Who Should a Libra Marry?

Michael Bold
Written by Michael Bold · Posted in Advice Last Updated June 5, 2023 · minute read
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    Born between September 22 and October 23? Then you might be hoping to find answers to the question, who should a Libra marry? 

    Perhaps you’ve been in a relationship with someone for a while and you’re thinking of making it permanent. Or you’re just curious about who is most compatible with you when you marry. Whatever your reasons we’ve got all the answers covered in this thorough article. 

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    Who Should a Libra Marry?

    We’ll discuss everything from the personality traits of Libra and also tell you our top 4 zodiac sign suitors. At the same time, we’ll also let you know the star signs that you should run a mile from. Just kidding! But we’ll give you food for thought on some potential conflicts that may arise and how to deal with them. Finally, we will end by telling you when exactly you should get married if you are a Libra.

    We’ve already covered who Geminis, Sagittarius, Capricorns, and Virgo should marry in our other articles. However, today it’s all about the air sign Libra and finding them the perfect suitor for a happily married life.

    So without further adieu let’s get into it!

    The Personality Traits of a Libra

    It would be silly of us to answer who should a Libra marry without first getting to know them.

    So let’s tell you a little about some of their quirks and what really makes them tick.

    Libras are ruled by Venus aka the absolute bomb when it comes to all things romance. Venus is the planet of love and beauty. They’ve basically got Cupid on speed dial!

    In their day-to-day lives, they can see things from all different perspectives which makes them very diplomatic. As marriage is all about compromise this is a great trait to have. At the same time, they’ll walk into a room and have everyone around them feeling great, upbeat, and at ease.

    It’s not all a bed of roses though. Whilst it might be easy to answer the question of whether or not you should marry a Libra, errr yeh you should they’re freaking awesome. When they ask themselves who they should marry it can be a little more tricky. That’s because they’re known for being super indecisive. They overthink things and will also do almost anything to avoid conflict. 

    Libras have predominantly positive qualities. However, there are some things about Libras that make the question of who they should marry a little tricky. That’s mainly because they’ll be overthinking the situation whilst the perfect suitor might fly past. 

    Equally, healthy arguments in a marriage can be the only way that things get resolved. Constantly avoiding conflict will just mean one person always gets their own way. This may lead to internal resentment and unhappiness that will build and build until it explodes.

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    What is Libra’s Perfect Match?

    So, if you’re a Libra yourself hopefully some of the personality traits resonated. Equally, if you’re thinking of marrying a Libra you can see that they’re a really good catch, aren’t they?!

    We’ve identified 4 key players when it comes to who a Libra should marry. Gemini, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius should all create harmony in a relationship with Libras and line up well with their core values.

    Let’s take a look at each signs compatibility in a little more detail:

    Gemini and Libra

    When we wrote the article, who should a Gemini marry? [1] We got a 100% compatibility match for Libra. So it goes without saying that Geminis are a great choice for marriage for Libras. 

    They’re like two peas in a pod both doing what is best for the relationship and both seeking a harmonious life together.

    If you’re a Libra and choose to marry a Gemini you should be able to enjoy many of the same pursuits together. As you’ll both be air signs you’ll also never be short of having good fun but at the same time deep and meaningful conversations.

    Story Amour Rating 10/10

    Aries and Libra

    Libra the air sign mixes perfectly with fire to create the perfect flame of love, ideal for marriage. 

    An Aries will bring out the best of a Libra by igniting them into action. They’re full of ideas and spontaneity which will rub off perfectly on the personality traits of a Libra.

    Weren’t going hiking every weekend or never been cold water swimming? Wait until you marry an Aries, these adventures and more await you. 

    However, a Libra will have to work a little on overthinking to make it work and learn to go with the flow. 

    At the same time though an Aries will happily go skinny dipping in the sea alone if you don’t feel up to joining them. They’re very independent and if a Libra seeks togetherness a little too much it might present some conflict.

    For these reasons we find Aries coming in a close second to Gemini.

    Story Amour Rating 8/10

    Leo and Libra

    So what about Leos? Are they a good match for marriage? 

    Leos have made it to position 3 in our Story Amour rating. Another fire sign like Aries they share many compatible elements but there’s also a little conflict.

    For instance, Leo and Libra may be on the same wavelength when it comes to art, beauty, and romance. 

    However, whilst Libras seek that harmony in a relationship that we’ve been banging on about, Leo’s might go against the grain a little more. They may want to take the lead on certain things which may cause rifts in the relationship. 

    As they both appreciate grand romantic gestures any problem can easily be resolved by being tactful. Equally, because they are both social creatures they can surround themselves with friends and family who can help them see each other’s point of view and overcome arguments.

    It’s all about compromise as with any marriage regardless of star signs. 

    Story Amour Rating 7/10

    Sagittarius and Libra

    Finally, we come to Sagittarius. We’ve placed them 4th which may not sound amazing but is still higher than the other 7!

    When we wrote our article on who should a Sagittarius marry it’s no surprise that Libras placed quite well. We gave the match a 7/10 for marriage so we can really only do the same when you think about it.

    A 7/10 is pretty good in our books and they’ll no doubt charm the pants off of you. Wow, that escalated quickly. What we mean to say is they’re very charming so it’s easy to see why they’re an ideal candidate for marriage…

    They also share many of the same values and are both looking for the key to any successful marriage, harmony. A Libra will love a Sagittarius for their optimism and positive outlook on situations. Especially important for a marriage.

    Conflict can arise because of Sagittarius’ frank and to-the-point conflict resolution. Whilst a Libra may avoid conflict, Sagittarians tackle it head-on. At the same time, a Libra may find it frustrating that a Sagittarius doesn’t express their emotions as freely as they’d like.

    Story Amour Rating 7/10

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    What Signs are Attracted to Libra Women?

    So, perhaps you’re a Libra woman yourself and you’re wondering what signs will be most attracted to you.

    Well, lots of different people will be captivated by your personality and how you portray yourself in such an elegant manner. As we’ve already touched on your fellow air sign Gemini will no doubt be in the queue for your affections. Aries won’t be far behind!

    That being said because you are likely to be an intellectual and love to talk you’ll draw in many a fine suitor. 

    The signs are only one indicator of a good match. It’s important that people will be attracted to Libras of how they can enhance their lives and make them feel great about themselves. 

    Who is Attracted to Libra Men?

    The same can be said for Libra men in many regards. 

    It can be difficult for anyone to pass up on the charm that a Libra man possesses in his locker.

    Equally, because they can manage their emotions well they can be particularly good in marriages. Their aim is to bring harmony and balance and they can make this work with a variety of signs.

    Essentially if you’re a Libra man or woman the world is your oyster.

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    What Star Sign Should a Libra Avoid?

    Well, well, well. The million-dollar question. We thought you’d never ask. 

    You should know by now who we recommend a Libra should tie the knot with. However, it’s important to also look at the other end of the spectrum.

    Who should a Libra avoid and why?

    Cancer and Libra

    This combo is poles apart in our opinion. Each will have their own expectations and needs from a relationship. If they can’t achieve them then the marriage will be destined for failure.

    For example, when it comes to their emotional availability they may end up butting heads. Cancers will be looking for emotional depth as well as nurturing traits. 

    On the other hand, Libra may prefer to avoid talking to their partner about how they feel. This can be unhealthy for any relationship and as such may see it not succeed.

    Scorpio and Libra

    It’s a similar story when it comes to compatibility with Scorpios. This combo of an air and water sign just doesn’t do it for us one bit.

    It’s fair to say that Scorpios don’t beat around the bush when it comes to showing their passion and deep emotions. Once again if a Libra would simply rather avoid these types of discussions it’s not going to work out.

    At the same time, Scorpios like to be behind the steering wheel. So how is that going to work with Libra’s desire to be independent?

    Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, and star signs are just one measure of marriage compatibility.

    Virgo and Libra

    We know we sound like a broken record now but it’s that blasted conflict avoidance that is plaguing our Libras in their quest for marital bliss.

    Virgos are perfectionists so they may set very high standards for the people around them. That might be fine at the beginning of a relationship. However, heaping that pressure on Libra will only lead one way. 

    They’ll avoid the conflict for as long as they can until one day it will really get to them. They may start to resent their Virgo partner and internalize their emotions. This can be detrimental to their mental health and the well-being of the marriage.

    Capricorn and Libra

    If you know a few Capricorns you’ll likely already know this about them. They’re ambitious, serious, and obsessed with work. 

    All this may put the emphasis on external factors rather than what really matters in life to a Libra, their relationships.

    Of course, if compromises can be made and time is found to create emotional connections there’s no reason the marriage can’t work. However, that’s much easier said than done, isn’t it?!

    Are Libras Good in Relationships?

    Errr in a word…Yes, abso freakin lutely. Ok ok, that was more than one word!

    Marriage is perfect for Libra because of the harmony they are determined to create in the relationship. They do this by being excellent communicators who listen to their partner’s needs. They’ll celebrate the wins with them as well as comfort them in times of need.

    Whilst Libras generally avoid conflict that doesn’t mean they don’t do their best to resolve it. They look at arguments from both sides and are understanding of differing points of view. As always it’s back to that key word of compromise, something that just comes naturally to Libras. This stands them in great stead for a healthy relationship leading to marriage.

    Not only do they tick all the practical boxes in relationships but they’re also super romantic types. There will be gorgeous gestures galore with a Libra so expect to be surprised by your fav flowers or a spontaneous trip away.

    Of course, no one is perfect. They can sometimes struggle to make decisions and seeing both sides of things isn’t always positive. It can mean they’re often sitting on the fence and not offering a firm opinion. Whilst it can be nice of them to put their partner first in the relationship it can also mean their partner never really knows how they feel.

    On the whole, they’re really good eggs, just with a few minor cracks in the outer shell.

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    When Should a Libra Get Married?

    One thing you gotta know about Libras is marriage can take one heck of a long time. Why? Well, they’re indecisive, aren’t they?! Haven’t you been listening?! 

    They’re always looking to cultivate that harmonious environment in a relationship and that doesn’t just happen. 

    A Libra maybe with their partner for some time before the moment comes to walk down the aisle and say those “I do’s”

    If you’ve read our article on “Why do people get married?” you’ll know that the majority of couples get married in their late twenties to early thirties. The same can be said for Libras. This stage of their lives allows them to fully know who they are compared to their early twenties. 

    At the same time, waiting until this point in life means they will have learned the things they do and don’t like about relationships. This knowledge works well for Libras who like to weigh up their partner from every angle, warts and all.

    With all that being said a Libra may feel the time is right at any stage of adulthood. They should trust their intuition. If they make a mistake it’s always an opportunity to learn from it and make sure history doesn’t repeat itself.

    Final thoughts on who a Libra should marry

    So, whether you’re a Libra yourself or thinking of popping the question to one, hopefully, you now have your answers.

    As we’ve already said, lots of people will be drawn to the personality traits of Libras. If you’re a Libra then lucky you, you’re likely to have a queue of people lining up to marry you. 

    If you’re not a Libra but are in a relationship with one it might be time to think about the perfect way to present the ring when proposing! You’ll need to be quick before someone steals your spot. Only joking! Even if you think it’s the right time we all know by now that Libras take super long to make their decisions.

    Gemini, Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius all make great options for Libras. They’ll really allow them to excel in the marriage by doing what they do best, creating harmony.