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Hey you! Interested in writing a wedding blog guest post for us? Of course you are, why else would you be here?!

We keep getting asked, do you accept guest posts on your wedding blog? The simple answer is HELL YEAH WE DO!

If you’re a creative, upbeat writer with original ideas relevant to the wedding industry we want to hear from you.

Read on to find out more about the type of posts we’re looking for, the style of writing, and why writing a guest post can be of mutual benefit.

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Wedding Blog Guest Post Submissions

What kind of content do we publish on the Story Amour blog?

Featuring all types of weddings is our jam! Boho, whimsical, vintage, indoor, outdoor, elopement, modern, traditional, expensive, budget. We want to offer a great choice of inspiration to our readers no matter what.

We also want to hear from experts within the wedding industry. Guest posts that will really spark our interest are things such as reviews, how-to guides and advice from couples who have been there and done it.

We only publish the very best content that is well researched and has a clear voice from the author. It’s that personal touch that our readers love rather than copy and pasting information from other websites.

A thorough, researched and relevant(!) article will 99 times out of 100 get the green light from our editors.

Why write content for the Story Amour wedding blog?

We’re very passionate about the wedding industry and inspiring couples around the world to have the best day of their lives. Our aim is to find like minded individuals looking to share their knowledge of the wedding industry with our readers.

We love to share work from wedding suppliers and help our couples on their wedding planning journey. From those very basic bits of information that every couple wants to know. Right through to the bespoke elements that make a wedding truly unique to a couple.

  • Unlike many other websites we don’t charge contributors for guest posts. This ensures we can keep our content of the highest possible standard. We will provide guest post writers with a do follow link as well as crediting them in all social media posts.
  • If you’re a supplier being featured on our wedding blog it will earn you the trust of your clients by demonstrating that you’re an expert within the wedding industry.
  • You’ll get extra traffic to your website/socials and eyes on your business or product that otherwise wouldn’t be there.
  • Additional content to post on social media and share with your following demonstrating your expertise.
  • Backlinks to your website that could improve the overall seo of your site.

For us it’s all about the story

If you want to increase your chances of getting your guest post accepted your article will have to be creative and informative. At the same time an element of fun with real world experiences is what our readers love to see.

Fun, emotional and overcoming adversity will always pique our interest. Your guest post needs to inspire and capture the imagination of our couples.

If you’re a couple looking to share your experiences of your big day we want to hear from you. We love to share real stories with our readers. Tell us stories from the lead up to the engagement right through to the first dance and honeymoon. Funny stories from the day such as this one from Laura and Reece will improve your chances of success:

“We drove our cars on the 40 minute journey to the venue the day BEFORE the wedding so that we had a mode of transport to get home on the day after the wedding. However, I didn’t realise that I had left my wedding shoes in the boot of my car! Meaning that on the morning of the wedding someone had to make the 1 and 1/2 hour journey to collect my shoes! Whoops. They were rewarded handsomely with free drinks for the rest of the day!”

We want to hear everything. Don’t hold back.

Who visits our website?

Inevitably our readership is mainly from people with an interest in all things weddings. Couples who are researching for their upcoming nuptials. Industry professionals who wish to learn and develop their skills and business as a whole. People who appreciate well researched and thorough reviews of products relating to the wedding industry.

We share all things weddings no matter where in the world you are. Here’s just a flavour of the type of wedding blog posts our visitors enjoy reading about:

  • Any advice on planning the perfect wedding
  • Fashion trends, seasonal, traditional, modern, boho etc
  • DIY guides for frugal couples
  • How to guides that solve problems for Brides, Grooms and the Bridal Party
  • Styled shoots that inspire
  • Real weddings from around the world demonstrating different traditions and styles
  • Creative engagement and elopement shoots
  • Local wedding venue highlights with examples of real wedding photography

What are we looking for?

We want writers that are as passionate about weddings as we are. If your writing skills stir the soul we’d love to accept your submissions for our blog.

We’re interested in sharing a wide variety of wedding styles and articles on various topics on our blog.

  • We like to promote a friendly, high energy and upbeat writing style that keeps the reader engaged and coming back for more.
  • Articles that source original quotes from experts on a subject. Just make sure you provide links to the original source so that we can credit them within the blog post.
  • Very importantly we’re looking for real content that hasn’t been previously published elsewhere. You will be held responsible if you have plagiarized your content from another source.

In general, we’re looking for posts that take a unique look at weddings and products, offering our readers a unique perspective. If you have stunning images to match your excellent content, all the better.

What we will not publish on our website:

  • Copied content that is clearly unoriginal
  • Articles that are not well researched and lack any authority or experience of the subject matter
  • Articles that fall short of our minimum 2000 word count

Guest Post Submission Process

Email us if you have an idea for a wedding blog guest post that you think our readers will love.

There will be some back and forth about how we think the article should shape up.

If you’re happy to proceed we will create a shared google doc that you can use. This allows us to add comments to specific suggestions to the article if required.

Once you’ve written your awesome article we will add it to our schedule of guest posts. We don’t provide guarantee of when the article you’ve written will be published. Furthermore, we try to make the publishing time relevant to the season and also cohesive with our other content.

We will let you know when the article will be live closer to the time so that you can prepare to share across your social channels.

Wedding Guest Post Disclaimers

We will adjust your content to fit our unique Story Amour voice. We will endeavour to keep it as true to the original as possible.

When you submit an article for publication on Story Amour you are granting your consent for us to publish it on our website. You also agree to not submit the same article to any other blog until we have either accepted or rejected the work.

Please don’t be deterred if we refuse one of your articles. There are a number of reasons that can affect an article being rejected and more often than not it comes down to bad timing. We will likely offer you the chance to wait it out until we can schedule it in our calendar.

If we love your writing style we will be sure to let you know.

We get hundreds of wedding blog guest post requests per month. We simply cannot post every article without our blog’s quality suffering. As a result we only pick the creme de la creme as we try to build a reputation for the best wedding blog content around.

You won’t be paid for your contribution but will receive a link to your website. You’ll also receive credit as the author of the article within the post and across our social media platforms.


  • High energy, humorous, engaging and informative content.
  • 0% plagiarism! 0% AI generated content!
  • Writing that is to the point and keeps the reader engaged.
  • Meets our minimum blog post word count of 2000 words.
  • Original and interesting viewpoints or personal experiences.
  • Gorgeous imagery that keeps our readers coming back for more.

If you think you have content that matches our ethos and can add value to our readers’ experience we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Please send all submissions to contact[@]