Cute Ways to Ask for Money as a Wedding Gift

Michael Bold
Written by Michael Bold · Posted in Gifts Last Updated May 15, 2023 · minute read

So, you’ve started to think about your wedding registry? And are looking for some cute ways to ask for money as a wedding gift rather than receiving some pots and pans you’ll never use.

Fear not, here at Story Amour we’ve got your back. Or should we say “back pockets”? No, we probably shouldn’t say that thinking about it!

It’s become more and more popular in recent times to forego the traditions of the past. Instead, couples just want straight-up dolla dolla bills y’all so they can enjoy a honeymoon, have experiences, or save for their future.

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Cute Ways to Ask for Money as a Wedding Gift – Photo by David Lindsley

In this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about cute ways of asking for money as a gift. From the reasons couples choose money over the alternatives to the polite and cute ways of wording your request. We’ll cover it all.

Having attended our fair share of weddings as guests we’ve seen this trend spreading like wildfire. We know that it’s the future so let’s get into it!

What are Wedding Gifts?

If you’ve ever attended a wedding you’ll already understand this peculiar tradition.

It’s a practice that dates back to around the 1920s. Guests you invite to your big day bring with them a gift that will help you in your married lives. These gifts would typically be things such as kitchenware, towels, bedding, maybe even a lawn mower. 

However, nowadays more and more couples live together before getting married. Chances are they’ve had one or more trips to IKEA or Bed Bath and Beyond in their time together. If they don’t already own at least one Ikea shopping bag they’re the exception to the rule.

Anyway, in the present day, it’s much more normal for guests to bring money or gift cards to the reception. These can then of course be spent in whatever way the couple sees fit.

Why would you ask for Money rather than Gifts?

The reasons some people may ask for money rather than gifts will vary from couple to couple. It will probably be influenced by how long they’ve been together, where they’re living, and how much stuff they already have.

However, it can also be to do with what they want to do post-wedding day. Let’s take a look at some of the popular reasons to ask for money over gifts.

Saving for a Home

As we’ve already touched on, a couple may have been living together for many years before getting married. That being said, that might have been in rented accommodation. Once they’re married they might have aspirations to own their own home. 

A financial boost by way of a cash wedding gift might give them that extra bit of money to put in their down payment. Alternatively and depending on how generous your guests are it could also contribute towards their closing costs on their new home.

Home Improvement Fund

Whether the happy couple owns their own home or are renting they may want to do some refurbishments. 

An injection of cash could help them pay for tradespeople to carry out some much needed sprucing up. 

Or it could allow them to go wild in the aisle at Home Depot finding that perfect shade of gray paint. It could be spent on a new bathroom or kitchen. The possibilities are endless.


Another popular choice by couples is to use the gifted money to help pay for their honeymoon. What would you rather have? A toaster and kettle or part payment towards an overall fund that will get you to the Maldives? If you said toaster…get outta here!

A honeymoon is a great way for a couple to relax after the stressful planning and preparation of a wedding. It also allows a couple to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Campervan Travel Fund

Asking for money from your guests might make your dream of owning a campervan a reality. You can use the money to create lasting memories as you travel all around the U.S. 

You’ll save on accommodation costs as well so might be able to class this as an extended honeymoon. We’re a big fan of using the money in this way.


For those who don’t require any gifts at all donating the money to charity could be the way to go. This is particularly pertinent if your family has been affected by a particular disease. It’s a great way to give back and make a difference in the lives of others who are less fortunate.

You could either ask guests to donate directly to the charities on your behalf. Or collect a large pot of money which you can forward to your chosen charity.

Best Ways to Politely Ask Your Guests for Money

We know what you’re thinking. Is it rude to ask guests for money? In our opinion no it isn’t. So long as you approach it in the right way. 

There are of course some do’s and don’ts of wedding registry etiquette for guests and the same applies to the couple getting married.

Here are some of the best ways to politely ask guests for money instead of traditional gifts.

Sign up for a Cash or Honeymoon Registry

The first thing you could look to do is to sign up for a cash or honeymoon registry. 

This will essentially give your guests a direct link to a place where they can contribute. This takes away some of that awkwardness and also prevents guests from bringing large sums of cash to your wedding. We’ve been at a wedding where the couple’s funds were stolen before and it wasn’t a nice thing to witness. 

Signing up for an online registry makes it super easy for your guests to play a part.

Include a Link to Your Website on Your Invitations

If you haven’t already chosen your wedding invitations you could look to include a link to your website here. 

You can simply include this on the main invite. However, depending on the size of the invitations you choose you may wish to include a separate business card sized piece as part of your suite. This will typically include your phone number, website, and email address. 

Your website can then include further details about your requests for money and why you’ve chosen to do this.

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Be Detailed about Your Plans

Guests will get a much better feeling if they know exactly where the money is going. So be clear from the start on your website and in person. 

Say for example you’re using it for a honeymoon. You could list all the expenses you expect to incur as well as costs for experiences you intend on taking part in whilst you’re there.

This will help them to see the bigger picture and why you’re asking your guests for some help.

Bring it up in Conversation

You’ll no doubt be inundated with questions about your wedding plans from friends and family. At the same time, you might get asked what you want as a wedding gift. This is the perfect opportunity to bring it up in conversation. 

Sell them on the idea of how cash will be loads better for you and your partner. Express to them how you don’t need those new kitchen appliances and would just prefer cash. 

We don’t think it’s rude telling the truth when it comes to this. Hopefully, whoever you’re talking to will understand and respect your wishes.

Ask Parents and Your Wedding Party to Tell Others

Much like the news of your engagement got out you can use your friends and family to your advantage. 

Tell them your wishes first and they should be more than happy to pass this information on to the wider group. This way you aren’t specifically asking your guests for money. 

Instead, your parents and wedding party could be telling people “Oh, Nikki and Brian just want money, they’re going backpacking in Europe and they think money will really help them to have the trip of a lifetime”.

Still Offer Alternatives

The most polite thing you can do is request money but never demand it. If your guests want to purchase you a physical item you should still let them. 

However, instead of those usual items that make up a wedding registry, you could include things you need for your honeymoon. 

Again let’s say you’re honeymooning in Europe, perhaps you need a new backpack or some new hiking shoes. You’re getting something you’ll actually use and probably would buy anyway. It’s a win-win.

Collect Cards on Your Wedding Day

You can really use your wedding signs to your advantage here. Rather than guests constantly asking your ushers where they should leave your wedding card (aka your money) you can direct them to the right area with signs.

Once there, couples usually opt for a mailbox style collection where guests can simply drop off their cards. This is a great way to avoid any awkwardness this process may otherwise create.

Cute Ways to Word Your Request for Monetary Gifts

Right, whichever method you use to politely ask your guests for money you may also need some help with the wording. So, here are some of our cute ways to ask for money as a wedding gift.

Obviously, each couple and their relationship with their guests will be different. Try to find something from our list that speaks to you and your sensibilities.

Try to be funny

Being a little cheeky and funny with your request for money instead of gifts is one option. 

Obviously, read the room. If some of your guests come across as a little serious maybe this isn’t the best option. 

Instead, reserve this method for people that you know will understand your humor.

  • Be punny or use clever wording. On your registry you could just have the tagline “There are some things money can’t buy. Fortunately our honeymoon isn’t one of them. Please help us on our way by contributing what you can”
  • You could include memes or gifs as part of your website. Perhaps Huell from Breaking Bad rolling in money would be quite appropriate?
  • What about something showing you’ve already got everything you need “We’ve already got enough pots and pans to rival Lowe’s. And don’t get us started on Travis’ garden tools collection. Straight up we prefer cash”
  • “Getting us a gift? It’s cash only (wink emoji)

Use poetry

Another cute little way to ask for money as a wedding gift is by using a poem or two.

Obviously, your poem will be unique to you as a couple. Alternatively, you could look for some ready made poems online.

If you are coming up with your own then there are still a few key pieces of information we think you should include.

  • Don’t make it too long, you want your invitees to get to the end without getting bored, don’t you?
  • Attempt to clearly convey what it is you’re after.
  • Explain why money will be so much more useful to you.
  • Speak about how the things you’ll do with the money will impact your life. For example, if you’re going on a Safari tell your guests how this has always been a shared dream of yours.
  • Express your gratitude for their presence at your wedding. Thank them in advance for their gift of cash.

Tell your story

No matter which cute way you ask, we think that telling your story is essential. Doing this in video form is the way to go in our opinion. If you aren’t handy with a camera and editing you could even hire a pro videographer. This will also be a great thing for you to look back on as a couple.

In this video, you could share what your partner means to you and what you’ll do if you get cash gifts. 

This will really speak to your guests in ways you can’t imagine. For example, if you’re saying things like “We’d love cash gifts so we can put a deposit down on a house and start a family” it’ll really tug on the heartstrings.

Much like the poem idea, we think you should make it short and snappy. No more than 2 minutes in our opinion. You could also overlay pictures and video clips from your pre-wedding shoot. You two appearing so happy together will be impossible for your guests to resist.

Don’t demand money on your invites

It isn’t the done thing to ask for money on your invites. Or gifts at all for that matter. 

Instead, you should include a website URL to your wedding registry. Here you can explain more about your intentions and why you prefer cash over gifts.

You want to spark joy and excitement in your invitees. If you demand money on your invite you can take some of the shine off this experience for them. You might go as far as to put some guests off and that’s the last thing you want.

Show your gratitude for their gift

As part of your wedding stationery checklist you’ll likely be sending out thank you cards after the wedding. Here is a great opportunity to let all your guests know how important their gift was.

At the same time, you could start your own Instagram account just to document your experience. Say for example you use the money for a honeymoon. Your guests will be so pleased to see their monetary gift bringing you so much joy. You could even shout them out in the posts saying something like “No of this would have been possible without the kindness of our wonderful wedding guests”

Wrapping Up

Whilst it isn’t rude or uncommon anymore to ask for money as a wedding gift we still think there are some protocols to follow.

Number one, don’t demand or expect anything. If one of your guests wants to buy you a physical gift, let them. It’s not worth the debate. Trust us! It’s the same as at Christmas when people ask what you want and you say money and they look at you as though you’ve gone mad.

That being said, as long as you thoroughly explain your reasons for preferring money over gifts the majority of guests should get on board.

Of course, you should also go out of your way to express your gratitude for all your gifts no matter how small. 

At the same time prove to your guests that their money is being well spent. They’ll love to see and hear about those renovations you’ve had or that epic Safari honeymoon you went on.

So don’t delay. Get in there as early as possible so that Auntie Claire doesn’t buy you that awful toaster.