12 of the Most Fresh & Chic Bridal Wedding Hairstyles for 2021

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    Just like any aspect of fashion and hair, wedding hairstyles go in and out of trend. For your 2021 wedding, we want you to ensure your hair matches the elegance of the rest of you.

    bride showing off wedding hairstyle

    Best Wedding Hairstyle for 2021 – Photo by Jeremy Wong Weddings

    We have been involved in the wedding planning industry for many years and know many wonderful hair and makeup artists that allow for the most perfect wedding hairstyles. We’ve curated a list of 12 jaw-dropping, on-trend, wedding hairstyles for you to rock on your wedding day for you to read through now, however, should you wish, please get in touch and we can refer the perfect wedding stylist.

    Half up half down with twists

    The half-up, the half-down style has been around for years and is making a major wave in the wedding hairstyles of 2021. Firstly, the hair left down is curled or waved in a classy, natural-looking way. Secondly, twist the upper portion of hair to create an effortless updo in the back. Finally, adorn it with a gorgeous clip or broach. As a result, an elegant, fresh, and young style is created. Perfect for the young couple having a beachy, sun-drenched, wedding.

    bride looks into bouquet surrounded by woodland

    Half Up, Half Down Twists Hairstyle – Photo by Chutternshap

    Braided up-do

    For the bride who wants her hair off her neck and face, an up-do is the way forward. Thick fishtail braids wrapped around a low, curled up-do make the oozing class look completely effortless. Add extensions to ensure your bun has tons of volume and pull out a few strands of hair to perfectly frame your face. Feel free to add broaches, flowers, or beads to your up-do. Furthermore, you can use all that volume to hide a mid-ceremony snack. Just joking.

    Flower child

    Boho and hippy fashions have been creeping into the mainstream more and more so it’s no surprise that they’ve reached wedding hairstyles. As a result, we’re seeing more and more people’s bouquets slowly ending up on their heads for the special day. Accessorising whichever hairstyle you chose with flowers is a simple way to add decoration. Ditch the traditional roses and go for the lily of the valley. And why not experiment with dried flowers that will last a lifetime.

    Classic curls

    Simple and elegant. Big, vintage, curls or waves are very popular as wedding hairstyles. Typically done on long hair, gorgeous waves will make you look like a true princess. You can dress them up with decoration, have your hair swept away from your face, or just leave them long and flowing. Furthermore, sleek, shiny curls make you look like you stepped right out of old Hollywood.

    bride holds grooms arm during wedding shoot

    Classic Curls Hairstyle – Photo by Meryl Spadaro

    The big braid

    For women with shorter hair, all these impressive ‘up-do’s’ are out of reach. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your hair up and look beautiful. Have the hair braided in a thick braid that travels from one side of the head to another creating a crown or have it towards the back of your head for a lower, elegant style? The chunky braid lends itself to having adornments placed in it as it will hold pretty much anything. Flowers, beads, jewels, and broaches will all sit comfortably or let your hair be the centerpiece by itself and leave it without. Have all the hair swept back for a high-fashion, sleek look? Or pull out a few strands and keep it textured for a more natural, feminine style.

    Asymmetrical twisted up-do

    Perfect for anyone fans of the side part. This style involves more twists, a clear 2021 wedding hairstyles trend, and an up-do perfect for summer weddings. Firstly, using the side part to your advantage, twist the hair to the base of the hairline and fasten in place. Repeat this process to get a messy, layered, and uneven look that still oozes style.

    bride and groom kissing holding bouquet

    Up-Do Wedding Hairstyle – Photo by Jonathan Borba


    Have your hair pulled to one side curled to look classy and chic on the big day. As a result, this is perfect for owners of both long and short hair. Large, ring curls are used to give classic, vintage-looking volume. A gorgeous, decorated clip can be used to hold the hair back from one side of the head, making it a prime spot for the decoration.

    Low bun

    This is the look we see most for 2021 wedding hairstyles. Most wedding hairstyles for 2021 are steering clear of having volume and height up top and instead opting for a lower look. This classic bun is placed low down on the head, just above the neck. Go for a sleek round bun with a strand of hair covering the base for a classy, simple affair. Or go for a textured, messier bun that suggests that you just always look this good. In addition, strands can be pulled forward to frame the face and the bun can hold an array of decorations.

    Boho waves

    With boho being a huge trend we couldn’t avoid the classic, beachy, boho waves. Messy and textured, these waves cascade down your back like a waterfall and truly capture your hippy spirit. Nothing else screams effortless beauty like these. Adorn with a wedding headband, flower crown, or just leave them bare.

    bride and groom pose on beach

    Boho Waves Hairstyle – Photo by Jonathan Borba

    Face framing layers

    Pulled from the 70s, face-framing, curtain-like bangs are coming back into trend. Typically styled with a middle part and some gorgeous, boho waves. The layers are shorter and therefore slightly more bouncy than the rest of the hair often stopping at the chin to draw all attention to the face. In addition, this is great for someone who wants something new and exciting for their wedding day without committing to a big chop.

    Messy curls up-do

    Using messy but somehow perfect curls to create an up-do is another extremely popular style for 2021 weddings. The look, we imagine, must consist of an ungodly number of bobby-pins. As a result, it looks like the hair is magically gathered on your head in a beautiful array. In addition, the mix of curls and texture somewhat mimics the look of a classic rose bouquet. This makes way for the more diverse and sustainable flowers that you’ll be holding in your 2021 wedding. In conclusion, With so much going on more simple, understated hair accessories are suggested to avoid your hair looking busy or cluttered.


    This low bun like affair is a truly timeless style. Firstly, the hair is twisted into itself and placed low in the head to create a sleek but intricate low bun. To continue the sleek look avoid face-framing strands and keep decorations minimal. As a result, your hair will be the epitome of class, elegance, and chic.