Who Should a Cancer Marry?

Tom Pumford
Written by Tom Pumford · Posted in Advice Last Updated June 22, 2023 · minute read
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    Breaking news! If you are a Cancer, the four most compatible zodiac signs are Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus and Virgo. So put on your glad rags and get ready to hit the town in search of your forever partner. Libra’s? No thank you! Aries? No way! It’s all about pretty Pisces, sexy Scorpios, tempting Taurus’ and vibrant Virgo’s. Let’s get this marriage going! This might be the strangest start to an article I’ve ever written.

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    Who Should a Cancer Marry?

    Over the course of the next 12 minutes, we are going to deep dive into everything you need to know about the Cancer zodiac sign, discovering their personality and what sign perfectly fits that personality. All with the goal of revealing a potential soulmate. 

    Furthermore, we are going to rate the best (from 1-10) and ditch the rest. I’m now starting to rhyme… sort of.

    So… Who should a Cancer marry? Let’s take a look!

    Personality traits of a Cancer

    Before we declare the perfect match for Cancer, it’s important to define how we came to the conclusion. It all starts with personality traits, and what signs work best with those traits. So what type of people are Cancer’s?

    Loving, compassionate, caring and nurturing. Ring a bell? Well Cancer’s are all that. Highly emotional and understanding of other people’s emotions, while being vigorously passionate about safeguarding loved ones and remaining loyal to the important people in their life.

    Cancer’s will be there no matter what. No matter the problem. No matter how difficult. Cancer’s will be there until the very end. They will be there to listen and support while emphasizing with what you are going through. Being attentive to your everyday struggles, they can become the cornerstone of your life.

    Let’s be honest, Cancer’s are pretty awesome at being there when the going gets tough.

    • Emotional
    • Loyal
    • Empathetic
    • Protective
    • Nurturing
    • Caring

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    Who is a Cancer’s soulmate?

    Now we know what Cancer’s are all about, it’s time to find the perfect soulmate. The perfect match to spend forever with. And good news… We’ve narrowed it down to four perfect options for a match made in heaven. 


    Let’s start with a little of that tempting Taurus love. 

    Just like Cancer’s, that stable, nurturing vibe is ever present. Always with their feet on the ground, a cozy love-in between Cancer and Taurus could manifest the perfect environment for the ideal marriage. 

    With very similar personalities, attuned to the emotional needs of others, both Taurus and Cancer will be there for each other when they need it most. Building a home together filled with love, warmth, care and empathy. For us personally, Taurus is the absolute perfect match for a Cancer. Family will always come first which is why we went straight in with 10 out of 10 for this match.  

    Story Amour Rating: 10/10


    Coming in a close second is Pisces. As with Taurus’, empathy ranks high in the list of personality traits. With a strong 9 out of 10, these two water signs can be near a perfect match allowing the possibility for long and balanced marriage, full of love, friendship and affection for one another. 

    Pisces are sensitive, romantic and creative. Perhaps a little more outgoing than Cancer’s. However, fear not, this personality combination will nurture a beautiful relationship. A relationship full of trust, not lacking in passion and amour (beautiful word…).

    Story Amour Rating: 9/10


    Next up we take a look at Scorpio, a potential partnership embedded in trust. Trust that can create a relationship so strong that it can defend against anything that gets in its way. 

    Both Cancer’s and Scorpios are honest and sincere. They will not deceive their partner as they are understanding of emotion. In fact, they are full of emotion themselves. As a result, a strong bond of loyalty is created. The potential for a long and prosperous marriage is high.

    Story Amour Rating: 8.5/10


    How about Virgo as a potential soulmate? Well it wouldn’t be in the ‘Who is a Cancer’s soulmate?’ section if we didn’t think that love, marriage and baby carriages were on the horizon. 

    Unlike the other three we chose, Virgo stands out as being a little different. All three of Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces have a very similar personality base as Cancer’s, whereas with Virgo, it’s more about creating a partnership that works well together. 

    This isn’t so much “opposites attract”, more of a balance of the right combo to create a committed, reliable and secure alliance.

    Virgo’s have many complementary personality values with Cancer’s. Cancer’s are emotional, passionate and sentimental. Virgo’s are sensible, pragmatic and functional. These contrasting personalities come together to form a strong and reliable relationship. Nearly matching Scorpios rating giving this partnership a 8 out of 10.

    Story Amour Rating: 8/10

    Who should a Cancer woman marry?

    Right, we’ve listed the best matches for Cancer’s overall, but how does it differ between men and women? Well not a great deal actually. 

    For us, gender doesn’t come into this. Life choices including careers and responsibilities are much more impactful. 

    If you are a Cancer with a stay at home lifestyle, for us personally, Virgo is the perfect match. Use your emotion to care and nurture a family, a task that can be hard, but fear not, the balance that a Virgo brings can create a love like no other. 

    Who should a Cancer man marry?

    Men are full of emotions too. No more so than Cancer’s. Without doubt, a 10/10 Taurus is the perfect companion for a man. Much like they are for any Cancer. 

    Emotional compatibility is key here. A relationship built on love. Focused on faith. Always there for each other. 

    Every man needs the perfect woman that can be there for them when they need it most. Every woman needs the perfect man that can be there for them when they need it most. 

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    Who is a bad match for Cancer?

    So, we’ve heard what’s the best match for a Cancer, but what about the worst? Who should Cancer’s avoid? Who should Cancer’s stay well clear of? Which Cancer marriages are doomed to failure. Ok, perhaps a little too far!

    Below we have listed the no-go matches. It’s quite a long list, not sure what that says Cancer’s. We haven’t even provided a rating out of ten. All are straight up ZERO’s!


    Let’s kick things off with Aries! 

    Cancer’s are all about reliability, sensible and compassionate emotion. Whereas Aries are impulsive, adventurous and, arguably most importantly, independent. 

    This is far from a match made in heaven as Aries are incapable of providing the security and comfort often required by Cancer’s. As a result, clashes may occur. 


    As with Aries, Leo’s simply aren’t there to provide the emotional support needed by Cancer’s. Furthermore, they are usually the ones seeking attention rather than providing a caring and loving environment for this relationship to succeed. 

    A lack of balance and lack of awareness can lead to conflicts, arguments and misunderstandings. This match up just doesn’t work! Stay clear!


    In an earlier article we wrote about the best matches for Sagittarius, did Cancer show up? Yep! In the ‘matches to avoid’ section!

    It’s simple, Cancer’s need compassion. They need someone they can rely on. Someone who can provide emotional support when they need it most. Sagittarius just isn’t that person.

    Free-spirited, a little bit crazy and always on the lookout for the next adventure. While a Sagittarius and Cancer may have a little fun to begin with, a long term future isn’t on the horizon!


    As a Gemini myself, I know straight up that I’m just not there to provide that emotional support that a Cancer needs. Yes, I can be there every once in a while but for me it’s all about your intelligence. I need someone that can stimulate me. Being there consistently to provide the support you need just isn’t the role I’m looking for. Yes I can provide a little bit of light-hearted support but in the long run, I’m out of there.

    Wow… that was a little eye opening…


    Libra’s, Libra’s, Libra’s. Always on the lookout for something better. Well, maybe not better, but more fairness, more balance. To Libra’s, relationships are 50/50, they aren’t there to be the pillar of support Cancers need. 

    Related Reading: Who Should a Libra Marry?


    Independent, detached, self-reliant, individualistic. Just some of the words used to describe the sign Aquarius. Doesn’t sound like the perfect partner for someone requiring emotional support with the goal of creating a loving, nurturing and trusting household, does it?

    Unfortunately, Cancer’s want and need for a partner that can always be there for them, results in a match made in hell. Aquarius and Cancer is a straight up zero out of ten.

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    What is the best age for marriage for a Cancer

    As a Cancer, you’ve just met your perfect match in a Taurus. You’ve gone on a few dates, had a few laughs, now let’s skip straight ahead to wedding bells. Ok, maybe not, but what is actually the best age for marriage for a Cancer?

    Well, like everything, circumstances can dictate the ideal time to tie-the-knot. Let’s take a look at some of the considerations you should be taking before getting hitched and riding off into the sunset. 

    Emotional Sensibility

    No offense, but as a Cancer, you can get a little bit emotional. Some may even call you a little touchy. Not us of course… However, it’s been said that Cancer’s are a little susceptible to overreacting when it comes to emotional issues. As a result, it’s imperative to mature to a sensible level, allowing for a stable and deep-rooted relationship to be formed. A relationship that provides you with all the compassion and trust you need to live a long and prosperous life. 

    In order for this maturity to be formed, we would recommend holding off a little on the marriage ceremony. Think early 30’s. By this time you will have experienced life, forming a wise and knowledgeable emotional depth, perfect for creating a strong, balanced relationship. 

    Here Comes The Money

    Sadly, money makes the world go round. It also helps to develop a foundation on which the dream marriage can be formed. 

    As a Cancer you seek stability, security and assurances in your relationship. Financial flexibility allows a relationship to be formed, without the worry of money. Whether that’s financial security through establishing a career, or inheriting an epic trust fund… You wish. Provided there are sensible financial decisions made, your marriage will prospur.  

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    Live Your Life

    When married, everything you do in life will impact your relationship. Life experiences go a long way to forming meaning alongside a strong and formidable partnership. 

    Experiencing life and broadening your perspective, before marriage, will allow the ability to be understanding and compassionate towards your partner. In the same way they need to be to you. This ability to understand various situations, various needs will allow you to be ready to both give and receive when the relationship requires.

    Relationship Readiness

    It goes without saying, if you aren’t ready for a long term relationship, don’t bother getting married!

    Marriage is forever. It requires the ability to commit. The capability to be there for your partner when they need it most. You must have learnt from past relationships and life experiences in order to form a well-rounded personality with the ability to overcome challenges. Challenges that come with every relationship, regardless of zodiac sign.

    Most importantly, you have to feel ready in yourself. Ready to form that lasting connection. Ready to be committed to another for the rest of your life. A marriage is for life, not just for Christmas. I’m 99% sure that’s the right saying…

    In all seriousness, being ready for a long term relationship is especially important for Cancer’s. The emotional security needed from that relationship only comes from self development and trust in your partner. With that in mind, we believe that anywhere between 27 and 33 is the perfect age for a Cancer to get married. 

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    So, Who Should a Cancer Marry?

    There you have it. The Story Amour pick for who a Cancer should marry is Taurus… or Pisces… or Scorpio… or Virgo. No but in in terms of compatible personalities, those four are perfect when it comes to picking the perfect marriage partner for a Cancer. 

    With a requirement of a resolute relationship, and a marital backbone formed on security, certitude and trust, any companionship formed between a Cancer and Taurus has a high chance of success. 

    A partnership of two souls, both emotional and compassionate, able to embrace their love for each other. Offering support and backing when the other most needs it. Both have an abundance of qualities to ensure a love that lasts for eternity. But with every relationship, adaptation is needed. The ability to change and nurture your partnership through thick and thin. No matter whether Taurus or Aries, if you have this skill set, alongside a bounty of love and care, any marriage can work.