10 of the Most Fun Chinese Wedding Door Games for Your Big Day

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    Chinese door games are a tradition that pits the bridesmaids against the groom and groomsmen. The idea is that they hide the bride so that the groom, with help from his men, has to face a challenge to get to her. Thus proving his devotion. Nowadays it is seen as part of the fun rather than a real test. But this doesn’t mean the groom gets off lightly. The harder the better when it comes to these games. And make sure to get some great photographs of the goings-on. Coming up with your own games is a great way to truly test a groom but if you’re stuck for ideas here’s a list of 10 wedding door games.

    groom plays chinese door games during wedding

    Best Wedding Door Games – Photo by Jeremy Wong Weddings

    Dress Up

    Not strictly a Chinese door game, although definitely one of the most fun ways to start them! We highly recommend making the groomsmen and groom dress up in a silly or daft outfit. Think 6 minions all ready to win the brides heart? How about a team of funny dinosaurs? No matter which you prefer, making them dress up is a brilliant idea. It will also make for some really funny photos that you can look back on a laugh in years to come.

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    Simple and effective. Rattle off questions about the bride. Make them as tricky as you like just make sure the bride’s happy with everything that’s going to be asked. You don’t want to divulge any sensitive information to the groomsmen. Focus on favorites or memories that the groom would be ashamed to forget. And make sure to include a punishment for every wrong answer. This could be push-ups, laps, or any other embarrassing forfeit you can imagine.

    Cringe Karaoke

    Get the bride and bridesmaids to decide on a suitably cheesy love song for your groom to sing outside the bride’s door. Even get the groomsmen involved in the wailing. Don’t let them just mumble along. Get them to really go for it and insist they turn the volume up continually. The brides got to hear this display of affection loud and clear.

    Sweet, Sour, Bitter, and Spicy

    Every flavor will come up in a long-lasting marriage. This means the grooms got to be ready for each one when it comes. The groomsmen too for good measure. Set out dishes with each of these flavors and get them eating each one. Sauces are an easy one to find in each flavor. As well as fairly forgiving to get down. Flavor combinations can be added to drinks for a grosser task. Don’t be afraid to get nasty with it, as long as it’s safe to consume it can be on the table.

    The Brides Shoe

    Mix the bridesmaids and the bride’s shoes and present them to the groom. He sees his bride’s shoes every day at home but can he pick them out of a mix? If he picks them out correctly then it’s celebrations all around. But if he fails then the punishment is up to you. Make sure it’s humiliating. This is meant to be a test of devotion after all.

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    Sugared Donuts

    This one seems awfully pleasant to start with. Eat a few sugar-coated donuts. What could be hard about that? Well, the trick is no napkins and no licking your lips. Ensure all the guys are involved and get a load of donuts. And most importantly of all, make sure those donuts are absolutely caked in sugar. Plus, pumped with jam to ensure a big sticky mess when they’re done. This will prove to be unpleasant but hey, they get free donuts!

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    Sexy Dancing

    Dress the groom and groomsmen in leotards or ladies’ underwear. (Over their suits) And have them dance to the music of your choice. Make sure the bride can see the quality of his moves. Any upbeat, cheesy music is great for this so that they get moving. If this isn’t your style you could also opt for handing out afro wigs and putting on disco music. Any combination of outfits and music you’d prefer will work. And the entire saga must be on video.

    groom waits for bride during door game

    Groom waits for bride during door game – Photo by Jeremy Wong Weddings

    Wax Strips

    Plenty of woman wax on the regular but for men, it’s a one-off affair. So often women will take any chance they can get to inflict a wax strip on a man. Wedding door games are a perfect opportunity. Slap a strip on each of the men’s legs and leave them to their own devices remove it. Get the groom to open up his chest to the punishment and take pleasure in ripping it off for him. Or mix the two. As long as someones getting waxed it’s sure to be funny as well as a strong test of devotion.

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    Dry crackers

    Get them to eat a packet of dry crackers between them. No drinks until the end. Sounds easy until faced with the challenge. Your mouth immediately dries out and everything becomes a dense glue to chew through. Throw a timer into the mix for an added layer of difficulty. This is a really hard one to do and is unpleasant without causing actual pain. Great for someone who wants to honor the tradition without actually doing something mean to their partner. Although, it may put them off crackers for a while.

    Balloon popping

    The groom and groomsmen have to pop as many balloons as they can in a minute. The twist? They can only pop them against one another. Put each balloon in between a pair and see what they come up with. Thrusts. Headbutts. Extremely tight hugs, All manner of hilarity will ensue. This is one of our personal favorites because it’s purely comedic. No pain or discomfort for anyone involved. (Well unless they miss the balloon) It’s about keeping the fun tradition rather than truly testing your husband-to-be. The fact that someone can ensure mild pain does not prove them to be a good husband.

    Pass the Paper

    This game was originally done with a piece of dry seaweed but any thin, papery substance will work well. The aim of the game is for the guys to pass it down the line without dropping it. With their mouths. They have to suck in so that the paper stays in their mouth and then passes to the next man in the line. Who does the same? If it gets dropped it goes all the way to the beginning again. This is another one that absolutely needs to be recorded. If the men hadn’t got up close and personal already then they will have after this game.

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