Creative Ways to Give an Engagement Ring

Michael Bold
Written by Michael Bold · Posted in Rings Last Updated June 26, 2023 · minute read
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    Oooooo so you’re thinking about popping the big question to your partner? The trouble is it can be tricky to do this in a unique and exciting way when there are so many classic and cliched ways of proposing.

    Luckily we’ve come up with a list of the most creative ways to give an engagement ring. Of course, giving an engagement ring is a highly emotional occasion but it can also be one to express your playful side. 

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    Creative Ways to Give an Engagement Ring

    There are tried and tested methods but are they a little dull and boring? We think you should think outside the box, capture the imagination of your beloved, and leave them in no doubt that you’re the one they should spend the rest of their lives with. Make it such a special event that they remember the way you gave them the engagement ring forever and always.

    In this article, we’re going to tell you why it’s important to get creative when giving an engagement ring. We’ll then dive into many ingenious ways of actualizing your vision. 

    We’re going to lay out creative ways to give an engagement ring with food, while on holiday, around the house, with technology, and also while playing games.

    So get your thinking cap on, and limber up those knees (for the proposal) it’s time to broaden your horizons and blow your partner away with your creative engagement ring delivery!

    Why Should You Get Creative When Giving an Engagement Ring?

    Getting down on one knee to pop the question is a big deal for your relationship. It shows you’re ready to take things to the next level and envision spending your life with your partner. It’s also different from giving a wedding ring as it’s meant to come as a surprise to your other half.

    So why wouldn’t you want to make this the most special occasion it can be?

    Getting creative with the way you give the engagement ring is unlikely to be the deal breaker. If your partner loves you for who you are they’re bound to say yes anyway. 

    However, going that extra mile will just cement in their minds that you’re the one for them. 

    Equally, it gives them a great story to tell their friends and family rather than just saying “yeh we were eating Cheetos whilst watching Succession and Clive just said, hey will you marry me? and he gave me a ring” whilst this laid-back approach may suit some personalities others may crave a little more excitement.

    That’s an important thing to remember when choosing a creative way to give an engagement ring. Think about your partner and their likes and dislikes and try to put yourself in their shoes. 

    Would they really like this proposal idea? For instance, if they’re super shy, don’t get them on stage at a Taylor Swift concert in front of thousands to pop the question. 

    As important as creativity is, it’s also vital that you show them that you know them, like really know them. This will ultimately seal the deal and you can then think about all the other aspects of your big day that we at Story Amour can help you with.

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    Creative Ways to Give an Engagement Ring

    So, you now know why it’s important to get creative with the way you give the engagement ring. It’s time to look at how you can bring that to life with some imaginative suggestions from us at Story Amour.

    You’ll need to think about the ones that suit you the best. Consider the ones that your partner will 100% get behind and the ones they may turn their nose up at. At the same time read our article on how to present a ring when proposing. It might help you out with some of the technicalities and etiquette around giving an engagement ring.

    We have lots of suggestions for getting creative so you’re bound to find one that resonates. 

    Creative Ways to give an engagement ring with food

    Sweet Surprise 

    Like baking? Why not get creative by baking your partner a cake and concealing the ring inside? Let them cut the cake in half to reveal the surprise. Make sure you place the ring inside a box though. No one wants cake all over their fingers…actually mmmmm cake.

    Personalized Fortune Cookie

    Do you both enjoy a night out at the local Chinese restaurant? Well, arrange to have the engagement ring placed inside one of the fortune cookies. Or simply write on a piece of paper “Will you marry me?” This will be a huge surprise especially if it’s something you regularly do.

    Breakfast in Bed 

    Who doesn’t enjoy starting their day with breakfast in bed? Simply add the ring box to the tray with all the other goodies. They may not notice it at first but the penny will soon drop!

    Picnic Proposal

    Take your partner out for a romantic picnic. Pack all their favorites, whether that’s cheese and wine or some sweet treats for the two of you. Choose somewhere nice with an idyllic view and pop the question here. You’ll both have a lovely picnic to enjoy afterward.

    Hidden Ring in a Napkin

    If you’re handy in the kitchen why not cook your partner their favorite meal? Place the ring inside the napkin. When they open it to place on their lap the ring will fall out. Then you can ask the all-important question. Equally, you could consider doing some elaborate napkin folds like the swan. You could then place the engagement ring around the swan’s neck. Wait for your partner to notice and let the good times roll.

    Champagne Toast 

    Organize a dinner for family and friends. Prepare a speech declaring your undying love for your beloved and read it aloud. Your wife or husband-to-be will be blown away that you’ve created such a heartfelt moment shared with your nearest and dearest.

    Wine Bottle Surprise 

    When out for a meal, order a bottle of wine that you both frequently enjoy. Have the sommelier swap the label out for a custom one you’ve designed. The new label could read something like “Kate will you marry me?” Once she sees it, that is your cue to get down on one knee and present the ring.

    Edible Proposal

    Spell out the words “Will you marry me?” with food. You could use things like strawberries or icing for the top of a cake. Whichever you choose, be sure to have the ring ready to go at a moment’s notice. You’ll also have a sweet treat to enjoy together once your partner has said yes!

    Ring on a Straw

    A simple yet effective method is to present the ring around a straw to your partner’s favorite drink. You could do this whilst they’re waiting at the bar or perhaps they’ve nipped to the restroom. When they come back they’ll see the ring and the rest will hopefully be history.

    Creative Ways to give an engagement ring On Holiday

    Beachside Treasure Hunt

    If you and your partner love treasure hunts then there is nothing better than this little adventure whilst on holiday. Create a series of clues that direct your partner to a specific spot along the coast. Once they arrive you can whip out the engagement ring and pop that all-important question. You could even bury it in the sand (it goes without saying but don’t leave it unsupervised!)

    Scenic Hike Proposal

    There is no better way to present an engagement ring than on a scenic hike. It will be the perfect backdrop to your wedding proposal. You could even have pre-planned the route with a sign at the perfect spot saying “Will you marry me?” when they say “Hmmm that’s interesting” you get down on one knee and give them the surprise of their life.

    Romantic Getaway Surprise

    Suggest you and your partner get away for the weekend. Once there, surprise them by presenting your engagement ring in a romantic way. We’re talking candles, rose petals, the full shebang. This could be a new place that will now hold significant memories or a place that already has sentimental elements for you both.

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    Skydiving Proposal

    If you and your partner are adventure junkies then there is not much that’s more thrilling than a skydive. If that isn’t enough to give them a heart attack you could get out a banner halfway down to ask the question. Or make sure you’ve jumped first so that a special message can be viewed on your parachute. Once landed, have someone hand you the ring and wait for your partner to land. The rest is history!

    Holiday Lights Surprise

    Take your partner away for the festive season and embrace the bright lights. Christmas is a magical time and presenting a ring surrounded by a glistening mass of color will really enhance the moment.

    Hot Air Balloon Ride

    Another idea for those seeking a bit of adventure is to book a hot air balloon ride. The tranquil atmosphere surrounded by an epic landscape is the perfect setting to give someone an engagement ring. 

    Sunset or Sunrise Proposal 

    Giving an engagement ring can be further enhanced by doing it at sunrise or sunset. The lighting at this time of day is dreamy and should go down a treat with your partner. Find yourself the perfect spot to watch the sun rise or set. You can find apps that will assist you with this. The lighting will create the perfect atmosphere so not much else is needed. Other than the ring of course! Don’t forget the ring!

    Destination Photoshoot

    Secretly book a professional photographer to capture the moment you give the engagement ring. This will create a lasting memory of the event. At the same time, a wedding photographer can suggest the most picturesque spots for your proposal. Not only will you have a new husband or wife to be but you’ll also have some awesome photos that you can use for your wedding invitations.

    Romantic Dinner Cruise

    For the nautical lovers out there why not opt for a romantic meal aboard a boat? Look for cruises that offer such things and then present your engagement ring in the best way you know how. Providing you and your partner have your sea legs it should create the perfect setting to give them their engagement ring. 

    Go snorkeling

    A fun activity to do together whilst on holiday is snorkeling. You could place the engagement ring in its box inside your partner’s mask. Hand them the mask and they’ll be amazed to see a ring box. Or you could tie the engagement ring with a fancy ribbon to the snorkel itself. A more risky option would be to find the ring on the sea floor but like we say this is a high-risk maneuver. Perhaps you could use a prop ring and have the real thing back at the hotel.

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    Creative Ways to give an engagement ring around the house

    Memory Lane

    Whilst your partner is away or at work decorate your entire home with photos, trinkets, and memories you both share. When they arrive back they’ll be in complete shock. You could even create a trail that leads them from the front door all the way to a room you’re waiting in. Here you can present them with the engagement ring and ask the all-important question.

    Romantic Movie Night

    Are you both movie buffs? Well, settle in for the perfect cozy night with your favorite characters. Once the movie is over, provided you both haven’t fallen asleep! It’s time to present the engagement ring. Try to pick a movie that’s emotive or romantic though. Scream 3 or Fast and Furious 55 might not set the correct vibe.

    Pet-Assisted Proposal

    If you both share a pet together then it’s only understandable that you want to get them involved with your engagement ring delivery. You could simply tie the ring to the collar of your pet. As they go to stroke them they’ll be shocked and amazed to find an engagement ring. This is such a cute idea and it’ll be hard for your partner to say no to the puppy dog eyes.

    Scavenger Hunt

    Much like the treasure hunt we suggested earlier only this time it takes place in your home. You can surprise them with this one night when they’re least expecting it. Have them go from room to room, in drawers, under the beds looking for the next clue. At the final destination have your engagement ring ready and waiting.

    Candlelit Dinner

    Surprise your partner as they get in from a long day at the office with a candlelit dinner. They’ll wonder what’s going on at first but things will soon become apparent as you get down on one knee with the engagement ring in hand. 

    Customized Puzzle

    Use a photo of the two of you to create a customized puzzle. Ask your partner to assemble it. Once complete, ask them to flip the puzzle over. Unbeknownst to them they’ll also have assembled the phrase “Will you marry me?” on the back of the puzzle. Seize the moment by pulling the engagement ring out of your pocket and await your partner’s response.

    String Hide and Seek

    Attach a very long ball of string to the engagement ring and trail it all around the house. Simply pass your partner the end without the ring on. Hopefully, they’ll follow the string all the way to the end destination. It’s very simple but very effective.

    The Hotter and Colder Game

    You know the game you play as children. Hotter when you’re nearer something colder when you’re further away. Just randomly start saying it to your partner. They’ll be confused at first but may quickly realize they have something they need to find. Once they find the engagement ring it’s time to pluck up the courage and ask them to be with you forever.

    Balloon Surprise

    Go wild in the aisles and buy as many balloons as your budget will allow. In one of the balloons, conceal the wedding ring. Simply hand your partner a thumb tack and allow them to start popping the balloons. Eventually, they’ll hit gold and discover the engagement ring.

    Love Notes

    Who knew Post-it notes could be so romantic? Well, write reasons why you love your partner so much on loads of Post-it notes. Leave these as a trail from the front door to a designated area in your home. Once there you can have the engagement box waiting and present them with the ring.

    Creative Ways to give an engagement ring Using Technology

    Video Montage Proposal

    If you’re handy at video editing why not compile a montage of your time together? Include photos and video snippets from holidays or big milestones in your relationship. At the end of the video simply appear on the screen with the engagement ring in hand. We think your partner will be blown away at this point. But this is a time for composure on your part as you also present them with the ring in the flesh. 

    Virtual Reality Surprise

    Are you both into your computer games? Then a virtual reality ring presentation might be right up your street. You could even do this if you’re both away with work or spending time with your parents. Create a VR world where you can pop the question and present the ring. When you next meet up in person you can then hand them the real deal.

    Online Scavenger Hunt

    Get creative online and guide your partner to the X that marks the spot. In this case, it could be your own customized website “” or whatever you feel suits you best. Here you could simply show a picture of the engagement ring. We think your partner will get the gist!

    Instagram Surprise 

    Make sure your partner has Instagram notifications set to receive on their phone. Post a series of photos tagging each one. They can be quite cryptic or straight to the point. Your last 4 posts could include the word “will” “you” “marry” and “me” as well as a photo of the ring. You could do this whilst they’re sat next to you to increase the fun aspect of it. Once they’re done gushing you can pop the real engagement ring on their finger.

    Customized App Proposal

    If you’re tech savvy enough, build a mobile app that you can ask your partner to download. The app can be full of questions only they know the answers to as well as photos and memorable places from your time together. Once they get to the end of the app a box could slowly open to reveal a ring inside.

    Live Stream Surprise

    Organize a massive Zoom meeting with all your nearest and dearest. You could suggest this under the guise of a family quiz or something else. You could even say it’s something someone else has organized. Once everyone is gathered you could then get the engagement ring out and present it to your partner. Your friends and family will love that you’ve involved them in this special event.

    Change their desktop background

    A really simple yet effective one is to change your partner’s desktop background. Either on their phone or on their computer. You’ll need to be quick to draw the engagement ring from your pocket as soon as they see the special message you’ve left on their desktop.

    Get a celebrity to help you out

    Use Cameo to create a personalized wedding proposal for your beloved. For instance, you can get Robert Maschio aka “The Todd” from the T.V. show Scrubs for just $75 or push the boat out if they’re Harry Potter fans and get Draco Malfoy to deliver your proposal request for a cool $590. This will be a proposal that you’ll never forget and you’ll even have the video as a keepsake that you can play back to your guests at the wedding.

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    Creative Ways to give an engagement ring While Playing Games

    Board Games

    If you and your partner love to play board games then you could incorporate this into how you give an engagement ring. What about suggesting a game of Monopoly? you pick the dog character and then subtly hand them the engagement ring as there’s.

    Puzzle Room 

    Invite your partner to take part in an escape room. Arrange with the owners that you intend to propose once the puzzle is solved. Perhaps the final task is to unlock a box with a key inside. Although, unbeknownst to your partner there is no such key and instead you’ve planted the engagement ring. This will come as a complete shock and hopefully, your partner can get over the fact that you’ve duped them all along.


    Organize a games night and invite your nearest and dearest. If this is out of character for you perhaps say it was someone else’s idea so that they don’t get suspicious. You can then play charades in pairs. You will of course be paired with your partner. One of your clues could be to act out a proposal. As your partner guesses “Bridesmaids” or “The Wedding Crashers” you could then bring out the ring. It’s the last thing they’ll be expecting and you’ll be surrounded by those you love the most.

    Trivia Night 

    Arrange a trivia night with friends and family and collaborate with the host to include a special round dedicated to your relationship. When your partner answers the final question correctly, use it as an opportunity to propose and present the ring.


    Why don’t you ask one of your friends to organize a cosplay party? You can both go dressed as your favorite characters and then you can give an engagement ring in the most unique way. It’ll be the last thing your partner is expecting so it could be the ultimate surprise. At the same time, it’ll create a truly lasting memory for both of you.

    Multiplayer Game Announcement 

    If you both regularly play online video games you could involve your whole crew in your proposal strategy. Get as many people as you can online and then declare that you have a special announcement. You can then share this special moment with those in your community. The event will be heightened further if you’re gaming in a separate room from your partner. Suddenly they’ll fall silent as they race to your room where you’ll be waiting with the engagement ring.

    Clue based progression

    Layout a series of handwritten clues that ultimately lead them to a specific location. Once there they can uncover the engagement ring and you can pop the question. You can make the clues as easy or as difficult as you see fit. Think of this one as your own personally designed escape room with the ultimate prize at the end.

    Gaming marathon 

    Suggest that you and your partner have a gaming marathon with a special prize at the end. What they won’t know is that if they win they get an engagement ring. And if you win they also get an engagement ring! Haha. You could play all manner of video games, quizzes, and board games. The games are really unimportant but will serve as a distraction from the main event of the prize.

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    Well, what do you think? Do you feel inspired by our creative ways to give an engagement ring? We hope so!

    Remember that it’s important to read the room and know your partner’s likes and dislikes. 

    If they wince when they hear of elaborate and public proposals they might be best avoided. Equally, if they tut when they hear someone has given an engagement ring in a boring and cliche way this is also a sign to think of something different.

    Try to be as creative as possible and think outside the box when you give an engagement ring. Much like a wedding, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so you may as well make the most of it. Also, keep in mind that there are no rules when it comes to how you present the ring to your partner. You can do whatever suits you and it’s only limited by your creativity.

    Ultimately try to find something that reflects both of your personalities, senses of humor, and hobbies and you’ll sure to be on to a winner.

    Good luck and fingers crossed they say yes!