Who Should A Capricorn Marry?

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If you were born between the 22nd December and 19th January, you’re a Capricorn. Unfettered in the spirit to excel. Capricorns strive to reach the pinnacle of their chosen path in life. This same driven is often applied in their relationships.

To fully commit to love, Capricorns must establish a deep emotional connection. In addition, they follow a slow but steady approach in matters of the heart. And after choosing a partner, they show boundless love and affection.

So who should a Capricorn marry? Let’s shed some light on this topic.

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Who Should A Capricorn Marry?

Capricorn personality traits

Before we answer the question, “who should a capricorn marry?”, let’s look at common Capricorn personality traits that will allow us to choose the perfect marriage partner.

Capricorns are authentic, real, and honest. They are aware of what is timeless or passing through. Therefore, it’s unlikely that such people fall on a bad bandwagon because others are doing it.

Capricorns can be workaholics – they often think of how to nurture themselves in relationships. No matter the challenges, they always find a sweet balance between wise and serious issues.

When it comes to love, a Capricorn won’t do drama in love. However, finding the right person can always be a challenge. As they tend to be goal-oriented, they can also be perfectionists. As they search for a mate, they know the qualities they want. If there’s no perfect match, they can wait until they are older to truly ready to settle down. Many Capricorns will also choose older partners in life.

Once in a relationship, Capricorns spend lots of time with their partners. They also excel when it comes to public displays of affection. Other Capricorn traits include:

  • Wise
  • Traditional
  • Serious
  • Structured
  • Ambitious
  • Dedicated

Capricorns are typically a pretty grounded, sensible type of person. They’re ambitious and patient, with a no-nonsense attitude and high expectations. It’s then only natural that they would want other people with a similar personality. Intelligent, hardworking – someone, who will collaborate well with them on their life goals.

Best match for a Capricorn


Capricorns are attracted to Scorpio due to the commonalities they share. A Capricorn woman is intriguingly drawn to the magical charm of a Scorpio. Furthermore, a Scorpio man will always keep emotional females in check (sounds like a 1950’s guide to the perfect housewife book…).

Since both are passionate and ambitious, they can easily achieve their life goals. They will also reason together and understand their ultimate purpose in life. Also, both are go-getters so their union is always natural.

Strong communication skills will allow each other to convey ideas as being independent in their thoughts. Their commitment to careers also makes them the perfect match.

Their propensity to stay true to themselves can futher help each other to heal emotionally. Moreover, after gaining each other’s trust, they become inseparable.

The only tricky part is that a Scorpio expects too much from the relationship. If there’s a disagreement, they may spend hours trying to find a solution. Therefore, a Capricorn woman and a Scorpio man should take steps to relax before engaging in any meaningful conversation.

For such a marriage to work, the two must respect each other’s limits. Love for Caps and Scorpio comes naturally but keeping it requires some level of commitment.


A Taurus man and a Capricorn woman are the perfect match. Their traits are similar, so they can understand each other. A Taurus is calm and can forge an enduring relationship. In addition, a Taurus man will show affection to spark up a romantic life.

After a Capricorn woman commits to a Taurus, she will shed off the shyness and show her intimate side.

The other trait that makes a Capricorn woman and a Taurus man work is that both are grateful for compassion. Both are practical and grounded individuals. Their natural chemistry will help them understand each other.

Likewise, a Taurus woman can tolerate the pressure from a Capricorn man. Their shared patience and reliability serve as their strength. Not to mention, the components of their financial security are a component of strength. Both may look like ordinary couples but can have amazing inner activity. And there are fewer chances of breaking up.


A cancer man will always show a Capricorn woman real love. Since caps are emotionally stable, she can play as the perfect foil to a Cancer male who tends to be emotionally unstable. Cancers know how to express kindness so they will strike a chord with Capricorns.

Since Capricorns are swayed to rationality, cancer will bring the much-needed sensitivity.


Pisces always stand out for their flawless and benevolent attitude. On the other hand, Capricorns are rigid and like to pursue new experiences. Once a Capricorn woman and a Pisces man strike a chemistry, they can pursue new things in life together.

Pisces are imaginative and will always become the center of attention. A Capricorn woman will do what it takes to make the bond stronger.

Both signs put a lot of effort to work on their self-esteem. Furthermore, the both appreciate self-respect. As both have a similar outlook on life, they tend to accommodate each other’s desires. Furthermore, Pisces will withdraw through the internal turmoil if there’s an argument with a Capricorn.

Best of all, Pisces and Capricorns have a high regard for each other. Their values will keep them strong in the relationship when things get tough.

The only problem with the two is that they can disagree with each others beliefs. Both must restrain both their words and behaviour in order for the relationship to work.


While a Gemini tends to criticize those with messy etiquette qualities, they are also considered to be gentlie. The calm atmosphere makes a Gemini man always show his forthrightness. Capricorns, on the other hand, are friendly and will always express their best side. Although the love chemistry between the two is average, they will be able to strengthen their bond in marriage with their contrastisting styles and acceptance.

Problematic matches for Capricorns

Unfortunately, not everyone is compatible with a Capricorn, and there are certain types of people they don’t mesh well with. If you’re thinking of getting involved with a Capricorn, or are already in a relationship with one, look away now if you are any of the below.


Aries people are the complete opposite of Capricorns in almost every way. They’re impulsive, hotheaded, and highly independent – not exactly qualities a Capricorn looks for. Furthermore, Aries tend to be very competitive, which can quickly conflict with a Capricorn’s natural assertiveness. While Capricorns are cautious and thoughtful, Aries tend to act first and think later, which can lead to some serious misunderstandings. When these two signs come together, it’s usually a recipe for disaster. They’re just too different to see eye to eye on anything, and the relationship is likely to be full of arguments and power struggles.


As we mentioned before, Taurus and Capricorn share some similarities, such as their practicality and determination. However, they also have some major differences. For example, Capricorns are often quite frugal, while Taureans tend to enjoy the finer things in life. This can create tension, as the Taurus may feel that the Capricorn is too stingy, while the Capricorn may view the Taurus as materialistic. There is potential for these two signs to get along, but it can be challenging. They’ll need to learn to compromise on their different lifestyle choices and find a balance that works for them.


Like Aries, Leo is another sign that is the complete opposite of Capricorn. Leos are confident, outgoing, and attention-seeking, while Capricorns are more introverted and private. Leos also tend to be quite impulsive, while Capricorns are cautious and thoughtful. It turns out that these differences can be a good thing, as they can complement each other. However, if the relationship is not managed well, it can quickly devolve into conflict. To make things work, both parties will need to be patient and understanding with each other.


You must be thinking “But you just listed Gemini as a good match”, we know, we know. Let us explain.

On the face of things, Gemini and Capricorn are about as different as two people can be. Capricorns are patient and level-headed, while Geminis are flighty and easily distracted. Capricorns like to stick to tried-and-true methods, while Geminis always look for the next new thing. These signs can get along, but it’s certainly not easy. They’ll need to be patient with each other and learn to accept each other’s differences. Otherwise, this relationship is likely to be full of misunderstandings and frustration.


While Capricorn and Cancer share some qualities, such as their loyalty and dedication to family, they also have some major differences. Capricorns are often quite cold and distant, while Cancer is a softie who wears their heart on their sleeve. Capricorns can also be quite pessimistic, while Cancer is an optimist. These differences can lead to serious conflict, as the Cancer may feel that the Capricorn is too harsh, while the Capricorn may view the Cancer as too emotional. If these two signs are going to get along, they’ll need to learn to accept each other’s differences.


Of all the signs, Sagittarius is probably the least compatible with Capricorn. This is because these two signs are complete opposites in almost every way. Sagittarius is carefree and spontaneous with a love of adventure, while Capricorn is serious and down-to-earth with a preference for stability. Sagittarius also has a very blunt way of speaking that can come across as insensitive to Capricorn’s more delicate nature.

But that doesn’t mean that a relationship between a Sagittarius and a Capricorn is doomed from the start. The Sagittarius can help the Capricorn loosen up and enjoy life more, while the Capricorn can provide the stability and grounding that the Sagittarius needs. However, these two signs will need to learn to communicate and compromise with each other if they want the relationship to work.


Pisces and Capricorn share some qualities, such as their loyalty and dedication to family. You will find that Pisces always have your back no matter what and are always there to offer a shoulder to cry on. However, they also have some major differences. For example, Pisces is often quite emotional, while Capricorns are more stoic. Pisces can also be quite impulsive, while Capricorns are cautious and thoughtful. During arguments, Pisces is more likely to let their emotions get the better of them and say things they don’t mean. On the other hand, Capricorns are likelier to keep their cool and think before speaking.


Aquarius and Capricorn might seem like odd couples, but they have quite a lot in common. For one, they are both highly intelligent and hardworking. They also share a dedication to family and friends. Their differences, however, are what make them truly incompatible. Aquarius is a free spirit who hates being tied down to anything, while Capricorn is a traditionalist who believes in rules and order. Aquarius also has a very short attention span about relationships, while Capricorn is looking for a lifelong partner. Ultimately, these two are just too different to make it work.


Virgo and Capricorn are two of the zodiac’s most down-to-earth, practical signs. They share many qualities, such as their loyalty, dedication to family, and love of tradition. Virgo’s practicality can sometimes come across as cold and unemotional to the more sensitive Capricorn. Still, Capricorn should understand that Virgo prefers to live in the real world and deal with concrete facts. Virgo can also be quite critical and perfectionistic, which can rub Capricorn the wrong way. However, if these two can learn to accept each other’s differences, they can make a good match.

So… Who Should A Capricorn Marry?

If you’ve undertaken a high career as a Capricorn, you can apply the same principles in your marriage. In a nutshell, Capricorns are compatible with Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, and Taurus. They will vibe well with rational, hardworking, ambitious, passionate, and organized partners. Of course, they love being understood by their significant other. That being said, there is a catch – sometimes you can enjoy being with your partner, but you can also feel like your beliefs are world apart. The secret to a successful marriage is to respect each other and value the qualities that made you fall in love.

Capricorn’s relentless dedication to their goals can sometimes make them seem like workaholics with no time for anything else. However, Capricorns enjoy spending time with family and friends and can be loyal and supportive partners. They need a partner who understands their need for independence and is willing to give them the space they need to pursue their goals. So if you’re looking for a dedicated, hardworking partner who will always have your back, look no further than the Capricorn.