Past Reviews & Recommendations

For many many years we operated as wedding planners helping couples to create their dream wedding day. We worked across the world creating many beautiful big days. Moreover, we are proud of what we achieved and we just wanted to show you where we came from. While our business has changed slightly, we will still always hold a feeling in our heart for all our wonderful couples.

Below you will find several reviews from our past couples. Today we are aimed at offering the same level of advice to couples across the road. Almost acting as an online wedding planner.

Together we will help you create the most magnificent of weddings.

Love, The Story Amour Team

Chloe and Zachary

“Finding Story Amour was the first thing we did after our engagement party, and we were lucky we had our friends recommend them.

After sitting down with them and telling them all our ideas, they came to us a couple of days later with the Rosewood venue, and we loved it. The design was everything we ever wanted and so much more!

Their team was very professional and amazing in what they do. We loved how organized they were and how they made sure to have answers to all our questions. Our wedding celebration went without a hitch, and if there was any, we certainly didn’t notice.

We are incredibly grateful for planning our wedding in a way that gave it a nice flow. They went out of their way to give us perfect memories of our wedding day. We highly recommend them to all couples!”

Penelope and Silas

“Story Amour helped us immensely with all our wedding planning and design troubles. From the first meeting we just knew we made the right choice in booking you for our wedding.

The amount of details they successfully took care of, from design, vendor scouting, to scheduling our whole wedding is impressive. They took it upon themselves to contact everyone on our behalf and were very diligent in giving us regular updates.

Their on-the-day coordination was terrific, and they made everything run smoothly while being discrete and unnoticeable.

We received a lot of compliments for our wedding decor and overall design which they executed perfectly.

To all couples out there, working with Story Amour is a dream, and we wholeheartedly recommend them.”

Layla and Gavin

“Without a doubt, the best wedding planner in Hong Kong. We are speechless about the quality of their service, and every part was just perfectly done.

They’ve done everything for us – designed our wedding and found the best vendors ever, negotiated with them, and kept everything within our budget, not to mention their amazing on-the-day coordination. We could finally relax and just be excited about our wedding without additional stress.

We don’t know if it was only for us, but they treated us more like friends rather than clients and gave us a sense of security that our wedding day is going to be amazing. And we were right, our wedding day was fantastic. Everything from food, to decorations and the overall organization, was just perfect.

Thank you, Story Amour, for giving us the most beautiful wedding ever. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and we will recommend you to all our friends.”

Riley and Chase

“We are so grateful for finding Story Amour. We are impressed by how they listened to our whole story and every idea we had. When they presented us with their ideas for our wedding design, we were thrilled that they understood us completely and will make our wedding unique and close to our personalities.

Throughout the experience, they were always in a good mood, answering many, many questions we had with patience, and it just shows how much they love what they do.

On our wedding day, there was nothing to stress about as we were sure by then about how professional and attentive the whole staff of Story Amour is and true to that, everything went perfectly. We have nothing but kind words for them, and we would recommend them to anyone.”

Zoey and Kai

“Professional, dedicated, attentive, and extremely talented. Overall, Story Amour gave us excellent wedding planning and design service, and we couldn’t be happier in our choice.

We were amazed at how much they accomplished within our budget, both in design and organization and we thank them for giving us the most beautiful, stress-free celebration in our lives.”

Nora and Emmett

“Thank you, Story Amour, for giving us the most memorable wedding day!

We appreciate all your work and dedication, as you were nothing but helpful and professional throughout our whole wedding planning process. Your attention to detail is unparalleled, and we just loved all your ideas that were so ‘us’ it gave us goosebumps.

You took care of every single detail and made our wedding hiccup-free. Your efficiency and effectiveness are extraordinary. Keep up the good work. We would be glad to recommend you to all our friends.”

Adeline and Harrison

“The team at Story Amour is impressive. Honestly, they made everything so easy for Adeline and I. They were so helpful from the beginning, and we can’t thank them enough for giving their best to make our wedding less stressful for us.

Our wedding day was incredible, and all our guests loved it so much that they haven’t stopped talking about it. The honest care they showed for us and our wishes is truly the best thing about their wedding planning service.

We knew right away that we were going to have a great and fruitful collaboration with them. Every single thing was perfect, from the venue they recommended to the vendors and the meticulous preparation.

We can’t praise them enough and wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone. Highly recommend to all couples who wish to have a carefree and easy wedding planning process and wedding day. “

Hailey and Nathaniel

“Thanks to the wonderful Story Amour team, we truly had the wedding of our dreams that went without a hitch and made us very happy and relaxed. The decor was extraordinary, there were so many details that we didn’t know where to look first, but they all made us incredibly happy we chose this team to work on our wedding day.

Booking them was the best decision we’ve ever made.”

Gianna and Kingston

“We would like to thank Story Amour studio for all their hard work, professionalism, and care they gave to our wedding day. We couldn’t imagine what we would do without their help, and they proved themselves as the best wedding planners in the world.

Congratulations Story Amour on a job well done, we would recommend you to all.”

Valentina and Cole

“Our wedding planning team was utterly amazing, and our wedding would not be so beautiful without their help. They were very thoughtful, kind, extremely organized, and a pleasure to be around.

They helped with every aspect of our wedding and seemed to have a great relationship with many excellent vendors in Hong Kong. The design was incredible and entirely in our style. It just shows how much they value their clients to bring the wedding so close to our personalities.

We highly recommend them to anyone else getting married-booking Story Amour for your wedding will make this a stress-free and beautiful experience.”

Isla and Tyler

“Story Amour made our wedding daydreams a reality. They went ‘above and beyond’ what we envisioned. From vendor and venue recommendation to detailed planning, vendor coordination, budgeting, and on-the-day coordination, we are convinced we wouldn’t have the perfect weekend wedding we had without them.

We opted for a destination wedding, and they made this incredibly simple by visiting the location and searching for the perfect place for our ceremony, all along communicating very clearly and regularly about what they’ve found. We were able to relax and get ready for this adventure, knowing our wedding organization is in their capable hands.

They gave us the exact simple and intimate getaway wedding we have wanted from the start. If we had to do it again, booking them would have been our top priority. Thank you Story Amour for giving us such a fantastic celebration, you are the best!”

Eliana and Bennet

“There are not enough beautiful things to say about the Story Amour team. They gave 100% in planning the perfect wedding day for us.

Besides being incredibly professional, they were also really calm during the most stressful parts of the planning phase. We had nothing to worry about knowing they are on top of things. They listened to our wedding vision and provided many useful advice and insights. Their organization of many different vendors was incredible, and keeping everything within our budget means a great deal to us.

Our wedding day was not only perfect and stunning but also went smoothly and without hiccups. All our guests are amazed by how perfect everything was. We recommend them to everyone!”

Hayley and Justin

“From the beginning of the planning process, you guys were incredible. You made us feel heard and offered fantastic suggestions, and above all, answered every question we had any time we contacted you. On the day of our wedding, you did a phenomenal job of making our venue look absolutely gorgeous. The theme we wanted was executed perfectly, and it was precisely what we wanted.

Thank you for being a calming presence throughout the day and giving us certitude in your services. “

Selena and Lukas

“Booking these guys was the BEST decision we have ever made. They were on top of everything from the start and made the weeks leading up to our wedding a fun and carefree period. They contacted all the vendors, created an efficient schedule, took care of the invitations, and sent them out and so much more.

The professionalism and organization they showed on our wedding day was mind-blowing, and we really couldn’t have asked for more. We highly recommend them to anyone and can’t thank them enough for giving us the most amazing wedding ever.”