Our Team

Hong Kong’s Best Planning Team

Let us introduce you to the dreamers, the artists, the genius minds that birth the most exceptional design
ideas. A team who is always on time and abreast of planning stages, ensuring every detail and part of your wedding day breathes
excellence and perfection. We present to you our Hong Kong wedding planning team.

headshot of joanne


Creative Director

Often referred to as the Van Gogh of wedding design. Our creative director will paint your wedding in magical shades and textures you didn’t know existed.

As a chief designer, offering endless inspiration, she can create the unimaginable. Furthermore, she is a source of unfailing motivation and always strives for perfection.

Moreover, as one of the most experienced members of our team, her journey to designing exceptional weddings started over a decade ago. As a result, she takes only the best of every wedding trend established over the years and creates a stunning combination of styles and emotions. In conclusion, her artistic professional approach gives our couples a wedding straight out of a fairy tale.


Logistics Manager

As a real backbone of our studio, our Logistics Manager can often be seen with a big pile of lists, regularly contacting and checking on every supplier collaborating on your day.

With immense love for logistics and planning, she is always rechecking budgets, working with the caterers, and arranging the music repertoire. Furthermore, she is the person in charge of conveying your wishes and requirements to every vendor. Moreover, her goal is to make every moment of your wedding even more special and memorable with her incredible organizational skills.

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Production Manager

A special kind of beast, able to get up at the crack of dawn to make everything is perfectly decorated and ready for the arrival of the first guest. As a result, she is incredibly detail-oriented and meticulous in her work. With her strong work ethic, she follows the design instructions to a T. Furthermore, she is the one that meets your guests, making sure they are seated correctly while helping their every need.

She is the go-to person for every part of the planning. Moreover, whether it is your ceremony or reception, everything from lights to music is coordinated to perfection. It is of no surprise she ends up being the couple’s favorite person on the day.


Construction Co-Ordinator

The person whose motto is “if you can’t buy it, make it yourself”. For every couples wish, he can design and create for every requirement.

If you have ever wondered who sets up those crystal chandeliers or the wisteria flowers, this is the expert. Furthermore, he is in charge of setting up everything from the perfect soundtrack to the ideal marital environment. With years of experience, he makes every installation at your wedding safe and secure.

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