intuition here by taking inspiration from what others have used at their weddings. Take a look at some real weddings on blogs, Instagram or Pinterest to help determine the size of the sign they used.

You can also use the hashtags of some of the suppliers we’ve listed to find real couples who have bought, used and reviewed the signs. You could then contact the company directly to determine what size of sign was used.


The size you choose will depend largely on the measurements of your space and where you position your sign.

If you’ve chosen a custom neon sign for a ceremony archway for example you might not want it so big that it’s cut off in every photo by the two of you. You might want it strategically positioned so that it appears unobstructed in all wide-angle photos.

That being said if you want maximum impact we think going big is the best option. It’s just all about where you position your sign at your wedding.

However, one thing to consider is what you’ll do with your sign after your wedding. Have you got the space to house a 3-metre “till death do us party” sign in your apartment? Or would a 1.5 metre sign be the better option?

What kind of message for your sign?

From our research, we found lots of options for suitable pre-designed signs. This is a great way to save a bit of money as there are lots of generic quotes that work really well for weddings. Things such as “happily ever after”, “team bride” and “i do” for example are readily available from most suppliers.

The lead time on these is generally much quicker as they can be pre-made and ready to ship.

However, if you truly want to stand out from the crowd or just want something uniquely you, we think custom is the direction to go. Maybe you want to use your favourite song lyric or your new surname.

Here are some ideas for the type of neon wedding signs we think can really add to your wedding day.


Great for guiding your guests to different parts of your venue. Good for large venues where guests can stray. You can even get creative with your restroom signs!

Inspirational quotes, song lyrics

A classic Beatles line like “All You Need Is Love” would make a great addition to any wedding.

Custom names

Absolutely classic. Makes for great photos that are personal to you. This is also a great way to get more photos of guests. People will be naturally drawn to your sign as a place to take group photos. Use your sign as part of your ceremony and then use it to form part of a photo backdrop at the reception


“Let’s Party”, “Trust Me You Can Dance, Tequila”, and “I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor” all inspire your guests to get into the groove. Make sure you get one with a remote so you can really amp up the party vibes with the pulsing light!

Wedding hashtag

Got a hashtag that you want all your guests to use? This is a great way to get it out there to remind them!

Call to action signs

“Drinks this way” – The perfect Call to action idea to get people dancing, drinking and partying.

Notable Mentions/Alternatives

Wooden Carved Signs

Whilst we obviously think neon wedding signs are the best way to go, we understand not everyone has the budget for one. There are some great alternatives out there such as wooden carved signs that can have a similar but distinctly less impactful presence.

They tend to command a lot less attention and hey that might be perfect for you! The supplier on our list that we found to offer the most choice of wooden signs was House Of Rounds on Etsy.

You can get a lot of the same pre-designed messaging and even choose custom options if you wish.

We however think the wooden carved signs are great to use as complimentary pieces to your neon signs. Use them for centerpieces or as place settings for guests. They add that personal touch without breaking the bank of the neon equivalent.

Hiring Your Neon Wedding Signs

Another great option we found for those on a tight budget is to hire a sign for your event.

The Lovely Glass Jar for example offers an option to hire their signs for just $199. They have loads of popular quotes that a lot of the other companies offer.

The obvious downside to hiring however is that you don’t get to keep your sign and display it in your home. It also means that you can’t personalise it to make it unique to you as a couple.

Frequently asked questions about neon signs

Do the signs require maintenance and a pro to install?

No, not at all. From our research, we found that all the signs on our list are super easy to install at your wedding. At the same time, they’re also maintenance-free save for the odd dusting here and there.

How long do they last?

They should last you a very long time and even if the lights stop working they can still look fantastic unlit. The new style of LED neon signs last about 10x longer than the old glass style and should be good for around 100,000 hours of use. That’s 4166 days of constant use if you were wondering!

Can they be battery-powered?

Most neon signs will be powered via a wall socket. They can be powered by batteries but this tends to be for smaller signs that require less power. Check with the supplier to see what they can offer if for example you’re getting married in a field away from a power outlet.


Neon wedding signs can be such an awesome addition to any wedding. Unlike the flowers and the cake, it’s something that can last well beyond the day itself.

Most have a life of around 100,000 hours so they should keep shining for years to come.

Equally, it’s something that is sculptural in its own right even when the lights are turned off and will make you smile every time you see it.

We hope we’ve armed you with all the information you need to help you choose the best neon wedding sign provider for you.

Whether you’re after a pre-designed sign, a custom-made one or you’ve had an utterly bonkers idea for a neon sign, we’re sure you’ll be able to find what you need from one of the suppliers in our list.

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