4 Perfect Wedding Cake Shops, Bakers & Designers in Hong Kong

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    After the dress, the wedding cake is the biggest thing that needs to be chosen in time for the ceremony.

    Any old cake won’t do. This needs to be a monumental centerpiece. A feast for the eyes and the stomach. So where you get this masterpiece is very important.

    Cake shops are everywhere and Hong Kong is no different. Use this list of the best wedding cake shops in Hong Kong to decide where your all-important confection is coming from. Ms B’s Cakery.

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    Best wedding cake shops in Hong Kong

    This bakery creates more than just cakes. They make works of art. From ground-breaking flavors to magical sugar decorations. This place has it all. Including a madam butterfly cake with a fluttering butterfly perched on top. You don’t just have their designs to choose from. They’ll create a one-of-a-kind, bespoke cake. For your wedding and your wedding only.

    Choose from a seemingly unending list of flavors, colors, and shapes. As many tiers, decorations, and customization as you please. All delicately hand-crafted.

    Locations are scattered across Hong Kong and each one houses an expert team of cake bakers and decorators. Ready to make your dream cake a reality. Have the cake match the appliques on your gown. With them being recreated with sugar and fondant. Or transformed into chocolate creations. Maybe you want the cake to be a bold, stand-out piece. Keep the wedding decor muted with a bright accent color and have the cake be that daring hue. Everything and anything is possible here so get creative.

    The Cakery

    We should all watch what we eat. Our body is our temple after all. So for a more healthy option, visit The Cakery.

    They use nutritious, rich ingredients to create stunning cakes that look and taste just as good as their full-fat counterparts.

    Furthermore, they can cater to any sort of allergy or intolerance. Even if they typically ruin the taste of your food. Rest assured this world-class cakery will be able to create a mouth-watering cake with any specifications. Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, refined sugar-free.

    The list goes on and on. All their creations are lovingly decorated, Often with all-natural dyes. Creating gorgeous colors from mother nature. None of your guests will be able to tell that the decadent cake they’re feasting on is actually far healthier than they imagine. Once your guests find out that it’s completely guilt-free they’ll be ready for a few more servings. So make sure the cake you get is plenty big enough for all your guests to get their fill.

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    Find your dream wedding cake designer


    A towering, multi-tiered cake, covered in frosting and fondant, is typically what we all associate with weddings. But who made that a rule? If you’re looking for a different sweet centerpiece why not visit Sift.

    Sift will create a delicious display of cupcakes for your special day. In any flavor or color imaginable. The fact all the cakes are separate means that nothing is stopping you from having a multitude of different flavors at once. This is ideal for picky guests or a picky couple. No matter what, your guests will be able to enjoy a cake.

    The ratio of icing to the cake is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Even mix up the colors for a truly magnificent display.

    For anyone avoiding the traditional banquet, the ease of a cupcake is a great way to ensure a treat is available even when you’re not formally sitting down to eat. Guests can just grab a cake and go. Eat it stood up, even dancing. No plates or napkins are necessary.

    Different recipes can be implemented so there are free-from options available for those who want them. And full-fat options for the ones who don’t.


    This place became notorious after they created a life-sized, fully edible wedding dress. Complete with a bridal train. And all manner of tiny, sugar detailing. It was truly insane and put this place firmly on the map.

    For most, this sort of incredible artistry would be slight overkill. Not to mention hideously large for most weddings guest list. But this feat of cake engineering shows just how talented the staff at Cake2 are.

    For any outlandish, custom cakes, this is the place. They can create entirely edible and truly spectacular creations. And not just edible. Delicious. All manner of flavors are available. All sumptuous.

    Discuss with their expert designers what it is you want your cake to look like. Then be amazed by what they create. Exactly what you envisioned will be transformed into icing and sponge.

    Bow Artisan Cakery

    Not everyone wants to create a bespoke masterpiece. The vast array of choices can leave us with decision paralysis. Moreover, there are so many elements to a wedding that need to be planned and designed. Sometimes you need someone to do the hard work for you.

    Bow Artisan Cakery has a gorgeous array of clean, minimalist, and modern cake designs. All with several customization options to suit your wedding without giving you unnecessary amounts of stress during the process.

    They have enough options to provide the perfect cake and not enough to make the idea of choosing a task in and of itself. They steer clear of the traditional white and floral tiered cakes. And opt for geometric shapes, intriguing color combinations, and unusual patterns. So if your wedding will be a modern, elegant affair. With daring but muted choices. Then this is where your cake should come from.

    Bespoke options are available for anyone who seriously enjoys their work. But wants their own vision to come to life. You’ll have a selection of all the colors and shapes they incorporate into their work. And you can combine them in any way you see fit.

    Armed with this knowledge you’ll now be able to go out into Hong Kong and find your perfect wedding cake. Regardless of what style you’re going for. Or any dietary restrictions you may have. You’ll be able to choose or design the cake that is right for you.