Our Approach

Steps We Take To Ensure Perfection

In our lives, we get just a handful of those scarce moments filled with rare and inexpressible happiness. One such moment is your
wedding day, the day when two souls become one in the eyes of your friends and family. The day when your love rises high and joins the stars that
will illuminate your life together. We understand how important and sacred this moment is, and for that reason, our approach to planning your
wedding is filled with love, creativity, and a pinch of humor to make your smiles last for a long time.

bride smilig looking at her flowers

It’s All About You

Bespoke wedding planning, custom you as a couple

Getting to know our couples is one of the most exciting aspects of being wedding planners. The more we know about you, your wedding picture becomes clearer.

We want every detail of our design to be specific to you. Inspired by your love and the journey that brought you together. Furthermore, listening to your wishes and ideas, along with everything we learned about you, allows us to give your wedding a romantic and ageless style.

Curious about every aspect of your big day, our team will design a wedding to carry meaning and love to everyone attending.

Working closely with you, our brides and grooms, we create unforgettable moments for yourselves and your family and friends.

Suppliers Suited To You

Helping you choose wedding vendors perfectly suited to you

Working on a significant number of weddings allowed us to meet some of the best florists, designers, and decor specialists. We are proud of achieving many fruitful collaborations and can now offer a range of suppliers to our couples.

By selecting the best of them, we ensure our wedding planning and organizing is backed-up with the content of the same standard and such variety to fit your every need and requirement.

Everything you ever wanted for your wedding can be found in our studio’s suppliers list. Whether you want a handwritten invitation or a rare exotic flower for your bouquet, our studio will make your dreams and wishes come true.

wedding lavender on a chair
bride and groom during sunset

Creative but Comprehensive

Artistic and inspiring but comprehensive and professional

The creativity and imagination of our team members is a thing of pride for us. Moreover, our artistic minds make your wedding magical and unique. We are ecstatic every time we impress our couples with our inspirational design. However, besides all our vision, we are, first and foremost, professional. We take good care of our team’s appearance and demeanor, making sure that we follow the dress code and maintain poise at all times for your wedding.

A big part of our job consists of time-management and scheduling. As a result, this allows us to be punctual and always on time. Furthermore, we are experts in both communication and written correspondence. As a result, you can expect regular updates in regards to your wedding. Whether by phone, email, or most commonly, WhatsApp we are there for you you. In addition, our strong work ethic has made us known as one of the most reliable wedding planner studios in the world.

Modernism meets traditional

Inspired by the modern world but transfixed on tradition

Thanks to our young and enthusiastic team, we are always in the loop about the latest wedding fashion and trends. We can give your wedding a modern and sophisticated design and even create a few new trends. Still, we like to bring out the traditional parts of each wedding as we believe they are the treasury of raw emotions. We tend to those moments with the greatest care because we know these traditions and customs are sacred to our couples.

With our decor, styling, and planning, you can have those modern world features but also dedicated attention to the customs and traditions, making your families proud of following and continuing tradition.

couple posing infront of church