The Very Best Bridal Subscription Boxes of 2023

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    Let’s get real for a hot minute, planning a wedding can be blinking stressful can’t it?! And guess what? a lot of that stress falls on the shoulders of the bride.

    So, if you’re a husband-to-be, a wife-to-be or you’ve just been made chief bridesmaid we think it’s time to treat that special someone in your life. Luckily we’re here to help you find the best bridal subscription boxes out there!

    Equally, maybe you’re a bride that’s been searching for the perfect pick-me-up to keep you excited throughout your engagement period or on track with your planning. We think this post will be perfect for you. Treat yourself, we think you’ve earned it!

    In this article, we’ll take you through our picks of some of the best bridal subscription boxes and explain the reasons they’ve made the list. We’ll also provide you with a buyer’s guide which will help you find the one most suitable for you or your bride.

    Not only do we have 15 years of experience in the wedding industry but one of our colleagues recently used a bridal subscription service for the 12 months leading up to their wedding.

    We sat down with them and asked them about the pros and cons of signing up and what they loved, hated and rated about the experience. This gave us a great insight into the way it made this particular bride feel every time that new box arrived in the post.

    It was fascinating to get a real bride’s perspective on their experience and we couldn’t wait to share our findings with you, our readers.

    What we’ll cover in this article

    • What you need to know about bridal subscription boxes
    • Our list of the best boxes for brides-to-be
    • Buyers guide for bridal subscription boxes what to look out for
    • What do people usually ask about subscription boxes?

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    Best Bridal Subscription Boxes 2023

    What is a bridal subscription box?

    We all know about those food delivery kits that give you just the right amount of ingredients to make a meal, don’t we? Or those fashion boxes that allow you to try before you buy and return what you don’t want? Well in recent years bridal subscription boxes have also really taken off.

    With shipping over 700,000 bridal boxes to happy brides it’s easy to see that this is fast becoming a hot trend and one we had to investigate for ourselves.

    Think of bridal subscription boxes as recreating that joy you’d get in the build-up to Christmas opening your advent calendar. They’re not delivered once a day of course! We think that would be a bit OTT. No! Instead, they’re usually delivered once a month in the build-up to your big day.

    Many of the companies who made our list of the best bridal subscription boxes tailor the delivery to your wedding date. This means you’ll have regular deliveries all the way up to the big day.

    The boxes are typically filled with gifts that brides-to-be will absolutely love, things like wedding-themed mugs, t-shirts and stationary. Others will come with beauty products, party supplies and planning tools.

    They make for a great gift whether you’re buying it for a bride or you’re the bride yourself and just looking for some self-care. They’ll go a long way to keeping excitement high and provide a short distraction from the stresses of planning a wedding. What’s not to love!?

    How we rated the subscriptions

    As with every product review we undertake, we commit hours and hours to researching the very best products for our readers. Finding the best bridal subscription boxes was no different and we really enjoyed piecing it all together.

    As we’ve said, one of our colleagues recently used a bridal subscription box for her own wedding. This gave us a unique perspective from the eyes of a real bride on what to look out for from the companies in the industry.

    We knew what she liked and disliked about the boxes she received and we hope that evidenced-based fact-finding comes across in our analysis.

    We also have 15 years of experience in the wedding industry as well as a graphic design and website building background. This helped us to assess the aesthetic qualities of the products within the boxes and also the user interface of the company’s websites.

    Hopefully this approach means we are giving you the perfect analysis of the best boxes out there but also the brands that are easiest to order from.

    How we created our list of the best bridal subscription boxes

    With each bridal subscription box provider, we looked into what they offer for their customers in terms of:

    • The products that are included in the boxes vs the cost
    • Inclusivity
    • The costs involved and value for money
    • Boxes we’ve used ourselves and know brides love
    • The quality of the items included
    • We worked our way through hundreds and hundreds of reviews to find out what the companies are good at and not so successful at
    • We also looked to Instagram and the tagged section of each company to watch unboxing videos and get a flavour of real brides’ reactions to receiving their bridal boxes

    When looking for the businesses we add to our list we like to see the quality of their reviews. From this, we can gauge their effectiveness to deliver great customer service as well as get further insight into how happy customers are with their product.

    We search on Trustpilot, Facebook and Google to find verified purchases so we can provide you with real reviews by real customers.

    We also reach out to customers who have tagged the products to ask their opinion on their purchases.

    If we couldn’t find reviews from these sources we list them in our analysis of that bridal box supplier as “not enough data to meet our criteria”. The reason we still include them is that they will have other qualities that we think our readers will appreciate. We think this transparent approach is best for all when we review a product.

    We’ve done a lot of research so that you don’t have to, apart from reading our amazing round-up of course! So you can rest assured this is the most comprehensive list of the best bridal subscription boxes out there.

    Our list of the best bridal subscription boxes

    You’ll find our list of the best bridal subscription boxes below. Hopefully, it will help you in deciding the best fit for your needs.

    Whether you’re buying it for yourself, your bride-to-be or you’re a bridesmaid looking for the perfect gift there are lots of choices available.

    Just a note, prices, shipping and discounts are correct at the time of writing the article and may have changed.

    So, who made our list and why? Read on to find out.

    Editors choice and very highly rated on Trustpilot

    Price guide: from $37 per box

    Offers: $5 off your first box + free name change kit worth $40 or $30 shop credit

    Rating: 4.7/5 based on 9920 reviews on Trustpilot

    Same-sex friendly?: Mrs/Mrs friendly

    Plan length options: monthly, every 2 months, every 3 months

    Free shipping?: No. $7.99 to most states & Canada. Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Australia $14.99. UK $10.99.

    Accolades: #1 bridal subscription box Wedding Wire, The Knot and Brides

    Cancellation policy: cancel anytime with no fees (48hrs before the next payment)

    Our Review

    This service really stood out to us when doing our research, in particular for its high rating on Trust Pilot. Close to ten thousand reviews at the time of writing and with an average score of 4.7 out of 5 you know that you’re in safe hands getting your bridal subscription box from Miss To Mrs.

    Just look at this glowing review from Meghan. She emphasised how much the boxes helped her to get excited about planning her big day and at the same time relieve stress.

    She said “I was really excited to see what would be in my box and I was definitely not disappointed. As a bride-to-be for more than two years and a little less than a year to go, boxes like this get me all excited again for planning our big day and not be stressed out about it.

    Like we’ve said they can be the perfect little de-stressing tool. It’s the number one thing our colleague said to us as well. She told us each month it served as a short distraction from the hectic planning.

    Meghan went on to say “The hat will be perfect for my bachelorette party as we will be heading to a baseball game for a day.”

    This is what they’re all about for us. I mean, who doesn’t look forward to presents arriving every month tailored specifically for you! We think it’s super cool that they also provide items like hats and accessories that show off your soon-to-be change of title.

    Good to know

    Miss to Mrs provide a range of themed boxes too such as “ultimate bridal swag”, “maximum romance” and “keep calm and plan on” to name just a few. The sequence of delivered boxes is geared towards your journey to becoming a Mrs and where you’re at in your planning stages.

    Their boxes are also gender-neutral without any groom-specific items so ideal for both Mr and Mrs couples as well as Mrs and Mrs.

    Their 3 plan options make it super easy to choose the one for your circumstances. You can choose between receiving a box once a month, once every 2 months or once every 3 months.

    Month by month

    They say that the monthly plan is best for those getting married relatively soon, say within a year. This means you get a box each month leading up to the big day.

    Receiving a box every 2 months

    They recommend the every 2-month plan for those getting married within the next 1-2 years. This spreads your box delivery over a greater time frame and it changes to monthly as you get closer to the wedding date.

    Maybe every 3 months suits your schedule better?

    Their every 3-month plan is best for those getting married in 2-3 years’ time. Again it spreads them over more months and changes to monthly as you approach the big day.

    All their bridal subscription boxes cancel automatically after the wedding date so there’s nothing left to do but put your feet up and enjoy married life.

    Check out this unboxing video from Jessie Cali. It shows the attention to detail that Miss to Mrs provides their brides with as well as giving you an insight into what you might receive in your first box.

    Best for standalone boxes

    Price guide: $49.95

    Offers: Not listed on the website at the time of writing

    Rating: 278 5-star reviews on their website

    Same-sex friendly?: Yes select at checkout

    Plan length options: 1 box per month for 10 months

    Free shipping?: No and USA only. We ran a test for a New York address and it came out at $6.95

    Accolades: As seen in Cosmopolitan, The New York Times, The Knot, Bride and Glamour

    Cancellation policy: No cancellation fee but must cancel by the 26th of the month or you’ll continue to receive the boxes

    Our Review

    Maeven says that each of their boxes contains 6-8 items with a retail value of over $120 per box. This is a great saving compared to if you purchased all the items separately. At the same time, it obviously saves you hours sourcing items and creating gorgeous packaging.

    When you sign up to Maeven you’ll first receive the exclusive Maeven Signature Box that they say includes all the big day essentials.

    Their Maeven Signature Box includes the following:

    • Keepsake Box
    • Custom Stemless Champagne Flutes
    • Weekly Planner
    • Acrylic Ring Box
    • Vow Books Set
    • Long Bar Necklace
    • Love Balloon

    Worth it?

    We think this is a great first box and we like that they tell you what’s inside. Some of the others on this list don’t tell you and we like that transparency with your first order.

    Yeh, we think it’s great to get surprises but maybe if you’re buying it for someone else it’s best to know what’s included. Check out this unboxing video by Ashley Kristine so you can see what arrives in the mail.

    As well as bridal subscription boxes Maeven also offer one-time gift boxes. These make great gifts as standalone purchases or to supplement a bridal box subscription for any bride-to-be.

    They have 8 different one-time gift boxes to choose from ranging in price from $34-$384 so something for everyone.

    There is a wide variety of choices and they even have bridesmaid proposal boxes for those brides out there looking to treat their nearest and dearest.

    One thing we’ve talked about a lot in this blog post is how these boxes can add to the excitement of the big day.

    Think of your boxes being like an advent calendar for little children. Nicole who left a review for Maeven seems to agree with us. She said “This subscription box has been the most amazing decision I made! I love waiting every month for my next box to come in with new and exciting things I can use throughout this process!”

    Nicole clearly treated herself to a subscription and didn’t regret her decision for one second. She goes on to say “I am 4 boxes in and cannot wait for the next few months to see what else I’ll get. I can’t highly recommend enough!”

    Original and Most experienced

    Price guide: from $34.99

    Offers: BRIDE22 for 30% off your first box

    Rating: 4.92 out of 5 based on 1002 reviews

    Same-sex friendly?: Yes

    Plan length options: 3,6,9 and 12-month plans

    Free shipping?: No. Ships within 3 business days. They ship to all 50 states in the USA and Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, U.S. Territories/military bases and Canada.

    Accolades: Featured on NBC, CBS, FOX, USA Today, The Knot, and Wedding Chicks

    Cancellation Policy: You can cancel anytime.

    Our Review

    With over 500,000 brides having signed up for The Bride Box over the years this is clearly one of the most experienced bridal subscription boxes out there. They’ve got over 9 years in the game starting their business in 2013 and claim to be the original monthly subscription box for brides-to-be.

    Each of their boxes includes between 5-8 wedding-related items ranging from planning tools, wedding day essentials and decor accessories to name just a few.

    Their Instagram account is a great resource for checking out the quality products that real brides have received. We loved browsing their tagged section and seeing that they have so many happy brides-to-be on their roster who were over the moon with their delivery each month.

    Whilst the idea is obviously to sign up for the subscription you can also purchase a one-time box. This is a great idea to give someone as a gift, they can see if they like the idea of it without committing to a 12-month subscription.

    They also have options like “the beach bride box” which are separate from their subscription service. This could be the ideal gift to accompany the subscription or as a standalone box for those having a coastal wedding.

    We also found out that the final box they deliver has items that are useful well after the wedding.

    They include items like towels and candles adorned with slogans such as “home sweet home”, “live, laugh love” etc which we think is super cute! Every time you see these items you’ll be instantly taken back to the feeling of joy from your wedding day.

    Kayla said, “I ordered the 12-month subscription for my friend. The items she received in her first box were outstanding!! She was very excited” We love this! A bridal subscription box makes such a wonderful and thoughtful gift for the bride-to-be.

    All the bridesmaids could band together which is a great way to spread the cost. Equally, we’ve heard of people signing up anonymously so the bride is in total shock as to who has been sending these cute boxes each month.

    Couples choice award 2 years running on Wedding Wire

    Price guide: $14 – $39.95 dependent on plan length

    Offers: The first box is more than 50% off

    Rating: Rated 4.7 out of 5 on Facebook with 1355 reviews.

    Same-sex friendly?: Yes select at checkout

    Plan length options: month by month or 3,6,9,12 months

    Free shipping?: No. Added at checkout location dependent. $7.95 for U.S. $15.95 for international

    Accolades: Couples choice awards 2021 and 2022 Wedding Wire

    Cancellation Policy: Cancel before the 15th of the month. $25 cancellation fee for any 3,6,9,12 month plan

    Our Review

    The Ring Boxes is a family-owned business run by Kevin and Antoinette. With over 700,000 boxes shipped to happy brides around the world, it’s easy to see why they’ve made our list.

    Antoinette started the business because of a passion for showering her engaged friends with gifts. She found that purchasing all the items separately was a costly experience so set up The Ring Boxes to provide a much more affordable solution. At the same time, she recognised that being able to purchase curated boxes would make the whole process a lot easier for others too.

    They say on their site “The Ring Boxes is all about providing joy to brides and giving them gifts that not only make them smile but also add value and precious memories to their engagement”.

    We feel that joy as well from reading the countless reviews, brides simply can’t wait to receive their next delivery. One bride said “love these boxes so much it makes me more excited to receive them than planning the actual wedding”

    Check out this 6 years in the business celebratory video we spotted on their Instagram account. It just shows the work, effort and dedication they’ve put into the business to provide the best possible service for their brides-to-be.

    This unboxing video gives you a really good idea of what you can expect to receive. Their aim is to each month arrange a new themed box such as “I said YES”, “Bridal Shower Ready”, “Big Day Essentials” and “Honeymooners”. They fill each box with must-have bridal products to prepare you for the big day and they look like they have a lot of happy customers eager to rave about their deliveries on social media.

    They have 5 options to choose from which makes them a really flexible choice when choosing who to go with.

    You can either try it out for one month and see if you like it or sign up for one of their monthly options of receiving a box once a month for 3,6,9 or 12 months.

    Most expensive but also luxurious

    Price range: $84 – $199

    Offers: Not listed on the website at the time of writing

    Rating: Not enough data to meet our criteria

    Same-sex friendly?: Yes

    Plan length options: Ready to ship

    Free shipping?: Yes. USA including Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska

    Accolades: Trusted by Bloomingdale’s, Weddingwire and Kate Spade New York as well as many others

    Cancellation policy: One-time purchase

    Our Review

    Whilst Marigold and Grey don’t strictly offer a subscription service we simply had to include them on our list for a few reasons.

    • They’re some of the most luxurious boxes on our list
    • You don’t have to subscribe
    • More sophisticated items

    We found that they presented some of the best options for one-time purchase gift boxes.

    The boxes are really luxurious and there are 17 options available from the “Future Mrs Box”, through to the “Self Care Sunday box”, they have everything covered.

    One of their boxes that stood out, in particular, was the “Bride Unwind” box. This includes all the essentials to make any pre-wedding stresses melt away.

    There’s no getting away from it. This is one of the more expensive boxes on our list coming in at $199 but we think the luxurious items speak for themselves. Here are just some of the contents you could expect to receive if you ordered the “Bride Unwind” box.

    Bride Unwind Box Contents
    • Plum Pretty Sugar Knee-Length Robe in Bee Side. You choose the size before adding the box to your cart
    • Large Linen Hatbox with Lid
    • Spongelle Body Buffer in Honey Blossom Scent
    • Rose Water Toner
    • Silk Eye Mask in Ivory
    • Luxury Soy Candle in Rosewater Scent

    You also have the option to customise a handwritten note with 150 characters of your choice. This will ensure the bride-to-be will know exactly how much she means to you and why you’re gifting her this set.

    Go to their Instagram and check out the countless unboxing videos in their highlights to see the amazing quality of their boxes.

    They offer more than just bridal boxes as well so you can go back time and time again when you’re stuck for the perfect gift.

    Best for site wide discounts

    Price range: From $35.95 a month for 8 months

    Offers: Members save 25%

    Rating: Not enough data to meet our criteria

    Same-sex friendly?: Yes

    Plan length options: A box per month for 2,3,4,6 or 8 months

    Free shipping?: Free worldwide shipping

    Accolades: Non that we could find

    Cancellation policy: No hassle cancellation

    Our Review

    One of the main reasons The Paisley Box made our list is because of their site-wide discount when you join their subscription service.

    There are lots of additional bridal apparel available on their website like this cute Brides Babes Jean Jacket that would make a great photo with all the bridesmaids.

    There are 8 themed bridal subscription boxes to choose from:

    • Engagement Box
    • The White Box
    • Wedding Day Box
    • Honeymoon Box
    • Newlyweds Box
    • Bachelorette Box
    • Ring Bearer Box
    • Flower Girl Box

    If you sign up for the 2,3,4 or 6-month subscription you get to choose from the 8 options which boxes you would like. However, if you go for the 8-month subscription you’ll receive all of the boxes listed above.

    You can choose the bride’s top and robe size, the flower girl’s age, and the partnership type to make sure the boxes are perfect for the bride-to-be.

    They say that their boxes contain 4-6 items that cost a lot more than the price of a subscription.

    The products they use in their boxes are selected from the high-quality items they sell in their online store. With free worldwide shipping included, it’s not hard to see why The Paisley Box made our list.

    Why you should trust us

    We have a lot of experience within the wedding industry, we love all things weddings! We’ve done the research around the best bridal subscription boxes to save you time and effort. No one likes scrolling through hundreds upon hundreds of reviews and finding what’s out there, except us of course!

    We like to bring the best deals and value-for-money options to our readers.

    With over 15 years of experience in the wedding industry and a background in graphic and web design, we feel we are well-placed to spot the good products from the bad.

    Not only that but we pride ourselves on our extensive research skills. These have been developed over a 20-year period from first writing dissertations for a Master’s Degree in Fine Art to later writing copy for some of the wedding industry’s finest.

    The research really matters to us at Story Amour and each article we put out is thoroughly scrutinised by our lead editor.

    What to look for when choosing your bridal box

    How often are they delivered?

    They’ll typically deliver a maximum of 12 boxes in total. However, say you’re getting married in 2 years’ time they might arrange it so you get your new box every 2 months rather than monthly.

    This ensures you keep the excitement of receiving your new boxes right up to the wedding day.

    Can you just buy one box?

    Lots of companies also offer stand-alone gift boxes if you’d rather not commit to a subscription. Whichever route you go for and if you’re buying them as a gift your bride-to-be will adore you forever. They make great gifts for a bridesmaid to give to a bride and they’re something unique that might not be on the wedding registry.

    How do you know if they’re any good?

    Well, hopefully, you’ve read our reviews to find out! We read through lots of reviews when compiling our list.

    From this, we could gauge how pleased brides were with what they received in their boxes. We also watched lots of unboxing videos on Instagram and there were very few disappointed with their products.

    If we’re talking about the box itself, a good subscription box is one that provides brides with items they didn’t know they needed. One that costs less than it would cost to purchase the items individually. And one that tailors the delivery to the wedding date.

    How do I choose?

    Everyone is different so this is ultimately going to come down to your personal preference.

    What we liked were the companies that weren’t shy about showing off their past boxes. We also liked it when they showed some of the items they would be including in future boxes.

    Yes, it’s nice to get surprises once in a while but we also think it’s good to know some of the staples you’ll receive along the journey.

    Another factor to consider is budget, you should look into the price per box and account for postage on each box delivery. Your budget will also affect the plan length you choose and will obviously be cheaper to subscribe for 2 months rather than 10.

    How does it work?

    Ordering a bridal subscription box is really quite straightforward. On most but not all the websites you enter the wedding date. This will give you a guide for how often the boxes will be delivered.

    You then select the subscription length you want, whether it be, 3,6,,9 or 12 months you choose. This will inevitably affect the cost of the subscription.

    Then you pay for the subscription, and put your feet up knowing that you’ve sorted a gift for the bride. Or you’re the bride yourself and you relax knowing your first self-care package will be with you shortly.

    What to check for?

    Whilst we have presented a comprehensive article here for you we also recommend you take a look at the businesses yourself.

    Everyone has different aesthetic tastes and sensibilities so check their websites and Instagram accounts to see if their products are a good fit.

    Equally, we found that a lot of the suppliers on this list were offering discount codes at the time of writing. It’s worth checking their websites or voucher websites if budget is a concern to you.

    If you wanted to try before you buy you could always go with someone like Maeven who allow you to cancel straight away any time.

    This way you’ll get a chance to see the box for yourself and you can then decide if you want to continue your subscription or not. They ship “The Maeven Signature Box” within 1-4 business days so you’ll soon be able to see it.

    Notable mentions

    One bridal subscription box that we found that nearly ticked all the boxes was the Blushing Bride Box. The only down side we found is that they’re based in the U.K. and ordering from them will incur a rather large shipping cost.

    That being said their price is quite reasonable with each box coming in at just £22.99 which is $28 at the time of writing. That makes it the cheapest box on our list.

    They handpick items each month to create their award winning boxes. Our opinion is that they look like really high quality boxes but we understand that shipping fee will put some off.

    However, if you live in the U.K. or are maybe thinking of travelling there for a vacation they could be the perfect option with postage costing just £3.

    FAQ’s about bridal subscription boxes

    Are they worth it?

    Financially yes! The total cost usually comes in much cheaper than if you were to buy all the products individually. You can’t really put a price on making the bride-to-be feel amazing, can you? Which is how they’ll feel each time one of these boxes arrives in the mail.

    Our opinion is that they’re a really good way to think outside the box (excuse the pun) and provide your bride with a unique gift each month.

    If you’re a bride looking for some self-care again, absolutely worth it. They can be a great way to give you a little pick-me-up along your engaged-to-married journey. And who would turn that down?!

    When should you subscribe?

    When you subscribe will largely depend on when your wedding is and the spacing you want between each box arriving. With the Miss to Mrs box in our list, they have a handy guide once you input your wedding date.

    It will however largely come down to personal preference. Do you want to wait until a year before your wedding so that you can get a box each month in the build-up? Or if your wedding is two years away do you want to receive one box every two months?

    Equally, if you’re a bridesmaid looking for a last-minute gift do you want to purchase a standalone box?

    What is typically included?

    We found the following items came up regularly with all the suppliers that made our list:

    • Journals
    • Diaries
    • Pens
    • Countdown calendars
    • Flasks
    • Water bottles
    • Aprons
    • Towels
    • Champagnes flutes
    • Cake toppers
    • Wedding themed socks
    • Ring dish
    • Vow book
    • T-shirts
    • Mugs
    • Hats

    How much do bride subscription boxes cost?

    The price you end up paying for your bridal subscription will largely depend on the plan length you choose. Are you going to go for 2 months or 12 months?

    We found that they work out to be between $35-$50 per box so $420 total at the lower end and $600 at the higher end.

    We also found that it can be more expensive to purchase stand alone boxes with the boxes coming in anywhere between $84 and $199.

    In addition to that with most of the businesses on our list postage is added on to each delivery. are the only ones who offer free worldwide shipping.

    So should you get a bridal subscription box or not?

    Whilst bridal subscription boxes are by no means an essential item on your journey to married life we do think they make a great addition. Plus who doesn’t love getting nice presents in the mail?!

    They can help with planning, de-stress a bride-to-be and simply make for a great gift idea that wasn’t on the gift registry.

    We think you should consider the type of bride you’re buying for and think about what they like and dislike? Once you’ve figured that out, try and match that to one of the suppliers on our list.

    Subscription boxes won’t be for everyone but that being said you could always opt for a single gift box. We think these are great presents that enhance the experience and anticipation of the big day.

    So what are you waiting for? Get signed up today and start receiving your super cool wedding merch!

    Just a note: Story Amour is in no way affiliated with the links on this page. We are simply highlighting some of the best places to find the games. We DO NOT receive any commission from the links you click.