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Searching for the perfect wedding coordinator carries many questions and can take up a lot of your time. As time is of the essence to both us and our couples, we are happy to answer as many questions as you have right here, right now.

Hoping to make your decision-making process easier and more comfortable, we will explain everything from individual details about our services to a step-by-step booking and reserving instructions, anything you need to know when you choose our services for wedding planning and design.

Read below on some of the most frequently asked questions and our detailed answers.

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If my venue offers wedding coordinator services, why do I need a wedding planner?

Today, most good venues will offer you their event coordinator, and they are often a handy person for our team. They can also recommend some excellent suppliers if you need them. However, they will only be in charge of your wedding day and things involving the venue itself. On the other hand, a wedding planner will have the responsibility of planning every aspect of your wedding. Our team takes care of everything from designing a theme for your wedding, preparing a detailed schedule as well as acting as the main point of contact for all your suppliers. We will ensure everything goes as planned on the day and will work with you from beginning to end on creating the wedding you’ve always wanted.

How do you plan my destination wedding?

Our couples come from every corner of the world. We love being able to meet you in person and hear all about your love story. Furthermore, we can arrange meetings using phone, email, or video call. We use this same concept when contacting and working with our suppliers and venues, but that is not all there is.

We have some of the best partner planners based all over the world. Moreover, they are the people in our industry who we trust to do venue checkups and contact the suppliers in the same manner as we would. Together we can plan and organize your wedding to perfection, no matter the location.

Do you work with specific venues and suppliers exclusively?

Even though we prefer to work with our recommended suppliers, the answer to this question is no. We will consider all your wishes and requests regarding your wedding. Furthermore, if you have a venue or a supplier that isn’t listed on our site, of course, we will work with them. Still, bear in mind that choosing one of our recommended venues and suppliers means you will hire a tried and tested specialist. The reason we recommend them is that, over the years, we made sure they are reliable and will offer the best quality service.

We are always happy to collaborate with new venues and vendors, as it can extend our list of recommendations. However, if we know a good reason not to work with some of them, we will let you know.

Can you plan my pre/post wedding event?

Certainly! If you have many guests coming from different countries, we always recommend some form of pre/post wedding event; a cocktail party or a poolside BBQ, garden brunch, or just a regular rehearsal dinner. No matter the concept, we can tailor our services to accommodate your needs.

Will you be at our wedding?

Absolutely! We want to be there on the day, and see how, after months of planning, everything came together perfectly. Also, we want to ensure you can relax and enjoy your wedding day assured that we are there to make things run smoothly and deal with any unexpected issues efficiently. Depending on the size and overall organization of your wedding, several team members will be present on your wedding day, from the decoration set up phase until we see the last provider on their merry way. After that we will slip away, leaving you to enjoy your party with your family and friends.

Is there a minimum budget for your services?

No. As we can plan different kinds of weddings, whether they are intimate elopements or extravagant and large weddings, budgets can vary depending on the event’s concept.

What is more important for us is that your wishes and requirements fit your budget. Even though we try to make things more cost-effective for you, for some things, there is no magic wand, and we have to be realistic. If something isn’t possible within your budget, we will notify you, but also provide alternatives that may be more suitable.

How much do you charge?

We understand your wish to know in advance what your wedding budget should be and move forward with other things. But it’s not that simple. Every couple is unique and has different requests and requirements, and it all goes down to what services you would like. We know this may be a frustrating answer for you, but you can outline your wedding request and ask us for an estimated quote anytime you’d like.

Do we need to provide your team members with a meal?

If we stay through the main course at your wedding, then a crew meal would be appreciated. However, if we complete our work before this time, all we need is access to some water. Since our shift starts early in the morning, anything that keeps our energy level up is helpful.

How early should we think about hiring your planning services?

The perfect time for hiring us would be anywhere from 9-12 months before your wedding day. This way, you won’t be waiting till the last minute, but also won’t be planning for too long. If you wait too long, you might risk losing a specific on-the-day wedding coordinator to another wedding, as we are often booked for up to 2 years in advance. This is an unusual occurrence however its best to plan your big day.

How do we book you for our wedding?

You can book us by email, calling, or filling out the contact form provided on our Contact Page. We will then schedule a free consultation with you to hear all your requirements and to see if we can meet your needs. Most meetings last for one hour.

Where should we focus on our budget?

This depends on what’s important to you both. Do you want outstanding decor? Or would you like your wedding to be remembered as the best party with the best band? Whatever you decide your priorities are, we will respect that and use the rest of the budget to cover other expenses. We can guide you on the average costs for different aspects of your wedding.

If we let you plan our wedding, will we lose control over it?

Absolutely not! Your wedding is YOUR special day, not ours. We are only here to help and guide you through the planning process, give you some direction and advice about design, and recommend many trusted suppliers. Your wedding will be exactly as you wanted it to be, we are just saving you from those tedious tasks of researching, contacting, and booking various vendors and services.

Do you carry personal liability insurance?

Yes. We are fully insured and have taken every step possible to protect you in case something goes wrong.

What information would we have to provide to you at our consultation?

For us to have a clear picture of your wedding as our project, you would need to provide an estimated budget, an estimated number of guests, the desired wedding date, and some general pointers for your style, i.e., traditional or grand.

We will offer you an overview of our company, who we are, and how we work. After that, we will talk about you and your partner, your expectations of us as your wedding planner, and finally, all the details, design ideas, concepts, and requests you might have for your wedding day. To this point, you are still in no obligation to book us on the spot.

We wish to leave a good impression on you, the one that will last even after you leave our consultations and make you come back feeling confident in your decision to hire us. We want you to be confident that we can plan your wedding day to perfection and deliver the wedding of your dreams.

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