8 Alternative But Stunning Pre Wedding Photo Locations in Hong Kong

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Not everyone has a traditional wedding. The white dresses and rose bouquets are slowly becoming more and more outdated. Couples are starting to venture out in search of a wedding that suits their style. And a nonconventional wedding calls for an equally unique pre-wedding shoot. Unless you and your partner are contortionists. There is little individuals can do to create an unorthodox shoot. Other than your outfits, the location is what will turn a boring shoot into an alternative one. But any weird location won’t do. To help you along on your journey we’ve curated a list of some of the best alternative pre-wedding shoot locations in Hong Kong.

couple posing during photoshoot at instagram pier

Hong Kong’s Alternative Pre Wedding Photo Locations – Photo by Jeremy Wong Weddings

Instagram Pier

This cargo pier is so popular it even got a mention in National Geographic. Don’t let that put you off. If you like urban, alternative settings for a wedding shoot then this is it. Choppy waters surround the pier and stacks of grungy palettes, containers and boxes litter the landscape. Furthermore, it’s ever-changing since it’s a working pier. Cargo gets moved, new stuff comes in. And people have really found some gems in this location. Oddly, bad weather actually improves a shoot here as it ensures that grey, muted, and edgy look. Some people have come away underwhelmed due to their timing being off. If you can. time your shoot with a big shipment to ensure some good backdrops and color palettes. Alternatively, have a backup location, or backup shooting day. This ensures that if your first visit is a bust, you will still get your alternative pre-wedding photos.

The Mills

This place is a stunning mix of jaw-dropping architecture and breath-taking street art. Moreover, each piece is vintage-inspired and almost resembles the style of a classic tattoo. At one point this was a functioning textiles factory and much has been done to preserve the original architecture. All the window and door frames are original. Staircases have been restored. And any unsalvageable bits have been repurposed into decor, benches, and signage. This gives it an odd, dystopian yet modern feel. It’s a truly unique building. And another place you want to check out, at least online, before getting your photographer involved. Since there’s so much to explore and discover here.

Jumbo Floating Restaurant

Getting photographed in a restaurant does not sound like a one-way ticket to stunning pre-wedding photos. But don’t judge too soon, This floating eatery is a wonderful sight to behold. The entire thing is covered with gold and red paint with bright lights making it glow. The bold color palette does not only make for a great shoot location, But it also represents the culture and traditions you’re surrounded in. Whether you’re native to Hong Kong or not. It’s a perfect way to pay homage. Plus, posing for a shoot is hard work. You’ll have worked up quite the appetite when you’re done. So where better to be than a delicious restaurant?

bride and groom posing in front of coloful wall on art lane

Couple Posing on Art Lane, Hong Kong – Photo by This Love Studio

Art Lane

Art Lane is so much more than graffiti. These gorgeous art pieces are scattered across every wall and surface imaginable. It’s a free art exhibition. Furthermore, with anyone being able to contribute, you’re sure to find a piece worthy of your pre-wedding shoots. If you’ve booked a photographer for a set time slot, scope out the area beforehand. This way you won’t be wasting precious time with your photographer looking for the best spots. And you won’t feel rushed into making your decision. Have a couple of places in mind to give some room for experimentation. This is sure to create a bold and unique set of images.

Kowloon City

Shabby, towering buildings look almost like multiple houses were simply stacked on top of one another. This heaving city has an array of tiny streets surrounded by ginormous buildings. Neon signs are layered on top of each other. All fighting for space, It’s a must if you’re looking for an alternative, street photography shoot for your pre-wedding photos. Glide through the hustle and bustle in a gorgeous gown to offset the rickety buildings. Or dress in a more bold, streetwear look. The decision is all yours. If you can, get a local photographer for this shoot. With so many little cut-throughs and alleyways, it would be impossible to pick out a spot in a day. Unless you plan on spending months exploring the city, you’re better off with a local guide.

Airport Road

This is the perfect place to get a shot of airplanes coming down low to land. Couple that with the mesmerizing sunsets that happen over the waters and you have yourself a winning location. The best view is from the center of the road. With the sky in the background. Endless rows of streetlamps creating a repeating pattern along the edge of your image. And a mammoth, partially silhouetted plane flying overhead. All happening behind the perfect couple in the middle. If you are going to do this then be careful. Have multiple people with you to alert you of any traffic coming your way. It may not be the busiest road but it’s still meant for cars. And due to the quietness, cars can often come speeding around the corner.

So there you have it, an array of some of the best, alternative pre-wedding shoot locations in Hong Kong. All of these steer clear of the basic pre-wedding shots you will have seen. And opt for a more edgy, unconventional look. Each one of these locations will leave you with an album full of stunning images. And that’s before you’ve even had the wedding.

yik fat building in hong kong

Photo of Yik Fat building, Hong Kong

Yick Fat Building

This location has been made famous by its cameo in one of the Transformers films. Moreover, the place is simply staggering. Looking up from the base of the building you’d think it went on forever. It stands tall with a repeated pattern created by the windows and balconies. To get the best shot, have your photographer positioned below you to capture the full magnificence of the building. You could even get on top of something to make this easier.

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