12 Fascinating & Fun Wedding Food Ideas That You Will Love

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    If serving a traditional wedding breakfast isn’t your style, don’t worry. There are other alternatives, fun wedding food ideas that are wonderful (as well as economical).

    One characteristic of alternative weddings is the different catering, from food trucks, buffets, bars, canapés… There are lots of good ideas!

    All you have to do is choose the food you like and look for a unique way to present it. It can be at dinner time, as part of the cocktail, or a snack in the evening. Additionally, remember that the main thing is to choose delicious catering that you both love! So, make a note to do something unique.

    Alternative Wedding Food Ideas

    Below, you will find a range of fun, creative, and exciting ways to serve wedding food. Not all ideas are suitable for every wedding; however, you should take inspiration and customize them to suit your special day.

    family enjoys food at a wedding

    Fun Family Style Wedding Food – Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

    Family Style

    One way to serve wedding food today is by promoting interaction among loved ones. The table can be served in the middle, as long as there is a good team of professionals to avoid mess. With this option, each person can take the portion they want from the different dishes on the table: a leg dish, a salad dish; it depends on the menu you want to offer your guests.

    Food Stations

    It is an alternative where guests can taste dishes of different nationalities or that fit the style of your wedding, in small portions that will pleasantly surprise those attending your celebration. Some seasons will require the help of waiters and may need many dishes and cutlery. Don’t forget to get expert advice if you decide to go for this style.

    couple having photo taken in a food truck at a wedding

    Fabulous Food Truck at a wedding – Photo by One Wedding

    Food Trucks

    Food trucks, vans, or trolleys offering fast food are becoming more and more a part of weddings, especially those holding a more intimate ceremony with few guests. Furthermore, they have become one of the alternative ways to serve wedding food. Waffles, sandwiches, pancakes, ice cream, coffee, juice, grilled meat, among other menu ideas, are the order of the day. You can integrate them in any way you wish, for example: have them for a welcome cocktail, distribute the desserts, or as an open bar. Had you thought of something like this for the reception?

    Free Bars

    It is a value-added service offered by catering providers as an addition to food. Moreover, it consists of presenting a varied menu of drinks with or without alcohol, classic or original nomenclature prepared especially for the occasion. It is a space reserved within the decoration of the premises for a couple in charge of a barman and free service. The favorite of all guests, who do not hesitate to delight in refreshing and exotic drinks.

    Grazing Tables

    Grazing tables are perfect for weddings in the countryside! Think of long wooden tables filled with fresh local delicacies such as artisan cheeses, bread, and sausages, as well as fresh or dried figs, nuts, grapes, homemade cakes, gourmet sauces, and herb-infused olive oils. The food should be 100% fresh and delicious, while the displays should be perfect with many decorative elements such as wooden plates, slate signs, or decorations made of fresh flowers and vegetation.

    wedding cake and deserts on a table

    Desserts and Cakes at a wedding – Photo by One Wedding

    Candy Bar, Sweet Corner or Dessert Table

    Regardless of the place and season you choose to celebrate your wedding, offer your guests a variety of sweets. If you plan to include alternative and fun ways to serve food at your wedding, the sweet corner is ideal for getting your guests to come and taste the delicacies you have chosen for them. Choose petits fours and mini-sweets, macaroons, shots, ice cream, multi-colored fruits.


    Have you ever thought of a celebration that takes place at the end of the morning to offer your guests a delicious and original lunch, halfway between breakfast and lunch? Brunch is ideal for more intimate celebrations. It is suggested to start between 11 am and 1 pm. The brunch allows a more relaxed and cordial atmosphere among the guests and admits high doses of creativity when choosing the dishes. At the same time, it is generally a more economical menu option.


    In this type of service, the food will be distributed in the space set aside for the wedding at tables or buffets, where the guests will be served. They are very dynamic meals where the guests are in continuous movement, being able to choose what they like and repeat if they wish. The service you hire for the catering must guarantee that the food is always available at the buffets.


    If you want to leave aside the traditional banquet, do something innovative and present fun wedding food ideas, we have the perfect solution for you: show-cooking. What does it consist of? This is a type of cooking that involves preparing dishes in front of the guests. This allows the banquet to be much more dynamic and, of course, much more original. The guests can move to the place where the chef is preparing the food they want and watch how the professionals carefully prepare the dishes.

    Get in touch for more information on how we can help set up the perfect show cooking environment for your wedding day. We offer a range of wedding planner services to couples across the world.

    wedding cocktails

    Guests cheers with cocktails at a wedding – Photo by Kelly Sikkema


    It is a celebration in which there are no assigned tables for anyone, and the food is served by the waiters on trays or through buffet on tables that the guests can be served. Among the advantages of these ways of serving food for weddings, there is one that weighs above the rest, which is the possibility they offer the bride and groom to relate to their guests in a much more spontaneous and informal way. Many couples fear the cramping of traditional banquets, which to some extent relegate them to a table and a protocol that prevents them from freely alternating with all the guests.

    Food Boxes

    If you’re looking for an original and fun marriage, picnic-style marriages are IN. A characteristic feature of this type of picnic marriage is the simple but very exquisite menus. They can be placed in wicker baskets, baguettes, sandwiches, fruit, or typical products of the region, along with small desserts. Similarly, install some tables containing the drinks that can be natural juices, tea, or a traditional refreshing drink.

    From the Farm to the Table

    If you want to treat your guests, spoil them with freshly prepared food! Farm-to-table food is a global food trend that is now also popular at weddings! The focus is on fresh locally sourced ingredients, so many restaurants now offer unique and ever-changing menus with dishes prepared from their organic gardens. You will be serving your guests with the best quality food and also helping the local farmers.