8 of the Finest Wedding Banquet Venues in Hong Kong

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    To have a proper wedding banquet, you’ll need to consider a lot of different things. From the seating to the dietary requirements of your guests. An element that can often be overlooked is the venue.

    Unless you plan on your banquet being an array of sandwiches. You can’t just expect to be catered to anywhere. This isn’t going to put a stop to your dream of a beautiful venue. Plenty of gorgeous locations would be just right for your special day feast. So here’s a list of the best wedding banquet venues in Hong Kong.

    What are the best wedding banquet venues in Hong Kong?

    Planning the perfect banquet can be tricky due to there only being a few acceptable venues in Hong Kong able to accommodate a large number of guests. No matter your guest list, we’ve put together our round-up of a range of the best venues in HK.

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    groom toasts during wedding at the langham hong kong

    Best wedding banquet venues in Hong Kong, The Langham – Photo by Lily & Moon

    The Langham Hotel

    If your focus is on showstopping decor then The Langham is your place.

    Every inch of the building is stunning. Floor to ceiling. Literally. The ceilings are beautiful, ornate arches and the floors are polished to perfection. Drapes of exquisite fabric line the rooms and the entire place looks like a princess’ castle.

    Dining options are available at either lunch or dinner times and decor alterations can be made. Although we doubt you’d ever want to change the divine aesthetic.

    As a bonus make sure to get some shots of the bride gliding up the majestic staircase. Lifting her dress like a true Cinderella. But make sure to do this before the food, you may not feel like gliding after such a delectable meal.

    The Peninsula

    If you planned to eat in what looks like an actual palace then The Peninsula is your venue. It’s one of the most luxurious hotels in Hong Kong and the dining room looks like it’s been ripped straight from a modern-day fairy tale.

    The decor is classy and sleek whilst still giving the magic that every wedding wants. The colossal architecture is complimented by ornate chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. This place is so impressive your guests may nearly forget about the food altogether. Nearly.

    One room boasts white and gold decor and intricate chandeliers. Whilst the other offers the more modern floor-to-ceiling window and sprawling oval tables. The tricky bit will be deciding which room you want your banquet to be held in.

    The Four Seasons

    For pure luxury look no further than the Four Seasons hotel. It’s THE place in Hong Kong for a wedding banquet.

    From gigantic, marble pillars to stunning panoramic views. This place has every striking feature you could ask for. They’re so popular that they serve a banquet for either Chinese or Western food. The tables are set like a royal palace and the centerpieces can be altered to your liking. For anyone who’s anyone in Hong Kong this is the place to be.

    The Ritz-Carlton

    A beautiful marriage will make you feel on top of the world so why not have the wedding be right up there as well.

    The Ritz-Carlton has an insanely high-up view of Hong Kong. And they make the most of it. Floor to ceiling windows all around will make you feel as if you’re eating amongst the clouds. It’s a truly breathtaking sight.

    A full Chinese banquet is on offer here as well as smaller lunch or cocktail options. Guests will be dazzled by the heights. And then wowed by the incredible food. Just hope none of them suffers from vertigo.

    couple kiss at the repulse bay in hong kong

    Repulse Bay wedding venue in Hong Kong – Photo by Lily & Moon

    Repulse Bay

    This venue ends up on just about every venue list out there. But with good reason. Repulse Bay offers a beautiful scenic, waterside venue for your special day. Plus, the indoor section is perfect for a banquet of any size. Don’t think that the indoor part will be any less impressive. It’s colonial-style and gorgeously decorated. Still with those stunning views of the water. Draped in gorgeous white fabrics and classy decor. They manage to mix the luxury of a hotel wedding with the peaceful nature of a bay one. To create an ideal location for a sunny, boho banquet.

    Kowloon Shangri-La

    From gorgeous, intricate light fixtures. To impressive, striking water features. The decor in this place is truly a sight to behold. But it’s not just the decor you’ll be drooling over.

    The Shangri-La offers an array of wedding packages so you can be sure your wedding banquet is everything you hoped it would be. And there’s nowhere more magical to host it.

    Every inch of this venue is sublime. The floor is decorated with delicate patterns that make you feel like you’re dancing in a mystical ballroom. Walls of artwork are sure to dazzle and amaze. And the table centerpieces are a feast for the eyes. The entire place is like stepping into a fairy tale castle. Warm and enchanting.

    Grand Hyatt

    Everyone can be catered to in this 5-star hotel. There’s a choice of 7 different packages, many being in completely different rooms. These rooms are nothing alike. From modern and contemporary to traditional and classic. Whatever style you want, they’ve got. And not only this but each package is highly customizable. Decor can be changed, food can be altered. If you ask, you’ll get.

    The rooms are all exquisitely decorated and full of individuality. Nothing is left to chance here and they offer more than just a venue and food. Grand Hyatt staff can also take care of your photography, planning and even offer a bride spa treatment. There’s everything right at your fingertips. All wrapped up in a stunning, elegant bow.

    Conrad Hotel

    The Conrad Hotel is a sophisticated, elegant enterprise that offers a full wedding planning service. And has a 5-star, gorgeous venue to match.

    The grand ballroom can house up to one thousand guests for the biggest wedding banquet imaginable. Every aspect of the decor can be altered to your liking. Or ditch the ballroom entirely and go for the more unique, outdoor pool garden. This has some stunning views of the harbor to enjoy whilst you eat. Every need is accommodated here and they make it their mission to do so.

    They boast an impressive, Chinese menu with an array of extra luxuries such as unlimited drinks and deluxe wedding suites. There are so many options you won’t know where to start.

    So there you have some of the best places in Hong Kong for your wedding banquet. Whichever venue you choose you’ll be sure to have a delightful meal and a world-class service. Furthermore, you can invite us to guide you through the wedding planning process to ensure your dream big day goes off without a hitch.