Our Style

Modern But Classic Sophistication

Throughout our years in the event planning industry, we have found that there is no established formula for planning a celebration,
especially weddings. Every couple is unique in their love and style, and we will explore what describes their emotions the best. Our goal is to find
what resonates with you and your guests, providing you with an otherworldly celebration.

two wedding cocktails

A Modern Approach To Planning

Inspired by the modern world with a love for the important traditions

We design your wedding with creativity, honesty, and humor. As a result, this reflects in our timeless and amorous style. Furthermore, while our weddings feature details that follow the latest trends, we never forget those more traditional elements of every big day.

We adore the traditional parts of every wedding as they turn out to be treasuries of emotions. Our wish is to plan those moments to perfection, thus allowing you and your guests to enjoy all of the happiness of your wedding day. This is just one of many ways of how we spread the love around.

Stylish & Sophisticated Styling

Decor with a preference for classic sophistication

We pride ourselves on achieving stunning visuals of many different weddings. No matter the concept, we will give your wedding that sophisticated and graceful look. Furthermore, we will treat even the smallest details as a thing of importance, like the texture of a napkin and scent of the flowers. Our wish is for you and your guests to feel like royalty. At the same time, we aim to awaken all your senses with our design.

With us, you will have a wedding celebration that breathes style with every detail.

wedding table with flowers and wedding breakfast set
wedding table layout

Inspired By Beauty

We are inspired by the world around us and our couples directly

We are the kind of wedding planners who see beauty everywhere we look. This is a main source of inspiration for us as we think that nothing is as perfect as nature itself, and to achieve greatness, we must only follow in her footsteps.

The way we use colors when we are planning your wedding is not a technique; it’s an ideology. With outstanding color-coordination, we give your wedding that soft, light, and fresh feeling. Colors are what allows us to etch romance in every part of your celebration. We pull out a soft pink from some old letters, a gentle and shy peach, and a light purple of an early ripened grape.

Our design makes sure that every flower and ribbon has its place. We never let decorations swallow our couples or cluster the venue, only add to its natural beauty. For us, our beautiful couples represent the centerpiece of the wedding.

Luxurious Romance

Intimate and romantic in nature and always inspired by love

Story Amour celebrates love above all else. We think of it as a moving force that guides the world towards happiness. Our wish is to preserve this gentle and fragile thing and to show and share it with everyone we meet. You can see how these thoughts influenced our romantic and tender design, perfect for any type of wedding.

No matter what your wedding organization is, in the end, what’s important is telling your love story and giving your friends and family part of the love you have for each other. With careful and creative planning, we want to surround you and your guests with everything that might show just how madly in love you are with one another.

The emotions we will bring with our wedding design will give a timeless and gentle look to your special day.

bride posing during photoshoot
wedding ceremony aisle with bouquet

Bespoke & Unique To You

Every wedding is unique to you. You are our Muse

Being able to achieve anything our couples imagine is a source of great pride for us. There are no limits to what we can offer you. You only have to ask. If you carry a torch for a specific style or if there is a part of your wedding day you’ve imagined since you were a child, we will do our best to make everything possible and give you a perfect wedding.

Our goal is to make your wedding truly yours, with your signature on every part and detail of your celebration.

By adapting to every wish and idea, a couple has our wedding design became unique and distinctive. We are curious about you, about the venue, the region, the local food. About everything that can help us turn your wedding into an exceptional experience for both you and your guest and give you a celebration you could only dream of.