Tree of Life Wax Seal

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Let your wedding invitations bloom with the enduring symbolism of the Tree of Life. Our hand-poured metallic wax seals, adorned with this timeless emblem, represent the strength, growth, and interconnectedness of your love story.


We believe your wedding day deserves a touch of magic. Our handcrafted wax seals, featuring the age-old symbol of life and future, add a unique and meaningful touch to your wedding invitations.

Choose the perfect wax seal to compliment your wedding invitation suite.

1.5" Diameter
Tree of Life

If you have any further questions about exact product specifications, materials used and/or printing processes, please get in touch via our support page.

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    You will receive your chosen quantity pack size of wedding wax seals. Each wax seal will have a self-adhesive applied to the back in order for you to use either on your invites or envelopes.

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    Step 1. Choose your color and your design and add to the cart.

    Step 2. Choose additional prints to complete your wedding invitation suite or add to your wedding decoration.

    Step 3. Complete checkout process.

    Step 4. Keep a look out for a an email from our team confirming your order is on the way.

    Step 5. Your design is created and shipped. Exciting!

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    Generally speaking, all orders will be processed within 12 hours with a design proof sent across within that period. Once the proof is confirmed, the design will be sent to print and usually shipped within 48-72 hours.