Who Should a Leo Marry?

Michael Bold
Written by Michael Bold · Posted in Advice Last Updated June 16, 2023 · minute read

Asking yourself, who should a Leo marry? Well, we’ve got the answers for you. We’ve identified four perfect suitors. Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Libra could all be the answer to a wonderful life full of marital bliss.

Not only that but we can also tell you the zodiac signs that get a massive thumbs down. Our resident star sign guru at Story Amour gives Scorpio, Cancer, and Virgo the least compatibility, advising caution for these pairings.

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Who Should a Leo Marry?

If only life were that simple though, right? And there was nothing else to consider. Of course, star signs are just one indicator of compatibility. Not only that but we need to delve a bit deeper. In this article, we’re going to look at the personality traits of Leo and find out just what they’re looking for in their other half. 

We’ll then explain why we’ve chosen the signs we have as the perfect suitors and why those other three losers made the bottom of our list. Finally, we’ll round off the article by telling you the perfect time for a Leo to tie the knot.

So, without further adieu let’s attack this in the true spirit of a Leo, like a lion. 

What is a Leo like?

Some facts about Leos:

  • Born between July 23rd and August 22nd
  • Their element is Fire
  • Ruled by the Sun
  • Represented by the Lion

The first thing we should establish is what the personality traits of Leos are. This will help you understand what they should then look out for in their ideal suitor.

As we’ve mentioned, Leos are represented by the Lion. These animals are known for their bravery and leadership. You could say Leos are the kings and queens of the celestial jungle. They’re also confident and love to hold court being the center of attention whenever possible.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it!? Not only that but because Leos are ruled by the sun they also have a magnetic charm. They draw people towards them with their vivacious and radiant personality. As such, they tend to work with a lot of different suitors who can’t resist their well-rounded characteristics.

If we’re talking about marriage in particular then that’s good news. They place a big emphasis on loyalty and are equally generous. This makes them ideal partners and someone perfect to settle down with.

The truth is it’s difficult to pick fault with Leos. The following 10 characteristics just make them ideal partners in a marriage and sum them up perfectly.

  • Confident
  • Passionate
  • Charismatic
  • Courageous
  • Generous
  • Loyal
  • Enthusiastic
  • Creative
  • Warm-hearted
  • Determined

Who will be soulmates with Leo?

Right then, now onto the perfect marital partners that our Story Amour team has identified. 


Where better to start than with Aries? We’ve identified this fellow fire sign as the perfect match for a Leo. 

They both have a desire to lead and are ambitious so are sure to be on their way to a successful marriage. They’ll support each other through the trials and tribulations of life. 

At the same time, they love a sense of adventure so they will both work well together to keep one another on their toes.

Aries’s personality is one full of confidence so they’ll also appreciate that same quality in a Leo. Ultimately they will build each other up to achieve the most potential possible. Who doesn’t want that in a marriage?!

Without any hesitation, we’ve given these two fiery creatives a 10/10 compatibility score.

Story Amour Compatibility Score 10/10


It was a close run thing but Sagittarius just fell short coming in at second place. When we wrote about the ideal matches for Sagittarius we gave them a rating of 8/10 so we can only return the favor.

A fellow fire sign Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. As such they share many of the personality traits of a Leo. They’re creative, passionate and dynamic. Add to that the fact they’ll bring intellectual stimulation to the marriage and they sound like the ideal match, don’t they?

Well, there is a little bit of conflict. Whilst a Leo might tell it like it is in an argument (no filter) a Sagittarius may use a little more tact. If this problem isn’t addressed it could become an issue for a married couple dealing with day-to-day differences of opinion.

Story Amour Compatibility Score 8/10


A Leo who is looking for adventure day in and day out and laughter along the way needs to look no further than a Gemini

They’ll encourage each other in their adventurous goals if that is what’s required. We say that because a Gemini is also perfectly happy to let a Leo take the spotlight and shine their brightest.

At the same time if you’re a Leo that loves going out socializing you could have found the perfect buddy to accompany you. This Air sign will love your outgoing personality traits and how you can seamlessly socialize with various characters.

Of course, there is a downside otherwise they’d be top of the pile with a 10/10. The drawback of this pairing is to do with Leo’s need for attention and admiration. Gemini’s are social butterflies so if they spend too much time with friends it could cause jealousy. 

Not only that but Geminis are very logical thinkers. Approaching things in this matter-of-fact way may be received as cold and void of feeling by a Leo.

Story Amour Compatibility Score 8/10


Taking the 4th place on our list of who should a Leo marry, we have Libra. Another air sign, like Gemini they prove to be a very good match for the sensibilities of a Leo.

If they both have a strong affinity to the arts and romance then this is definitely something that can bond a couple for a lifetime.

A Libra will definitely admire the creative side of a Leo and at the same time can bring a peaceful and harmonious presence. 

This is a double-edged blade though. The bold nature of a Leo may cause rifts in the relationship that become just that little bit too much for a Libra. A Leo may want to take the lead in rebelling against the system whereas a Libra is happy to go with the flow.

As with all marriages though compromise is the key to success. If Libra and Leo can get over those minor differences there’s no good reason they can’t make it work.

Story Amour Compatibility Score 7/10

Who should Leo women marry?

So, you’ve seen our list of the best matches for marriage for a Leo. Now you might be asking who Leo women should marry.

Well, for us, it makes no difference what gender you are, our compatibility ratings still hold up.

Ultimately a Leo woman is looking for someone who can keep pace with their zesty and energetic personality. As we’ve said Aries fits the bill to a tee. They’re both super ambitious but at the same time are always up for an adventure. 

This is the perfect combo of working hard and playing hard that is required for a successful marriage. Equally, it’s the perfect foundation for those married couples who are looking to start a family.

Who should Leo men marry?

Leo men are no different and they’re ultimately seeking out the same things in life as Leo women. 

They’ll be drawn to confidence and admire them whenever they take the spotlight. They can appreciate what is required to succeed and feed off this positive energy for themselves.

All four of the above signs would be suitable for a Leo man. For example, if they chose to marry a Gemini they can feed Leo’s need for mental stimulation.

No matter which gender you are, Leos will find the perfect partner for them when they’re good and ready.

Who should a Leo not marry?

Now that we’ve told you who a Leo should marry, it’s time to look at the other side of the coin.

Who should Leos avoid like the plague? Ok ok, it might not quite be that bad. In fact, there are many happily married couples out there that are completely incompatible on paper. 

However, something draws them together and they stick at it!

With that being said though there are three signs that we think could be problematic for a Leo. Let’s take a look at them and tell you why they didn’t even justify a compatibility rating from our Story Amour experts.


Like chalk and cheese these two! You’re mixing fire and water and that’s only ever good for one thing putting out the spark. 

Cancers  are water signs and as such they’re known for being super sensitive and having a strong connection to their emotions. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have Leo’s strong personality traits and a direct approach to conflict. 

It’s easy to see where things might go wrong here. At the same time whilst Leos revel in having the spotlight on them, Cancers are much more introverted. 

They do say opposites attract but we’re struggling to see one shred of evidence with these clashing personalities that could make it work.


A Leo tends to fly by the seat of their pants, Virgos on the other hand are a lot more attention orientated. They’re known for being practical and as such won’t be the best suited for a Leo. 

You could argue that the traits of a Virgo could rub off on a Leo. Transforming them into this character that is both spontaneous and super organized. Errrr yeh do you see the problem? You can’t be both of those things. Perhaps in certain situations but not throughout a marriage. 

The personality traits of these two are very contrasting and will only result in conflict. A Leo could feel stifled or generally not able to spread their wings to their fullest potential. Not the ideal recipe for a happy marriage in our book.


The final sign on our list of the least compatible signs a Leo should marry is Scorpio. A Leo can often be drawn in by that magnetism that a Scorpio possesses. However, it should be approached with caution as the initial spark is unlikely to last. 

Yes, you guessed it, Scorpio is another water sign. As you’ll already know we don’t recommend this combination of fire and water for marriage. 

A Leo will have an intense need for being independent which may not bode well with the jealous side of a Scorpio. As we’ve mentioned Leos love to be the center of attention whereas Scorpios are much more mysterious and introverted. 

Are Leos good in relationships?

In a word, yeh. 

They have all the good traits that make them great in a relationship and the perfect suitor for someone to marry.

A Leo will typically take the lead and will likely be the one to pop the question or at least discuss marriage if that’s what they want. If it isn’t, a Leo will be sure to let their partner know when they’re ready. 

They like to have an open dialogue in a relationship meaning that nothing is off the cards to be discussed. If this is reflected by their partner it can be super healthy for the relationship. 

As partners go, Leo is one of the most loyal out there. Not only that but they also have a romantic side and will go the great lengths to ensure the happiness of their significant other. 

So, if you’re thinking about marrying a Leo expect to be showered in gifts and grand gestures on all the special dates throughout the year!

At what age should a Leo get married?

Based on what you’ve heard so far you might be forgiven for thinking a Leo will marry ASAP. Whilst that will be the case for others many will in fact take a long time to get married.

Remember what we said about Leos being determined? Well if that spills over into their career, for example, they may want to establish themselves and make sure they feel settled enough to get married. 

They’ll ultimately have personal goals they want to achieve. Whilst it may sound quite bad they don’t want a wedding to get in the way. That’s not to say they don’t love their partner or in fact, want to marry them. 

It’s just all about timing and finding the right moment in their life for the wedding bells to ring. They could of course have an extended engagement but it will really come down to the individual.

The ideal age for marriage doesn’t exist for a Leo; they just simply have to find their own path. It’s the same story no matter what sign you are, you’ll have to consider things like your emotional readiness, whether you’re financially stable, and ultimately whether the person you’re with is the one.

Their ideal partner will give them all the space they require to be their true selves, warts and all. Not only that but a successful partner for a Leo will build them up to be the best version they can be. Celebrating the wins with them and assisting them with their passions. It’s the same thing to look for from any relationship but if these are all there they could definitely be a good precursor to a happy marriage.

So…Who should a Leo Marry?

Well, it’s a no-brainer really, isn’t it? Aries made the top of our list for a reason and we see them as perfectly complimenting each other in a successful marriage. 

Have no fear though you haven’t got to go out seeking exclusively Aries. Gemini, Sagittarius, and Libra all hold up pretty well to our scrutiny. 

A Leo will generally be happy with someone that can match their zest for life and energetic personality. At the same time someone that understands that they need the spotlight every once in a while and supports them in their hobbies and ambitions.

Don’t forget though that there are a few potential signs to look out for. Yes, the ones to avoid are Cancer, Virgo, and Scorpio. All these signs have one too many clashes for our liking, particularly around being too introverted or reserved for a spontaneous and outgoing Leo.

Ultimately, a Leo should look to marry someone that makes them happy and content and builds them up to be the best version of themselves. A Leo will do everything in their power to keep the spark alive with their fiery personality and can-do attitude.

So, if you’re a Leo, what are you waiting for? We think you now have all the answers you need!