8 of the Most Amazing Hong Kong Pre Wedding Locations & Spots

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    Pre wedding shoots are a great way to celebrate your marriage without the stress and goings-on of the big day. It helps encapsulate the love between the couple as well as making for beautiful images that you will hold dear to your heart. As a result, we’ve put together an in-depth list of our favorite pre wedding locations in Hong Kong.

    Best Pre Wedding Spots in Hong Kong (HK)

    When the big day comes around, the focus can be on photographing those key, once in a lifetime moments that you’ll always want to remember and not trying to find a chance to capture the elegance of you and your partner who will be rather pre-occupied. In order to have a pre-wedding shoot, however, you’ll first need a location, so here are the 8 best Hong Kong pre wedding spots and locations.

    groom holds bouquet while holding hands with bride in front of murray house

    Murray House, Pre Wedding Location in HK – Photo by This Love Studio

    Murray House

    If sophistication is what you’re looking for then look no further. Murray House is a stunning, Victorian-era building that exudes class and elegance. The floors are simple black and white tiles, the walls clean-cut, pale brick, and hanging from the ceiling are gorgeous Victorian lanterns. Pillars hold up the roof over the balcony and the whole thing just looks like you’ve been photographed inside a fairy-tale castle.

    Waterfall Bay

    For the more in tune with nature couple, this rocky, dramatic seascape is perfect for an altogether more breathtaking pre-wedding shoot. Waterfall Bay gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the dark rocks and wild sea by contrasting yourselves in bright white, beautiful clothing, or embrace the greys and blues for a more out there, edgy shoot. Stand in front of the flowing waterfall and have it perfectly mimic your sweeping gown for a harmonious and striking photograph. Any way you choose, the images are going to be a sight to behold and fully encapsulate the love between you and your partner whilst getting you in touch with the natural world around you.

    Lingnan Garden

    Often weddings involve a lot of traditions and nothing will provide more traditional looking images than traveling to Lingnan Garden. Full to the brim of Chinese culture and lush greenery, images taken in this place will truly celebrate Chinese heritage. Winding paths and traditional Chinese buildings, this is a great way to celebrate the place you are in and where it all came from. If your wedding is going to be fully traditional then this is the place for that pre-wedding day shoot and extra points if you’re wearing full traditional attire as well.

    Fei Ngo Shan

    Towering above the Hong Kong skyline is simply an impressive place to have your photo shoot. Bask in the immense cityscape while being stood firmly in nature; this is very much the best of both worlds. It is a small hike although a taxi can get you a lot of the way there; but if you want to celebrate modern-day Hong Kong whilst looking like the center of the world, being photographed at Fei Ngo Shan is worth it. Ideal for a more relaxed and natural shoot that truly shows the love between you and your partner with a spectacular but also muted backdrop.

    Sam A Chung

    Sweeping grasslands and beautiful mountain backdrops just scream romance; couple this with a well-timed photoshoot capturing stunning lighting conditions and you’ll have a mesmerizing pre-wedding shoot. You have mountains, lush greenery, and a calm, serene lake to choose from when setting up the shoot so the hardest part may be picking where to stand! Sam A Chung is both sublime enough to create truly breath-taking images and idle enough to draw all attention to you and your partner in the center. Since this is not a massive tourist attraction you also have the luxury of peace and quiet whilst you focus on getting those long-lasting, memorable moments on camera.

    Central, Hong Kong

    Out with the traditional completely and in with the new. Pre-wedding shoots in central Hong Kong can be a sight to behold when done correctly. Select a spot with lots of bright lights and set up at night time to get a modern, neon backdrop to an otherwise elegant moment. Make sure to pick out a photographer with proof of this sort of thing in their work to avoid dingy, uninspiring images, and make sure to practice your statue impressions because a truly amazing way to capture this scene is by using long exposure creating dazzling streams of light around the couple. Go fully modern and edgy by ditching the traditional gown or embrace the stark contrast between an opulent garment and the harsh city backdrop.

    central hong kong

    Central, Hong Kong – Photo by Elton Yung

    Tai Mei Tuk

    Going back to elegance and tranquillity nowhere is more calming than Tai Mei Tuk. A beautiful rocky river surrounded by lush greenery and far from hectic city life, this is a great location to capture the true, natural love between you and your partner. Light, flowing garments can create a mystical and fairy-like appearance which will really capture the magic of the wedding. Take risks posing on top of rocks and by the river to create memorable and one of a kind images that will be a stunning lead up to the big day.

    High Island Reservoir

    This remote location offers a myriad of unusual and interesting backdrops for you and your partner to be photographed in front of. Geometric, grey structures and vast empty space draws all attention to the couple whilst still creating unconventional yet classy images. A muted color palette ensures that the backdrop is not the standout part of the image as well as meaning that, regardless of the chosen outfit or color palette, this location will match nicely. Since High Island reservoir is largely unknown, it is not crowded, giving you lots of time and space to perfect your shot as well as being ideal for the shy or socially awkward couple who aren’t comfortable posing in front of hundreds of strangers.

    aerial view of hong kong with skyscrapers in background

    Hong Kong – Photo by Florian Wehde

    So there is it, the 8 best pre-wedding shoot locations in Hong Kong. A lot of these are quite accessible so feel free to visit beforehand and scope out where you want to be photographed. It’s always good to have a clear vision in your head to really make the most out of your shoot.

    You can find out more information about our pre wedding and wedding planning services in Hong Kong and discover how we can help advise on even more magical pre wedding spots in the city of Hong Kong.