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No matter how many weddings we plan, and how many amazing special days we get to cover, we still come back to one simple goal. Delivering the absolute perfect wedding day to all our couples.

Whether you are getting married in a lavish, well-acclaimed wedding venue, or a boutique intimate hotel, we will go above and beyond to deliver your ideal wedding day.

Below you will find a selection of testimonials from couples where we have been their wedding planners. Take a look at their thoughts below.

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10 out of 10. If we could say 11 we would. Fantastic customer service and a really professional all-round team. Highly recommend. Charlie & Ella

Caroline and Ayden

“Story Amour, you guys rock! We would have never gotten through our wedding day without you calming us and taking absolute control of every single detail and situation in the most professional and friendly manner.

We are delighted we chose you to plan and design our wedding day, and to this day it has been the best decision we have ever made. Thank you for all you did for us!”

Nova and Wesley

“I am still not sure how we’ve gotten so lucky to book Story Amour for our wedding day, but it is the sole reason why our wedding was so fabulous.

They were absolutely amazing and great to work with, and it was just a pure pleasure to watch them do their job with such an amount of passion.

It was incredible for us to have someone as excited about our wedding day as us, but they really treated us as friends and we could tell they are giving their best to ensure every detail of our wedding day is perfect.

With them in charge of our whole wedding, our family, friends, even bridesmaids, could relax and just enjoy our celebration. We would highly recommend them to every couple!”

Diana and Luca

“We wish to thank you guys for the fantastic job you did with our wedding decor and vendor help. We are so happy with every detail you created and the flawless execution of the whole celebration.

Our friends and families were so impressed by how the wedding turned out to be matching our personalities and how every aspect of our special day revolved around our journey together.

Thank you once again for the fantastic service you provided.”

Emilia and Vincent

“We live in Hong Kong, but we chose to be married in Paris. Needless to say, this was a big project, but with Story Amour, the whole experience was easy and stress-free for us.

We can just imagine the amount of work they’ve done to make our wedding as exceptional as it was. Besides organizing the wedding decor and styling, they also took upon themselves to make the travel arrangements and hotel booking as well as scout for many different vendors in Paris. This just shows how skillful they are to be able to organize a perfect wedding so far from home.

We wholeheartedly recommend them to all that dream of a destination wedding. With Story Amour, this would be an incredible and enjoyable journey.”

Kennedy and Damian

“I was always organized and punctual, but when I started to plan our wedding, soon enough, I was feeling overwhelmed. I never imagined I would need help from a wedding planner.

When we first met with the team, I was skeptical, but when I saw how understanding they are about the obstacles I encountered and when we saw their amazing sense of style, I was comfortable about leaving our wedding with the people highly skilled in wedding planning. From then on, they organized every part of our wedding notifying us about every single change regularly.

The wedding day was even more beautiful than I could have imagined and I will never regret hiring them to organize our celebration.

Thank you, Story Amour, for being my saving grace and giving us the most memorable wedding.”

Samantha and Ryker

“Story Amour was everything we have been looking for in a wedding planner and more.

During our initial consultation, they quickly understood all our requirements and needs and provided stunning ideas perfectly matching our styles.

As my husband was not familiar with the Hong Kong wedding traditions, they were incredibly patient in explaining every custom step by step and their vast knowledge put us at ease considerably.

On our wedding day, the team was very professional, and we were amazed at their apparent attention to detail as everything was just perfect. Even when some unexpected issues came up during our wedding day, they were quick on their feet and able to improvise the perfect solution without us even noticing. It was evident that they do their job with the highest level of passion and dedication. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to all we know.”

Maya and Tristan

“Story Amour created the most beautiful wedding for us. Their team helped polish out our initial idea of our wedding, as well as contact the vendors and take care of the logistics.

They were an invaluable source of help and guidance throughout it all, and they were respectful of our budget.

We were lucky to have them plan our wedding day and just have the luxury to relax and soak in the good atmosphere of our celebration.

Our wedding day was perfect, and it certainly wouldn’t be without the help of Story Amour wedding planning and design team. We highly recommend them to any prospective couple.”

Willow and Brandon

“From the second we met the guys at Story Amour we knew we were going to get along well. Their friendly and calm demeanor gave us a sense of experienced professional adamant in making our dreams come true in a relaxed and enjoyable way. They were very honest about what we can expect to achieve with our budget and great in explaining to us the reasons. It was amazing how every detail they presented to us was exactly what we wanted.

Our ceremony and the venue for our reception were stunning, and everything went out without a problem. Being surrounded by such gorgeous decor made our wedding day look like a dream.

Thank you so much, Story Amour, for giving us the most beautiful celebration.”

Naomi and Kevin

“The moment they took the whiteboard out with their ideas for our wedding day, we knew that booking them was the BEST DECISION EVER! The amount of detail, the color palette that was on that storyboard blew us away, and what was even better, every design told the story of our love entirely. Before we met the team, we didn’t even know design can make for such a storytelling effect.

Besides the decor, the level of organization and logistics they completed for our wedding was incredible. They scheduled every single thing up to a minute and made sure the wedding went accordingly. Of course, they executed the day perfectly, and we could just sit back, relax, and enjoy our day.

We highly recommend Story Amour, the best wedding planners in the world.”

Aaliyah and Luis

“It was impossible not to learn about the Story Amour wedding planning and design studio from the moment we went internet hunting for a perfect wedding planner.

Hong Kong was our destination wedding location, and we were a bit unfamiliar with the venues and vendors in the city. Story Amour took care of basically every aspect of our wedding.

Besides finding the perfect venue, perfect suppliers, and creating a stunning design, they arranged all the transportation for both our guests and us, from/to airport transfer and hotel bookings. They also gathered all documentation needed for the signing and coordinated the vendors for us, keeping everything within our budget.

Thanks to them, we had a perfect destination wedding that went smoothly and without any unneeded stress. We highly recommend them.”

Sarah and George

“Story Amour studio is an example of what you get when you pair the highest quality service and professionalism with incredible talent and creativity.

We were flabbergasted about everything they accomplished to make our wedding day truly exceptional. There was nothing for us to do than sit back and relax, knowing we would have the most exceptional wedding day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are the greatest!

We had dreamt about our wedding day for the last 4 years since getting engaged and Story Amour allowed our dreams to come true. Julie & Michael

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